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  1. it's a shame they never produced a 1 oz one, it makes my 1oz britannia collection look lopsided.
  2. The back two look to be running in the nude...swaying everywhere
  3. Now get a picture and blown into full size for hanging on your office wall.
  4. The planet I posted had a twin I bought for $800..it was the first in the set, I swapped it for a full album of Indian head cents then sold just two of the coins for $2350 so yes can be profitable, I got the set of earth and beyond together for under $800 and sold for $1800...my set of starters chibies cost $1600 but sell for over $3000.
  5. yup it qualifies..almost bought one but its only one, I like sets..like isle of man, real heroes, warrior women, earth and beyond, blue marble, silver chibi, etc
  6. me too...it's the second in a set of thus type, I'll get the other soon but i have ultra high relief coins like warrior women, isle of man, real heroes, silver chibies, planet earth spheres then a silver ladle with baleen handle and a coin inserted in the base to show it paid taxes...I love the unusual, all legal tender in some back of the cupboard place like niue, tchad, barbados
  7. Up to 7 swans now...goner need a lunch to make another box now..lol.
  8. I've got to get my latest allegories, can't break the sisters up now..lol.
  9. The back and close up of the legal tender
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