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  1. Thanks. I understand why it's lower now, I was wondering if it might have decent growth potential later on compared to more recovered stocks now. These are still very down compared to pre-virus, whereas FTSE seems not too far off where it was before.
  2. What do people think about the S&P Spdr UK dividend ETF? I was looking for good value and noticed it hasn't recovered as well as other funds recently. Its a 0.3% fee
  3. Are they special coins? What about selling here, then buying again over there? Although availability might be an issue, who knows what will happen!
  4. No I was just going to say, I would be interested to see your USA coins, 19th century US coins are my favourite!
  5. @GoldElliott did you say you were collecting all world silver coins earlier in the thread?
  6. A few nice bars in there.
  7. Well, I have some stocks too, but my thinking is this: the collectability premium overshadows the value of the metal content when prices are low. The price is bouyed up along with everything else, and the premium dissipates. When price of metals come back down, the premium returns - possibly there will be fewer of them and they could be even rarer. Now seems like a good time to buy fancier, slightly more expensive things as everything seems expensive anyway.
  8. Just started getting into collectables, I think they will be a good hedge against gold falling, just as gold is a good hedge against other stuff falling. How much cool old stuff gets melted every time there is a new high? These things become intrinsically rarer with each decade!
  9. HGr

    The coming Gold crash

    I would rather have and regret buying until it comes down again, than wait and regret not buying til it comes down again.
  10. HGr

    The coming Gold crash

    Still buying a bit each month.
  11. I hope it does come true!
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