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  1. Hi @BackyardBullion Good to see the 100g bars back again! I will take my usual numbers, please. PM sent. Thanks and regards, NeutronJack
  2. GBP 237.90 Thanks for the opportunity! NeutronJack
  3. Hi @FourNinesFine I know that Baird & Co (London) produce a few different silver rounds including a 1oz silver Peregrine Falcon and a 1oz silver Monarch of the Glen (obverse images below) ... The reverse on each of these rounds simply shows the Baird & Co logo. Not sure how well 'established' they are, in terms of years of production. But, they tend to be competitively priced. Although, the minimum order quantity is set at 10 rounds. Their full range of silver rounds is viewable here ... https://www.bairdmint.com/silver/silver-rounds Regards, NeutronJack
  4. Hard to top the 2021 design, in my opinion, but this series appears to be maintaining a strong and appealing consistency. NeutronJack
  5. First look at the 2022 editions of the gold and silver Perth Mint Dragon Bars ... NeutronJack
  6. Received mine last week - the 250g bar looks particularly good. Cheers, NeutronJack
  7. Hi @BackyardBullion Great-looking bars as always! I will take my usual 2 numbers again, please. Thanks, NeutronJack
  8. Hi @BackyardBullion Funds sent via PayPal F&F for 4 entries to the raffle. Kudos and thanks to everyone involved. NeutronJack
  9. Well, given the unfortunate frequency of tragic boating accidents experienced by members of the forum, I imagine it would be quite a job to calculate. You'd obviously have to consider 'safe on land' vs. 'lost at sea' tonnage, in order to get reasonably close. NeutronJack
  10. I'll take the same serial number for 2021, please @BackyardBullion and @ChrisSilver Thanks and regards, NeutronJack
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