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  1. Sovs and halves rotated like this occur not infrequently. Anything less than 90 degrees is not really noteworthy unless you're really into it, but still, great observation. Eric
  2. A bunch of early patterns went through Bentley a few years, including this one, if I recall correctly. Did you know there are also 1837 pattern sovereigns with various representations of the Queen.
  3. drakesterling


    @Allancv yes, I do at around 1% over, but I'm all out at the moment. Eric
  4. Simply buying sovereigns (but not from the Royal Mint) is the way to go. You can get them for a percent or two over melt and dealers buy them back for a percent or two below melt, sometimes even at melt.
  5. @Dragonfife probably £200 to a collector, give or take. If you're selling to a retailer, you'd get less. Auction houses will take 20% too. If you picked it up close to spot, you're doing ok. If it weren't so damaged, it'd be worth somewhat more. Eric
  6. My thoughts going into March were that I'd be in for a few lean months as a numismatic coin dealer. But it turns out the opposite has been true, with March and April being very good months for sales (but very hard work for buying). Discussions with collectors who bought coins during this crisis tells me that when mainstream investments tank, non-mainstream "investments" like coins attract more interest. No, they're not liquid, yes, they're harder to value, but that's the point: Their prices are not quoted daily and you can't lose 30% overnight the way you can where liquid listed investme
  7. Not all coins are created equal, even modern issues. This just means an absolutely perfect example is worth more (say if you graded it with PCGS or NGC and it got a high grade).
  8. @richatthecroft correct, Australian and NZ VAT is levied on sovereigns, European gold, US gold, Krugers, and any other non-pure gold coins. But sovereigns are still popular in Australia - not necessarily with the pure bullion crowd, but certainly with the semi-numismatists/semi-investors who'd like to own something with more history than a Perth Mint bar.
  9. Hello Mezza, how many would you like and what years?
  10. Drake Sterling Numismatics was established 2007 in Australia, and specialises in vintage PCGS-graded Australian and British gold coins, including Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns, British colonial gold issues, Australian Commonwealth silver and copper coins, as well as Australian pre-decimal proof coins. We also occasionally stock modern QEII gold proof sovereigns, VIP proof coins, and Indian restrikes in gold. We ship worldwide, and frequently visit coin shows in London and Europe, particularly Coinex, the London Coin Fair, Numismata Munich and the World Money Fair in Berlin. If you a
  11. It's not that easy to measure 0.15mm difference is size. Can I ask how you measured it? My calipers have an accuracy of ±0.2mm, so I wouldn't lean too much on them when measuring fractions of a mm. Uneven wear patterns on the milling can also result in the diameter of the coin being very slightly different (fractions of a mm) each time you measure it, depending on where you place the calipers. Eric
  12. The edge milling is different between the two issues. PCGS will continue to identify the two issues on the basis of the different edge milling. There was a write-up in the Coin News magazine with images, although I'll have to check up which issue it was. Eric
  13. Looks like the finish on Perth mint bullion issues. Eric
  14. The small/different 3 is scarcer than the normal 3, but not by much. It exists on the London issue as well. Eric
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