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  1. Thanks for pointing that out to me. It's an 1826 CAPPED Bust. My bad. Are you using an album? And if so, which one?
  2. I've recently decided to work on completing a U.S. Type Set. It's something I've thought of doing for a couple years now. S I bought an Intercept Shield U.S. Type Set album, and went to one of my favorite LCS' to see about filling some holes. Besides some modern clad stuff I needed, the interesting bits were an 1826 Capped Bust half dollar that I had to have as soon as I saw it. It has wonderful details for being a circulated sample. I also got an 1867 2 cent piece, 1943 Walking Liberty and 1955 Franklin half dollars, and an 1922 Peace Dollar. I know this is going to take me quite a
  3. Received my Xmas draw today. 2019 1 oz oriental border Britannia and 1 oz Scottsdale bar. Thank you @adamthetaller.
  4. Received my Xmas draw today. 2019 1 oz oriental border Britannia and 1 oz Scottsdale bar. Thank you @adamthetaller.
  5. Received the latest Snowman in gold and silver. And my V75 Proof Gold Eagle came back from grading. I'm happy.
  6. Arrived yesterday and today. 2020-P burnished Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Nat Park 5 oz ATB, 2013 White Mountain Nat Park bullion 5 oz ATB, and a 2020 1 oz gold Chiwoo.
  7. Thanks Aa. Yeah I think one of each design/denomination from Barber onwards plus dollars comes out to ~3.75 oz. I'll add some extras to get over 4 oz. Probably visit my LCS tomorrow to cherry pick some nice attractive examples.
  8. I'm in. How about a set of 20th century 90% U.S. coinage. Dimes to dollars, Barber design onward. I'll make it at least 4 oz ASW.
  9. I was very lucky to be able to get both of these on the day of issue. U.S. Mint website was a nightmare. 2020 Proof V75 Gold and Silver Eagles.
  10. All three of the 007 1 oz silver proofs.
  11. Went to LCS and picked up some U.S. $5 gold commemoratives at bullion prices. 1988 Olympics, 1991 Mount Rushmore, 1992 Olympics, and 2007 Founding of Jamestown.
  12. Arrivals in the last couple of weeks. 1854 20 Francs, 1987 Constitution Commemorative Proof set, 2020 Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve 5 oz ATB. Libertad silver statue from Heads or Tales, and a brass sov scale.
  13. Went to my favorite LCS today thinking to see if he had any older or more unusual LMU coins then the common ones I already have. He did have some older french 20 franc (Napoleon I, AN12-13, Louis-Philippe, Louis XVIII, Ceres etc) but they were finer grades, and I was a bit over my depth in knowledge of pricing such. So I passed on them until I do some research. But while I was there he offered me a great price on some very attractive Liberty Eagles and Double Eagles, so I splurged a bit and bought two of each.
  14. 11 2021 QB White Greyhound. Probably the most satisfying and enjoyable bullion series I've followed.
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