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  1. i think the price will be pretty much the same in the 24h time frame .
  2. don't wait for it , pull the trigger , time waits for no man 🤩
  3. looking good, let's hope this time £1270 will hold and continue it's way to £1300 🤞
  4. I don't know about you but I see Gold , Silver and Alt coins taking advantage of this Bitcoin Consolidation period .
  5. Absolutely speechless, pictures don’t do this set justice , fair to say the most beautiful coins in my collection. thank you so much @richatthecroft you know Richard is like that restaurant that their food never disappoints, it always tastes delicious and never goes wrong , same with @richatthecroft , man never disappoints.
  6. Gold just needs to break through $1800
  7. People literally pay £3-£4k for a 1937 sovereign but they don't pay £3500 for this absolutely stunning set , mind blown how this is not sold yet . Messaged you Rich .
  8. in my opinion cash in moving from Precious Metals into Crypto at the moment .
  9. And that's why you should diversify your portfolio my friend . My dad always told me , in business or in this case in investment you have two pockets , you put your profit in one pocket and your loss in the other pocket , it is impossible to always make profit , there will always be losses but as long as your profit pocket is heavier than the other pocket you are winning . And that's what diversifying helps you to achieve , when one investment is not doing so well , there is a chance that your other investments are generating profit . At the end of the day we live and we learn
  10. Well you just answered yourself, let’s say you can travel with 10k gold , when it comes to crypto you can have hundreds of millions worth of Bitcoin in your cold wallet and travel with it and you never have to worry for not having access to your Coins , you can always react to the market’s volatility if you need to even when abroad . last year when gold hit £1600 in august I was on holiday in Turkey , I would’ve sold some if I had my gold with me and taken some profit but it wasn’t possible , was it ? Because my gold was in London 😂
  11. I personally think money is moving from gold into crypto . Powell himself admitted that Bitcoin is the Digital Gold and we keep hearing announcement after announcement from big company’s basically recognising Bitcoin as a way payment or investment. For example If you want to travel somewhere you can’t take your gold with you but you can easily take your Bitcoin with you to anywhere in the world without any problem and use it to trade or make payments . That said I’m still a big fan of gold , I’m not sure how long Bitcoin’s Dominance is going to last but gold has passed the test
  12. Paid almost spot price for this CGT Free 1 oz Britannia , what a legend is this man @arshimo2012
  13. I think so too , probably back to $1900-$2000 by september if not higher , I just don't see why not .
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