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  1. A 1926P sovereign in PCGS MS61: The key date of the Perth series (but not the rarest).
  2. A proof half sovereign from South Africa. Mintage 655 pieces.
  3. Another sovereign of 1924, minted in Pretoria. Mintage 2,660 pieces.
  4. Ex-Royal Bank of Canada, PCGS MS64. Mintage 140,068 pieces.
  5. A 1900 half sovereign from Sydney graded PCGS MS62. Unlike the London issue, which is abundant in Mint State, the Sydney issue is scarce, with just two in this grade and two finer.
  6. Along with the 1921S, the 1924S sovereign is difficult to obtain.
  7. An 1871 St George reverse sov with the large BP on the obverse. The date is common, but they're not so easy to find with this variety.
  8. Scarce, yes, not ultra rare, but still extremely collectable.
  9. An 1857 Sydney Mint half sovereign in PCGS MS62. All Sydney Mint wreath half sovereigns are rare in Mint State. While the 1857 is one of the more common ones, there are just two pieces graded finer than this one, and two others in this grade.
  10. A 1923 Sydney sovereign, a classic melt rarity from Australia.
  11. A 1909 Canada sovereign in PCGS MS62. Mintage 16,273 pieces.
  12. A humble 1906 Sydney half sovereign in PCGS MS63. Mintage of just 308,000 pieces.
  13. A 1935 florin in proof, graded PCGS PR64. Proofs from 1935 are rare, with only a small handful minted.
  14. A 1908 Perth sovereign in PCGS MS64, which is the highest grade this date is currently available in.
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