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  1. This page... omg.. Edit - I meant previous page. But this page turned out pretty awesome too!
  2. If you don't mind sharing, can you tell us what other indices were correlated in these programs?
  3. What will be the best trade to make when the markets open next week?
  4. Do you keep all your collection on display in a glass cabinet?
  5. Kazatomprom, Yellow Cake, NexGen and UEC are all on 212 (and in my watch list). Do you have any platinum miner reccomedations?
  6. Is the Pfizer vaccine news going to mean it shoots up in price, or is it partially priced in? I have put a small buy order in, waiting for market to open Will this have a big impact across wider stocks? Just UK stocks?
  7. What is good value right now? Saved a nice bit this month, but have been caught out with timing! I will probably put more into SSP whatever happens. The only thing that is down for me at the minute is Novacyt. I'm a bit reluctant to buy any more, not sure anybody will care about tests once there is a vaccine. Better to wait and see in December?
  8. Haha, your kitchen side looks just like mine
  9. Oh hey Wonger. We've missed you!
  10. Johnson Matthey 1985 LTS, didn't realise it was a proof til it arrived! Have seen a few boxed ones, but never seen one of these with this assay or capsule before.
  11. Maybe you are both partly correct and there will be a kind of stagflation scenario. People were already strapped and up to their eyeballs in debt. A large rise in oil prices would mean inflation for life's essentials but would mean less discretionary spending overall. This sounds a lot like 10ish years ago.
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