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  1. Do you still remember your prediction of £1500 by Christmas? 🤣 I mean it was a sensible prediction when you made it about two weeks ago , but seriously who would’ve thought gold would be nearly £1600 an ounce in August 2020 .
  2. Yeah the %50 discount is crazy , my girlfriend and I had a main course and a pint each at the airport and the bill was £21 only 🤣
  3. Not me either, I think the party is just getting started.
  4. Gold is $2 shy of 2000 , welcome to the era of Gold 😎
  5. So I ended up ordering from HGM and i am very pleased tbh. the chain is 7.7 grams and the charm is 4.3 grams both 9 carat gold, it came in a nice presentation box and I paid £280 including delivery and it arrived on time before I fly off to Antalya tomorrow. hopefully she will like it .
  6. they are not saying anything that we don't already know .
  7. Just wanted to buy a chain necklace and a charm and my budget is £200-£300
  8. The thing is her birthday is on Thursday and we are flying to Turkey on Wednesday and I will be extremely busy at work Monday and Tuesday so I have to order something online and have it delivered by Tuesday.
  9. Hi Has anyone bought Gold Jewellery from HGM before ? I want to buy some for my girlfriend's birthday and I wondered if it makes a good birthday present because their Gold jewellery is second hand but they are cleaned and polished and their prices are really good. The thing is every year I try to buy her something nice but I always feel like it's waste of money because we are both working towards the same goal which is to have a better life and future but by spending money on Louise Vuitton, Gucci ,Tiffany etc in our 20s we are not working towards that goal really but at least if you buy second had gold it's always Gold .
  10. yeah I think so and soon £1600+ will be the new normal , last week @dicker predicted gold price will hit £1500 by Christmas, looks like Christmas has come early this year 🤣 basically I think the price is only going to move upwards and it's going to move fast
  11. Nick1368

    Sold all my Gold

    OMG not another gold crash topic , anyways my opinion is the same as the rest of the forum apart from OP and wonger 😆 in my opinion from now on gold is not going to look back at all, it will continue to go up, how high it can go I am not sure but It won't go down . Gold has passed the test of time, when there was no stock, no bitcoin and no technology etc , gold was out there doing the same thing as it is doing today so to doubt gold especially at times like this is foolish I would say , I don't know maybe I'm too bullish on gold but my price prediction is £2000 oz by Christmas and £3000 by next Christmas .
  12. welcome to the forum my friend
  13. I hope so, we shall see.
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