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  1. Oh I was using the TSF ticker at the top. Great stuff!
  2. Feels like it will push through £15 soon!
  3. 2 old JM bars, the one on the right has a cool purple tone which didn't quite come out in the picture. 1999 panda and Marco Polo half Nice 20F from the other day
  4. Try not to lose it down the back of the sofa!
  5. In 4 months the price could go up, and the 1oz could have costed you more than 4 sovs or whatever. Monthly is probably better for cost averaging. Plus if I didn't buy gold around payday, I would end up spending it all on silver bars.
  6. I would use it as a suitcase. Totally baller.
  7. HGM have 20 Francs for spot plus 3%
  8. HGr

    What would you add?

  9. HGr

    finger oil?

    Do any of you experienced coin cleaners know if acetone will remove old fingerprints from coins?
  10. But they make up for this with their quality control. Oh, wait.
  11. HGr

    eBay trustworthiness...?

    There's loads of 'house clearance' and 'untested' rubbish on there. And people still buy it! I haven't bought gold on ebay yet, but at this point I would only buy gold that was a bit obscure and highly unlikely to be faked. Do any more experienced buyers think a coin being well-circulated is a good indicator for proving whether it is genuine? Regarding proof finish, I have seen loads of fake silver with a proof finish, so I assumed it would be just as easy or easier maybe?
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