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  1. FYI: The US Mint American Liberty 2022 Silver Medal will be available to order on August 18th. I personally think it's a beautiful design, I like the horse and the eagle. I will be ordering couple (for myself) and as gifts for my nieces. Link: https://catalog.usmint.gov/american-liberty-2022-silver-medal-22DB.html
  2. Because the RM management team thinks that money grows on trees, and people do not need to plan their purchases ahead of time......😉
  3. I agree, put the face-value of the coins. This is what the governments value them if you go and redeem them from their federal banks. So that what they get from us. Eye for an eye. 😡I always criticized the face-value on coins, I think they are very low and do not work well as gifts (as some people think that whatever face-value on the coin is the true value; I had to explain the other day to my nieces (after I gifted them some coins) the intrinsic/numismatic value of a coin, and whatever government put as face-value on it is misleading).
  4. beautiful silver bar, thanks for sharing the story.....👍
  5. The 2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar Two-Coin Reverse Proof Set enrollment is open now on the US Mint website. I reserved 3 sets (will be gifting 2 sets and keeping one). I think the "reverse proof" finish will look stunning on the Morgan and Peace Dollar (new finish and will not be repeated), and I think the enrollment phase would be sold out soon. https://catalog.usmint.gov/morgan-and-peace-dollar-2023-two-coin-reverse-proof-set-enrollment-NL.html?cgid=product-enrollments-morgan-peace-silver-dollars
  6. I just ordered The Queen's Reign Honours and Investitures 2022 UK £5 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin. I like the signature on the coin and the edge writing. The mintage is not bad at 1510. It will be for my own collection (no plans to sell it).
  7. Yes; seeing those new bars now on the Royal Mint website; they are not something beautiful!😟 The Una & the Lion bars were much more beautiful 😍 and I think their value will go higher now. 👍 (I do not think I will sell any of my Una & the Lion bars💖).
  8. ❤️ I think the 2021 Una & the Lion bullion bars were much more beautiful bars. Sorry "Three Graces".....☹️
  9. I'm planning to make my own Colloidal Silver at home. I have been researching and this is what I have found: - Ionic Silver: Ionic means that the silver doesn’t have the right number of electrons, and will be looking for something to bond with. In one laboratory study using real cells, ionic silver was more likely to be attracted to other charged particles and accumulate. - Colloidal Silver (non-ionic): 15-50 PPM. Advantage: Flow through and exit the body. The small size of nanoparticles means passing through cell walls and other places—which is really important when you want it to reach further, and, importantly, leave and not accumulate. However, I came across this website which states the following: https://ultrasilver.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=29 Do you think their claim could be valid? I was discouraged when I read that..... Please let me know your thought as I have seen many YouTube videos and articles which claim to make Colloidal Silver using electrolysis.
  10. This is a screenshot, keep in mind that all First Majestic silver pieces currently priced at US$27 per ounce, it does not matter if that was 1 ounce round or 100 ounce bar. Do you know how much they charge you shipping to UK? They charge me US$45 shipping within Canada.
  11. please post a photo of the back of these bars....
  12. I think you need YouTube channel. (I personally do not have IG nor facebook accounts).
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