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  1. I got them from ebay, they are not cheap but they are limited to 999 so i saw a deal and got them both....many many times the value of the silver content which is 3 ozs for each coin.
  2. the milking was mainly from pre 2019, the canadian mint changed its polishing mixture which seemed to cause it...i collect. Ritannias qnd some of my older ones have spots on them and the only way will be to polish them off and destroy the luster but there seems noway to protect them, slabbing does not guarentee stopping it...its history of bad selection from the mints but destroying the coins would be even worse..maybe the grading companies wilo one day allow the surface to be removed to hold the shine on these specific coins
  3. They aregreat coins, its a whole different branch of collecting but very nice to have one or two or a few hundred..lol.
  4. Now this is the kind of competition i like....lol.
  5. Take it to a jeweler and askh9w much its worth, the jeweler will check it out instantly...with a gold tester or acid test, either way theyll see it right away and offer you money for it, just turn them down and youll know ... the only reason someone would plate a 22k with 24k is if they had an allergic reaction to the mixture of metals, my mother had to have her wedding ring plated on the inside with silver as she would eat away gold...i have the same problem.....but i dont think this is the case
  6. You can also try kee tester, its only about $250 here 8n the s5ates, also sells as minelab gold tester i believe..but its strictly gold tester.
  7. The sigmas are good, my lcs uses one, i just test gold so use a gold tester you can get on ebay for about $250...i used a neodymium magnet for silver plus 0.00 gram scales, testers can go into the $6000-$7000 range but the sigma sounds good. you canget on ebay.com the u.s site.
  8. The first picture right at 3 oclock looks like plating peel.....not good, once got some like this in a bunch of gold scrap i bought,hope you got it on ebay or used a cc to get your money back, ive seen 9k plated to 22 before but this doesnt look like it..
  9. Looks like plating coming off....id get it checked at a jewelers.
  10. you can check the dimensions on google.
  11. My explaining was comparing painted bullion,not your limited mi tage works of art, iget to drool over you pieces constantly, i have a colored america silver eagle which is worth the same as a none colored eaglebut i also have the series of domed earth and planets which are significantly more expensive then their weight in silver,the same with my isle of man antiqued coins...there are coins that have been adjusted and there are individually created works of art....some actuallypertaining to individualworks of art, from tiny mosaics, to mechanical devices built in...those i deem collectable if e
  12. If its just coloured bullion then no, i have painted coins, a set of australian domed earth, moon and sun, but thet are limited mintage and their price has more then doubled as a whole set but i have a coloured american silver eagle and its not worth more then an unpainted one unless someone is into it...it depends, powercoin sell painted coins for hundreds or even into the thousand but they are very limited mintage and designed that way, not just a regular coin with a decal on it
  13. They are not coloured by the mint usually, they are normally a coloured panel placed on the coin like a water based sticker used to be on airfix models , normally charged more at the offset buy donthold a great value as they can be coppied aseasy asthey were done in the first place
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