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  1. Silver over 18.50...ita a nice morning.
  2. When i started on silver it was during the rise to the heavens, i have paid over $40 for some pieces now worth $25 but thankfully i started off small and buying in the dips has drawn my average down to under $17 for stackers and my premiums have stayed put or nicely jumped like black beard. The moon, sun and earth, kilo and others...im up but it took buying some hounds for pedigree prices to learn.
  3. History mixed with silver and gold, if a kid cant get interested in that then whats the world coming to?
  4. Me neither, a good way to start a set, not like there isnt a few out thereto do.
  5. Staying high overnight is a good sign, the best time to sell recently has been 9pm to 3am est.
  6. Nobles always remind ne ofbthe rover 2000 tc my dad had when i was a kid.
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