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  1. I got three of thr chibi mandos cos I could, they sold out quick, like an hour or so..got think all the pop mandos now, just getting hand protectors for them all, not a fan of the regular coins but the chibi is only at two and I'm sure will go to ten before its done.
  2. I'll have you know my son is an officer and flies a fighter bomber...and I hope to god heflies it better then he drives a car cos. OMG.
  3. I don't see a funko pop mando or even a chibi mando...what's the deal?
  4. You know next seasons the last season...then it's Bobby fett time.
  5. I was thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these.
  6. I have to get mine to keep the collection compete.
  7. If you're a collector you better love boxes..lol.
  8. They're only being allowed to manipulate the PM markets because they're keeping the currency fake high, if they ran true inflation could go hyper with min 10% increase over a couple of weeks comparred to years.
  9. Some are dipped but it can be a hassle, my lcs has a bunch of slabbed ms63s in, no ccs, he got cleaned out two days ago.
  10. Ngc is just up the road from me, about an hours drive, still it only reduces time to arrive using drive in against speed of return.
  11. Are they producing an older britannia now?, are they adjusting the mint on 2019 brits so they can make more?, is that even legal?
  12. My phone photo skills are not great either, mine come out either pitch black or washed out, I ask my semi pro wife to take them but she requires heavy investment in equipment to do it so my phone it is..lol.
  13. Nice capped bust, mines a 36 unslabbed...one day maybe.
  14. Just got these and off to fleabay but thought I'd share them on here,a set of ten 1982 Libertads.
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