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  1. Took the ox (bull) by the horns and slammed him down in my platinum stack.
  2. StackSellRepeat took the plunge As mentioned by Bimetallic this a long, very long term investment not a quick flip. I remember seen in 2019 Degussa ruthenium minted bars, not sure if they sell them at his moment.
  3. now 10 oz on apmex are
  4. The bars have popup on aurinum.de (presale/ delivery time : 23 - 24 working days) https://aurinum.de/10-Oz-Silber-STAR-WARS-Mandalorian-Beskar-Bar-2021-Niue-20-Perth-Mint gone https://aurinum.de/1-Oz-Silber-STAR-WARS-Mandalorian-Beskar-Bar-2021-Niue-2-Perth-Mint
  5. See the thread below, truly inspiring
  6. There out, presale on AG https://auragentum.de/1-unze-silbermuenze-australien-schwan-2021 https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/3826-pm-1-oz-silver-swan-2021-1.html AU https://auragentum.de/1-unze-goldmuenze-australien-schwan-2021 https://goldsilver.be/en/perth-mint/3825-pm-1-oz-gold-swan-2021-100.html
  7. Congrats! @Gildeon Well done! @EuropaBullion
  8. Apmex has them in the "coming soon" section https://www.apmex.com/category/90039/star-wars-beskar-bars
  9. The legendary Beskar alloy, known also as Mandalorian iron, is highly prized throughout the galaxy for its extreme strength and durability. Developed on Mandalore for its warriors as a powerful armor, it can withstand blasters and even resist a lightsaber's strike. In addition to its extraordinary resilience, Beskar is able to be shaped according to a warrior's desires and so proves quite versatile. In ingot form, this precious metal is melted down into bars featuring a wavy surface that is then stamped with the Galactic Imperial Crest for authentication. So valuable and versatile is Beskar th
  10. also beating the French is a big +
  11. there is a thread about on the forum, that is a interesting read
  12. Out of curiosity what did you bought? Can you post a photo of the invoice (of course with your details blur out)? Thx
  13. daca

    Importing silver

    20% VAT (on the value declare by the seller) and around £ 10 -15 customs fees. Usually you have to pay the tax man before releasing the coin. The seller is obligated to fill an export declaration, value of the coin, description of the goods and type - merchandise or gift. In your case with the Una coin perhaps this thread will help regarding VAT
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