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  1. Correction: my existing numbers are 78 and 87. Apologies to the current owners of numbers 15 and 27 ... you may lower your pitchforks, while I slowly back away! ... And, no need to release the hounds!! NeutronJack
  2. Hi @BackyardBullion Could you put me down for the same two numbers (15 and 27) as last year, please? Thanks in advance, @NeutronJack
  3. Trying to put together a full date run (including all the different Mint variations) in AU+ (Almost Uncirculated) form ... but still a long, long way to go! Plus, I only buy them when in the USA. NeutronJack
  4. 2019 1oz Antiqued Samoa Seahorse Silver Coins (Scottsdale Mint) ... NeutronJack
  5. A 2019 1oz Gold Dragon and Tiger Coin (Perth Mint) ... NeutronJack
  6. Hi @Roy Here's confirmation of my donation (below). Thanks for organizing this! NeutronJack
  7. 2018 and 2019 100g SIlver Forum Bars ... NeutronJack
  8. Cool, thanks a lot! ... Felt sure I'd be 'overtaken' on the home straight!
  9. Hi @SovUK Could I take the Sharps Pixley 500g Bar, please? Thanks and regards, @NeutronJack
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