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  1. Dan12345

    US 50 dollar

    What a nice coin wish I could own one these https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/blog/half-union-50-dollar-us-gold-coin
  2. It is a very nice looking box might see if one would fit in the safe
  3. Easy for a burglar to nick as well, I keep mine in a safe although that may fit in my safe
  4. Took me ages to get open the cap on the 2oz queen's beast I got from them nearly lost a finger in the process
  5. Brixton can be a Dodge place, don't think I'd be taking alot of cash there. Seen people get mugged in day light in the high street
  6. The 1500 immigrants that came over on boats last week will disagree lol
  7. The world is definitely changing and over the next 10 years could change more than it has for a very long time. The economy won't be the same and the dollar could crash especially with the amount of money America are printing. All this could drive the prices of PM right up. No one really knows what will happen even mystic meg but we can all live in hope for the highest prices ever.
  8. So I've read a few times that gold could reach prices of up to £5k in the future. I take that with a pinch of salt but if this was to happen would it be hard to sell the gold you have. Surely no one would want to buy it at those prices or do you think dealers would still buy it. Everyone would want to cash in which also could make it hard to sell. Just wondered what peoples opinions on this was if by some miracle it did happen
  9. Interested in the white horse if still available?
  10. Dan12345

    Bullion by post

    Tried to buy form gold.co.uk using my phone and got an error message twice so rung them to see of I could order over the phone and was told our web site isn't very good on phones also we can't take card payment s over the phone. So got home tried again on my lap top to get the same error message. Good start think I'll be buying else were
  11. AHH ok my bad I should really become a premium member lol
  12. Just watched this documentary and found it quite interesting so thought I'd share it here
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