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  1. Because the mintage is too high at 18660, and we are in recession.......
  2. If you do not want those bars to tarnish, then you can use Anti Tarnish Fabric Cloth Bags, you can get them from Amazon. If you want your bars to tarnish, then you can use plastic Zip bags.
  3. Thanks double James 😁...... I think if I have some really expensive coins, I would fly with them to my destination.......
  4. FourNinesFine. Your wife is searching for you............
  5. I like the design of this 2oz Cook Islands " The Great Tea Race" ! I looked for one and the price was U$190. Do you think it worth it or overpriced?
  6. I finally wrote a formal complaint letter with email copies and sent it all the way from Canada to Anne Jessopp. The Royal Mint shipping team and customers services team are very bad, they messed up my 2023 Britannia Proof order which I placed on March 8th, it does not show up on my order history at all, the only proof I have is the email confirmation which I got on that day. I emailed all the managers at the Royal Mint (I know 2 by name), and they could not resolve the issue so far, I think both should be fired (their names were sent to Anne Jessopp). Here is the latest miserable auto-reply from the customer service department for a followup email I sent yesterday! They are working on emails from March 7th! Really!!!! Like Really!!!! I'm shocked by that auto-reply!!! They are just good at spamming us with so many releases and they cannot take care of their customers! 😔
  7. Thank you very much for sharing this! You are the first person to show us this new coin. Please make a YouTube video and share it with us. Thanks again.
  8. It does not seem that Germania Mint website allows direct orders for the public! How did you order those?
  9. Received mine (2 oz silver set) in Canada..... The set looks nice.
  10. Actually it's very cheap........ It sells around £100 on eBay.
  11. I ordered the 2 oz silver coins set. Hopefully I would get a good quality set.
  12. Can you post a photo please? This could be mint error and worth a lot of money.
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