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  1. Today bought my next in the ms65 peace dollar set, 1934 p peace dollar...an offer was made and I was hooked, now I'm half way through the date set....just got to wait 6 months while the post rear their new postal mule.
  2. DarkChameleon

    925 silver

    I have a collection of silver tea infusers all 925..they can get expensive.
  3. Don't get tempted by the privys..I got them all and the hole in my bank account to provide it...lol
  4. Like waiting for your kid to be born and then quickly counting fingers and toes.
  5. When I look at coinfacts from pcgs it gives the up and down swings of graded coins and yes, just like the market they do jump and fall, the most dramatic time being in the 80s when graded coins were ridiculous, and now they have reached an affordable plateau it seems, I wouldn't recommend pensions invested in slabbedbut i think as part of our pm and collection mixture they do offer a much more stable environment then some investments and you can hold them, not just watch numbers rise and fall like cryptos.
  6. Only thing better then buying a 70 is getting one of yours graded 70.
  7. A little 4" ×6" fornow,tilli get some graded then its going to be slabbed holder, I got a 50slabbed holder arriving soon aluminum with glass lid.
  8. Its a long road all right, got a set going myself, 1830 capped half dollar..oldest 1798 draped large cent
  9. DarkChameleon

    925 silver

    They were and some Kennedys too when they were in circ....now they're looking at destroyed coins being faked because of the buyback scheme the government has its had to start an investigation for coins that seem to have been damaged in the same places and coins that have been melted down not meeting exact percentages of metals...seems they'll fake everything including real actual junk...lol
  10. Same rules as be frightened when people get greedy, when the mouths start saying to sell gold then you buy, when they say to buy then you sell, if your just growing and never selling then ignore it all and wait for a fall to buy more...dont get lost in a forest of imaginary trees.
  11. I think as the east benefitted at the beginning of covid I think they're going to play catch up when we come out the other end, west countries buying west goods and investors in the east going with the money which will be back west, nations buying their own goods and close allies next door as they fight to create or recreate jobs, im seeing government benefits to emply older workers to avoid a for ed early retirement and long term welfare and the bringing back of many products countries found had been exported unless some fool goes hitlers way of creating jobs as he disaster hyperinflation in
  12. You can go see them doing it on ebay right now or go check out your local pawn shop. As times get worse those who wethered the first year will either come out and work on sell things they cared about but now it becomes money or life....I have found since the recession began that jewelry sales have been increasing a lot...im thinking higher jewelry will be getting sold and pawned from the former upper middle class as they're totally wiped out unless something serious happens in the employment and import and export which means global uptick which always takes years and not weeks...so figure
  13. So,you think the economy will get 50% worse in two years then it is now?, what do you think will cause it to get worse, a failed all together vaccine?, even more unemployment?, the only thing I can see making things worse would be evictions and bankruptcies that have been stalled through the pandemic which would id think drive metals down as people sell off anything they own to survive.
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