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  1. I got the full set and completer for sale on fleabay right now...got a 2 oz due soon but have a 1 oz proof getting graded and finished in an alun type box, so waiting on the replacement foam insert.
  2. Looks like their nicely lit by glenfiddich...lol.
  3. I got each of these in their blister packs for my hairdressers son, he loves them.
  4. He looks like he's had a bad tummy...lol..still got to get one basic and one antiqued to join the others.
  5. I hope the names are still able to be used including 'completer'
  6. I've offloaded maybe two thirds of my collection but used the money to buy thenplanets, peace dollars, and another yet to be named collection but I think it beats just staring at stuff and hiding under the name stasher when you're collecting or collector when you're flipping to just enjoying the coins, process of finding the deal then making a profit and doing it all again, at least younalways have either nice coins, preciousmetals or rare collectable for a nice conversational piece or watch that money come sliding in to your account to buy more shiny stuff.
  7. Yes, looks to be painted by hand, too many mistakes not to be..lol.
  8. Hopefully by mars getting more expensive lol.
  9. Yes, both also $5 barbados coins, 2020 and 2021
  10. The comparison of Earth to Mars is about $2000 .... lol
  11. I'll take a 11 coin 2oz foam replacement too when you're ready...its to the states.
  12. Why get one when for twice the price you can get two...lol.
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