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  1. Man with the golden bum: Smuggler is caught with 2lb of gold worth $60,000 in his backside after customs officers spotted his unusual walk at Indian airport The man was detained after travelling on a GoAir flight from Dubai to Kerala Customs officials searched the man and found 2.14lb stashed in his rectum A second man on the flight was also found to be carrying a large quantity of gold By Ryan Fahey For Mailonline Published: 10:59 EDT, 15 October 2020 | Updated: 11:08 EDT, 15 October 2020 A smuggler was caught with 2lb of gold worth £46,000 in his bo
  2. 527 mints in total. Or ... This is, in fact, Shuggy's collection of bleached bunny poops, which he collects and stores as part of his 'extreme prepping' routine as an 'off-grid' alternative Winter fuel source ... and an occasional snack, if things really go south! NeutronJack
  3. Hi @BackyardBullion and @ChrisSilver I'd like to reserve my existing numbers, please. Thanks a lot! @NeutronJack
  4. A 10oz Heraeus Silver Bar and a 10oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar ... NeutronJack
  5. A 10oz Heraeus Silver Bar and a 10oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar ... NeutronJack
  6. 6 pieces of the Perth Mint 2020 1oz Silver Tuvalu Black Flag - The Royal Fortune ... purchased at launch (fortunately!) and finally arrived today ... NeutronJack
  7. My collection of 2019 TSF Bars and Rounds (courtesy of @BackyardBullion) ... NeutronJack
  8. Somewhat earlier than expected (the 7th in the series was only released in May 2020), here's the 8th and final release in the China Vintage Coin Series (available since Monday from LPM): The 2020 1oz Silver China Kwangtung Dragon Dollar Silver Restrike (Premium Uncirculated) Mintage: 5,000 NeutronJack
  9. 1st guess: 677 2nd guess: they’re not ordinary pellets, of course. They’re actually streamlined, non-chafing, high-velocity rectal suppositories for hamsters and other small mammals of a nervous disposition (preferably slow-moving) - and usually delivered (at speed) using a customized blow-pipe. .... Bullseye !!! 🎯 🎯 🎯 NeutronJack
  10. Congrats @ChrisSilver! That's quite a jump ... It seems only a matter of a few weeks since the 8,000 milestone was reached!
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