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  1. Looks terrible, what's happened to the eye 👁️
  2. I'd imagine it's double the size 🤣
  3. Doesn't suprise me at all, part of the reason I will never buy from them again. Plus plenty of other reasons
  4. How much they selling these for In Costco?
  5. Nice luster on these, love my 1968 sov
  6. AHH well that's good to know, why would they do that 🤦 Thanks
  7. Colour don't look as bad in that picture
  8. I've not ordered one yet am in two minds, love the design but hate the colour. The colour is putting me off. Do these look better in hand than the picture? All I think when I look at it is how nice it would look if it was gold colour and not the colour of my copper pipes that feed my toilet. Which I've named the royal mint, gives me so much pleasure when I take a c**p in it .
  9. Doesn't suprise me as it's the royal mint. I will never buy from them again after the experiences I've had.
  10. I agree much better than the horrible rose gold colour
  11. Nice looking box but the row of four looks quite random
  12. Atkinsons selling these slightly cheaper than the royal mint. Think I'll just wait till they are on sale there or just pre order
  13. Gonna order myself a bullion one of these today. Theres one thing that really bugs me, why why why do they make them rose gold 😑 would look so much better if it was actually gold colour
  14. This one's not to pretty
  15. These will probably have a nice premium on there price in a few years time
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