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  1. These 2 little beasts all the way from Italy 😍 If I have read allengelhard correctly, the 100g has estimated mintage of 500, the 50g has estimated mintage of 100!
  2. Circulated Morgan dollars. Low price over spot, handle-able, easy date run... and its real Cowboy money! This part of it still excites me. So cool to think who might have had it, and where it might have been.
  3. First up, a 1952 Lebanese 50 Piastre. I noticed a circulated one on ebay for a few quid, so obviously an hour or two later I had paid many times over spot for this one, which seems to only have a couple of bag marks. It features my favourite tree on it, the Cedar of Lebanon, which also appears on their flag (Cedrus libani for you gardening enthusiasts). Next is 4 boxes of Montreal Olympic silver stamps. There were meant to be 5 of these, but someone at Royal Mail decided to open the parcel, help themselves to a box, and tape it back up! Thankfully it was a duplicate of one of
  4. Seems sensible, are you intentionally going for graded ones or are you just getting what comes along? Have you set up a thread with them all on? I get where you are coming from with the grades, I have a couple that I think were dipped or something, they look a bit off. But you can't beat a mint state Morgan or Peace ☺️
  5. @Peacemaker what is your plan for the rarer ones, I was looking at 1893 S and they are very pricey even in crappy grades! Are you just getting the date, or are you going for the best examples you can get for all?
  6. On the first picture it looks to me like there are also marks around the rim
  7. Stunning 1923 Peace Dollar, looks so much better than the photos 😍 Also got an RCM bar in OMP and a couple of coins from MikeSol on here from a day or two ago.
  8. I asked them why they do it, ended up going round in circles so I left it. I think it’s poor internal processes rather than bad intentions, the staff didn’t seem to have a clue. Didn’t think it was worth saving a few quid over though, I don’t want unnecessary searches.
  9. JM Liberty bar, ~107k mintage, 1982. I could not resist OMP and certificate 😍
  10. I hope this downtrend continues to next friday
  11. My first Engelhard purchase was one of these. Its still probably my favourite bar
  12. HGr

    How much is too much

    I worry about how I'm going to be able to maintain my coin habit when I'm retired. Guess I will need to sell, so I can buy. Food and stuff will figure itself out. Probably. Ideas?
  13. Why are they between your teeth? Were you checking for authenticity?
  14. Seen similar stuff on ebay but it was advertised as tibetan silver. Do you have it or just the picture?
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