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  1. Well I was born in the west midlands and lived nr James in the north so two outta three ain't bad.
  2. Yup...but it's a big place, I get lost in all the other nutballs.
  3. I do know you can transport upto $1m in gold to different states but declare them, that doesn't like not telling them..and the $10k limit means leaving tye US, not arriving in another country, like India charges I think 24% on gold coming in over $650 i believe. Close...just a continent off...lol.
  4. I don't name them, it sort of gives my location away.
  5. I just sit there and listen to customers and my lcs owner who sells the gold eagles, stating the fact, I know the 10k limit on cash and the new metal straps in $100 bills setting off metal detectors at the airport if a 10k bundle goes through..I don't believe the smaller strips do that...I know my lcs has a rep that large purchasers rely on.
  6. My lcs has checked into it and uses that info when selling gold, I'd think he gas his ear to the ground better and people buying eagles that can cross $10,000 in face, I don't think silver junk works the same since it's no longer produced...but I don't doubt his knowledge.
  7. I don't know if uk has no records need to be made when buying or selling gold...but it helps inheritors get tax free money from relatives and the $10,000 limit on leaving the country with cash is based on the $50 face of gold eagles so, you could take out 200 eagles and meet the limit.
  8. Then think on your stash as abridge over a recession, you won't kast a lifetime on it but you'll get to the other end of a recession hopefully owning your house, cars and pension while virtually everyone else will be working to the grave. Chickens don't have fur..lol.
  9. The price of metals will plumet the minute they put into 9rbit a metal detecting satellite, the lost will be found and the value will plummet or jump depending on truths of supply approximation versus reality.
  10. Why is she shooting her own horse in the back of the head?..lol
  11. My son is a fighter bomber pilot so I sorta had to....that's my excuse.
  12. Finally got the set together, been waiting on the special forces since april... it's the real heroes series of 3oz medals. The fighter pilot mintage 499 I believe, firefighter mintage 911 and special forces mintage 750 Plus special forces
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