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  1. I see forum members are selling 1oz bullion Britannias for £100 over spot price plus postage . at £50 over spot price including postage from a reputable dealer In Hatton garden during a national lockdown for this £5 sovereign , I cant complain about the condition of the coin , I don't care if he used it for a game of shove or as an arshole plug on his wife , it's a bargain mate .
  2. Purchased this Quintuple Bullion Sovereign with a ridiculously low premium from Gerrard’s to take Advantage of the current dip and add some weight to my stack .
  3. I was the first person to comment here saying I won’t be buying any Gold this year but I couldn’t even get through the first half of January without a gold purchase let alone the whole year 🤣 I do have a good excuse though , this dip was too good to be missed , didn’t buy anything especial just a Bullion five pound sovereign , well in reality it’s a Brilliant uncirculated sovereign which I bought at an amazing price from Gerrard’s in Hatton Garden to add some weight to my stack .
  4. going down nicely now , £1348 as I type .
  5. Nick1368

    advice please

    lol yeah if you are lucky you will be served by a busty blonde young lady , when you go there make sure you have a look at the coin that you are buying as well 🤣
  6. Hello and welcome to the silver forum
  7. Hello and welcome to the silver forum
  8. I sold all my gold and silver stack in 2019 to buy a property , January 2020 my aim was to purely focus on weight and try to reach 30 oz by the end of the year . 2020 happened to be an amazing financial year for my business and I hit my 30 oz target by May but then I realised 30 oz is not quite 1 kg 🤣 so I kept on buying , by august 2020 I was sitting on 1.3 kg of gold but then I decided to make my childhood dream come true and bought myself an expensive toy worth of £60k ( Porsche 911 )🤣 so I sold some of my gold to make that happen . After I bought the Porsche and made som
  9. Hi sovereigns haven't gone up , price of gold has gone up . If I were you I would continue buying sovereigns , there is no VAT on gold and it's much easier to store it and in my opinion it's a better investment than silver , you can easily buy a half sovereign each month or wait two month and buy a full sovereign .
  10. buy sovereigns ,1 oz Britannia and krugerrands are good too , try to stay as close to spot price as you possibly can but don't go for a deal that's too good to be true and don't use eBay either . If something comes up as an emergency and you need the cash, you can always sell your Gold very very quickly so don't worry about keeping emergency cash , your gold is like cash just in a different and better form . if you buy sovereigns and Britannias they are CGT free , Krugerrand is not CGT free but they are cheaper than all other 1oz gold coins in terms of their premium . Buying o
  11. Happy stacking and welcome to the forum
  12. Hello and welcome to the silver forum
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