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  1. A 1909 Canada sovereign in PCGS MS62. Mintage 16,273 pieces.
  2. A humble 1906 Sydney half sovereign in PCGS MS63. Mintage of just 308,000 pieces.
  3. A 1935 florin in proof, graded PCGS PR64. Proofs from 1935 are rare, with only a small handful minted.
  4. A 1908 Perth sovereign in PCGS MS64, which is the highest grade this date is currently available in.
  5. A high-grade old head half sov of 1893. This is one of five in the grade assessed by PCGS. with just two graded finer.
  6. An 1890 Melbourne proof half sovereign. It's a bit rarer than the proof 1887 half!
  7. An 1865 shilling in PCGS MS67. Still, the single-finest graded by PCGS.
  8. An 1820 sovereign in PCGS AU53. This is a scarcer variety with the small date.
  9. A 1924 Pretoria sovereign in PCGS MS62. A key date, with a mintage of just 2,660 pieces. (By comparison, the 1916 Canadian sovereign has a mintage of 6,111 pieces.)
  10. A 1913 Canadian ten dollar in PCGS MS65, mintage 149,232 pieces, although a lot have been melted.
  11. An 1853 proof crown in PCGS PR64CAM. A rare coin in any grade.
  12. A pattern 1820 half sovereign graded PCGS PR64CAM.
  13. A 2020 Indian sovereign graded PCGS MS68.
  14. Coins have been hot generally, be they graded or not. In Australia, the mania for coloured $2 coins has hit new heights, with some rolls selling more than proof 1937 sovereigns. We could write a long report about why, but it comes down to being lockdown, low interest rates, and hunger to make money. Eric
  15. Sovs and halves rotated like this occur not infrequently. Anything less than 90 degrees is not really noteworthy unless you're really into it, but still, great observation. Eric
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