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  1. I always love the beginning of a new set...when its complete I want to sell just so I can start more.
  2. It could be true, i had to cut a britannia out of a package to put into my britanniacollection box but I checked the value out beforehand and it wasn't a boost..better to be in a first 50 britannia set then some tourist second grade holder.
  3. Always keep the packaging...in a protector is has no history, in this form it might add a tiny bit, I still have the envelop my 1993 kangaroo came in.
  4. Finally bought my own planet, and its not flat.
  5. We talking the coin coins or the chibi coins?.
  6. Possible tax problems....I know they're ok for U.S but weirdly enough fedex won't ship coins within the U.S.
  7. Thanks..I have one of those earths due today too...the gold plated one.
  8. It has to be seen in person to understand the deep relief on this, the holder is concave and its so tight in the box I can't get it out without destroying the box...held in a magnetic holder.
  9. Just arrived, 2oz mythical creatures antiqued coin minted to just 1000from the republic du tchad
  10. I have a coin in for conservation then regrading and the estimate is 2 weeks for conservation the two weeks for regrade...my coin has been at ngc since March 17th, so should be completed by now.
  11. I bought an isle ofmann 3 oz silver coin from powercoin in February, it was stated it would be shipped my mid March, which then became April and now its May...taking money without fixed dates or fixed stock is not quality customer service...especially when you can order coins that have pre order status but shipping in two weeks, what is the intend?, to choose which coins to make at what times and push others back for months?...I think when a supplier has to take 4 months to supply a product they should maybe use a different supplier.
  12. Its ok for a collector but imagine if your intent was to flip...it ties up capital for months...maybe even killing off the profit window.
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