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  1. I feel your pain. I'm buying higher grade coins then I had intended to when I first started the set, but I get so much enjoyment looking at my album with these really nice specimens, that the extra cost is worth it to me. My Draped Bust is a 1798 as well, and is the poorest quality in the book. But it only cost me $30, so I'm very happy with it. Looking for a Draped Bust half cent now, and that is going to be pricey.
  2. Went to favorite LCS today and filled a few more holes in my U.S. Type Set. 1857 Braided Hair Half Cent, 1877-CC Seated Liberty Dime, and a 1898 Barber Dime. And to fill the four holes for U.S. Commemorative half dollars, I chose: 1925 Stone Mountain, 1935 Texas Independence Centennial, 1936 Battle of Gettysburg, and a 1936 Oregon Trail.
  3. Received my 2022 Sovereign from Chards today. Coin was packed with a piece of bubble wrap inside the presentation box to keep the capsule from opening in transit which I really appreciated. Specks in the picture are just on capsule, the coin itself looks great. This was my first purchase from Chards. It definitely will not be my last. I'm very pleased. Thank you @LawrenceChardfor a quality purchasing experience.
  4. I have bought numerous items from The Royal Mint over the years and have seen many of the same issues a lot of you have had. Capsules opened with loose coins in the box, bad packing material, and bad coin manufacturing that makes you wonder how they could have passed QC inspection. I've had to return items twice, once for a silver proof set where literally half the coins had scuffs in the mirrored fields going almost entirely around the outer edge of the coins. And believe me, the thought of having to return an item to the UK from California is something I dread. Buying items from the U.S. Mint is a similar experience. Ever increasing premium price hikes, defective manufacturing, crappy QC inspection, and especially with U.S. Mint - absolutely cheap sh*t presentation boxes this last year on even the most expensive gold items. The reason I mention all this? I truly hope the emails to customer service reps and execs you guys have sent resolve your issues to your satisfaction. I'm sure the people you have contacted do want to make you happy. But I've come to believe the bean counters that ultimately choose policy for The Royal Mint and U.S. Mint are not going to go back to more expensive quality capsules, better boxes, or spend money in better training for their employees, unless the sales revenue of the Mint goes down. Decreased sales is the only thing that will get their attention and that isn't going to happen with valuable assets like collector coins being the hot items they are these days. I see buying directly from the Mints is increasingly going to be a c**p shoot where you hope you get a problem free quality item. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Also worth considering, I think I remember reading in the Sigma manual that the main sensors are not good at reading very small or thin pieces of gold. For those they suggest using the small wand on the gold piece and placing the calibration disc that came with the machine on the opposite side of the coin/bar. I know that isn't feasible in that yours is slabbed. The point is the main sensor isn't supposed to be used with items that small or thin. Might be a good idea to contact Sigma support and ask them the best way to test that item.
  6. Stopped by the LCS today to take advantage of the dip in spot today and buy some gold. Some 2022 Brits were delivered while I was there so I picked up one of those. This is the first Britannia I've bought (gold or silver) with the new security features on them. I think the last ones I bought had the rays on them. This design really is stunning. My dealer knows I like old, large silver coins from Europe, so he pulled out an 1891 Crown he was saving for me as soon as he saw me walking up.
  7. Yes we did. Postage will definitely be lighter on the wallet. 😃
  8. An arm, a leg, and my left jewel 🍒. 😆 Yes, it was pricey. I didn't go into the shop looking to buy one. It was an impulse buy as soon as I saw it. Every now and then I think what was I thinking paying that much for a little gold coin, but then I just look at it for a bit, and I feel just fine afterwards. 😊
  9. WOW! Two years in a row that I have been selected on the first day, giving and receiving. Early Xmas for me.
  10. Almost forgot. He bought these just a couple hours before I arrived, and sold them to me for a great price. The 2021 Philly, New Orleans, Carson City Morgan Dollars, and Peace Dollar that I missed out on their release dates. I already have the Denver and San Francisco.
  11. Went to one of my LCS's and picked up a few more coins for my U.S. Type Set. 1858 Small Letters Flying Eagle Cent, 1863 Copper-Nickel Indian Head Cent, 1883 "No Cents" Liberty V Nickel, and an 1834 Capped Bust Half Dime. Also picked up an 1836 Classic Head Half Eagle. It won't be going into my Type Set as most modern albums do not have openings for the older gold designs before the Liberty Head design. But I really liked it as soon as I saw it, and the older gold designs don't show up at the LCS very often. As usual, my cellphone camera washes out the colors a bit. Coins are much more vibrant in hand.
  12. California resident here, although thankfully that will be changing in a few months.
  13. I look forward to this every year. I'll donate 2 oz miscellaneous silver (have to see what's available at my dealer), plus a surprise bonus item 🎁.
  14. Well The Royal Mint que was a disaster. Went to Chards and got 5 coin set into cart but went unavailable by the time i got all my shipping info entered. 🙁 Just ended up ordering regular sov.
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