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  1. And unfortunately as I see it with milk stains, when will the Royal Mint finally get this problem under control.
  2. That's right, that's why I ended this series.
  3. I love these beautiful medals and I think they are always worth buying. Maxe wishes everyone a lovely weekend.
  4. beautiful both of them, congratulations and much joy with them. Greetings Maxe
  5. Einfach nur sensationell das Ding, Glückwunsch und viel Freude damit. Maxe 🥂
  6. Have a look there. Greetings Maxe https://www.metalmarket.eu/pl/menu/srebrne-monety-851.html
  7. I can do it Petra, I thought I had shown them before Greetings from Maxe.
  8. Hello dear friends of precious metals, after a long wait finally arrived the last coin from the series "Pillars of Democracy", the Freedom. 1/2 ounce of pure gold, I am very happy. Have a nice Sunday, Maxe.
  9. Freshly arrived today, I'm delighted. Maxe wishes everyone a nice weekend.
  10. Einfach nur fantastisch diese Münzen, bin da ein wenig angemessen neidisch. Glückwunsch dazu und ich hoffe, es kommen noch viele dazu,. Maxe.
  11. Unfortunately, I can't tell you, but there are certainly experts here in the forum who can help. Greetings from Maxe.
  12. Here are the data on this coin. Greetings from Maxe. https://de.ucoin.net/coin/hannover-2-thaler-1854-1855/?tid=81494
  13. Hello, a completely different category, I don't normally collect these older coins, but what can you do if you like them?🤗
  14. A little silver from South Korea today. I love these stackers. Greetings from Maxe.
  15. These milk stains are horrible, I can't stand it on such a beautiful coin.
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