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  1. My 2017 sovereign from @1stsovereign arrived on Thursday, thank you.
  2. oh wooow, I paid a lot less for this coin but thanks for letting me know, that is very reassuring. It's a beautiful coin and a big chunk of 22ct gold as well.
  3. After some advice from a forum member, decided to buy this 1989 Quintuple Bullion sovereign instead of a 1989 proof double sovereign.
  4. My Bullion 1 Onza Libertad arrived as well 😎
  5. Received these today, one is slightly bigger than the other one 😆 £5 sovereign sold to me by @InvestInCoins888 and the little Libertad by @Jamesd . Thank you both 🙏
  6. Does anyone have a 1989 Double or Quintuple sovereign for sale ?
  7. why do you need a dislike button when you can easily ignore things and move on.
  8. Received these pieces today. These three sovereigns caught my eyes from the moment they were advertised on the forum, I’m glad they weren’t sold by the time I made up my mind about them, thanks a lot @UnoWho . Bought the other two pieces from ATS Bullion, I love the 22 carat versions of the Britannia and this 2010 one came in Original Mint Packaging as well 😜 I’m not a big fan of Queen’s Beasts anymore but if i were to choose my favourite Design of Queen’s Beast it would definitely be the Unicorn and this one was priced attractively as well, so why not.
  9. Hi I am after a Bullion 1 oz Gold Libertad. Date and Mintage figures are not important to me, I just want a 1oz Libertad with a reasonable premium. Thanks Nick
  10. Beautiful George and Edward sovereigns in nice packaging received today from @ilovesilverireallydo
  11. This was on the radio on my way to work this morning and it's gone into my head so badly, I've been singing it all day giving headaches to my poor colleagues " My love, my love , my love , my loooooooooveeeeee 🤣 By the way I just noticed Lewis Capaldi looks like a young Boris Johnson 🤣
  12. I think I went a little bit crazy on gold purchasing this week 🤪 But I’m proud to say that I bought all of these pieces from the forum. Thanks @kneehow2018 for the 1oz Britannians. Thanks @TheGoldSovereign for the jubilee head. Thanks @arshimo2012 for the proof Double sovereign. And Thank you very much @UnoWho for the beautiful 1oz panda , I will not hesitate buying coins from him in the future, he’s a very reliable seller.
  13. @UnoWho and I have found a way of making this deal happen. Thanks everyone for your help, this forum really is a great place and in situations like this members do all they can to help and support one another. I am sure future trades between @UnoWho and I will be much easier than this one.
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