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  1. I could be wrong about this, but I seem to recall reading at some point (prior to the release of the first coin) that the 'Rwanda Nautical Ounce' series would be limited to a four-coin series only (both in BU and Proof versions): 2017: Santa Maria 2018: HMS Endeavour 2019: Victoria 2020: Mayflower So, much as I've liked all of these designs to date, I wasn't actually expecting any further releases. The 1oz and 3oz antique high relief versions of the Mayflower only, which I agree are very impressive, were intended as a kind of artistic 'final flourish' to coincide
  2. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts on this @LawrenceChard I fully agree with you. Of course, this then begs the question: why do this ... and why now, specifically? Bearing in mind, it's the Royal Mint. NeutronJack
  3. Guess 1: 2019 1oz Australian Shipwreck Series Batavia Silver Coin (from The Royal Australian Mint) Guess 2: 1159.5 washers NeutronJack
  4. 2019 1oz Silver Mexico Libertads ... NeutronJack
  5. Interesting to note that The Royal Mint is apparently adding a 1/4oz BU version of the Britannia to its silver bullion range in 2021. Like the 1oz version, it will be .999’s fine silver and each coin will have a face value of GBP 0.50 (fifty pence). A full tube will consist of 19 coins, whilst a full monster box will consist of 380 coins. Not currently listed on The Royal Mint website, as far as I can see. But, available for pre-order from The European Mint, GoldSilver.be, and LPM. If silver prices continue to rise, I guess this presents a viable alternative for stackers on
  6. For me, 'the winning design' resembles a severely mutilated golf ball mangled by the blades of a combine harvester, or repeatedly stamped using a heavy duty compression machine. Yes, Royal Mint ... I am available for future commercial product copywriting assignments. 😎 👍 NeutronJack
  7. I would have personally gone for the 2020 Oriental Britannia (in either silver or gold), neither of which appear to have even made it on to the list. I guess that means they didn't receive a single vote between them. Perhaps, this simply means that I'm so lacking in judgement about coin designs that I shouldn't be allowed out in public unsupervised ... current COVID-19 restrictions aside! NeutronJack
  8. The Royal Mint has just announced its 'Coin of the Year' for 2020. The most popular coin design of this year is apparently the 'Diversity Built Britain' 50p coin (shown below). For anyone interested, here's the full list of results (in reverse order) : Source: The Royal Mint
  9. Hi @BackyardBullion I'd like to take up the option of my round again, please. I had one last year. NeutronJack
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