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  1. Planning to order one. Waiting for my salary to come.......
  2. I bought couple of these 10 oz and 5 oz Italian minted (Italpreziosi) silver bars from MonumentMetals in US and they will ship them to me in Canada. They look awesome....😃
  3. I'm from Canada and I find eBay GSP to be expensive! Please give an option for people to request direct shipping. For example shipping a GBP30 coin to Canada should not cost more than GBP2.5 using Royal Mail Standard. Thanks.
  4. Do not sell right now. Hold on to it. If you need money; go work a second part time job.
  5. How much you paid for this coin (approximately)?
  6. What is the difference between "No Longer Available" and "Sold Out"? All the precious metals coins are like this now! Everything is gone in 12 hours! 😃 The UK Mint becoming like the US Mint now, everything gets sold out immediately! 🤑
  7. I think the king coin was the The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen 2022 UK £5 Platinum Proof Piedfort Coin: However, the mintage was only 52 which is very low, should be at least 1000 The price was £5,495 which is too high, should have been £3250
  8. Almost all the precious metal coins are either sold out or awaiting stock! Glad that I was able to get some silver coins. However, could not get the Platinum coin!
  9. Managed to order one of each: 😃 The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen 2022 UK £5 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen 2022 UK £5 Silver Proof Coin
  10. I have one Rhodium bar which I want to sell for $100,000 one day in the future.....💰
  11. Oh, no, who made that decision at the RM!!!!!
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