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  1. @BackyardBullion Apparently I'm losing my eyesight, didn't see the "take the payment in custody" part.
  2. @BackyardBullion is offering this service, however not sure how close is he to Lincolnshire
  3. @Prophecy I recognize the bubble wrap, mine arrive all secure in the middle on the bubbles.
  4. They copy paste the T&C, including the name of the legit company from where they got "inspire"
  5. @thesongofthunder 1/10 oz Britannia https://www.europeanmint.com/2020-1-10oz-uk-platinum-britannia-coin/
  6. You are right. My bad, I've edited the post above.
  7. The coins are 30 g not full oz. 1×panda coin at spot price is 19.7€.
  8. The 2000€ mark is only for over the counter buys, not online. I.ve bought online from German and Austrian dealers and each buy was over 2000 €, no one ask me for ID.
  9. Is it possible to let us know the price? (if not please PM), I'm looking to buy some piece of history from my country (this coins are rare here, most got melted during the communist era) Thx
  10. see If you buy from dealers from EU (excluding Estonia) the price paid should contain already VAT, you will receive the package thru the courier without paying other fees. Customs will not get evolve due to the free movement of goods within EU borders. Buying outside EU is tricky, you will pay VAT and custom fees (up to 5%). I've use Europeanmint for AG and PL buys, receive the coins thru UPS without any other fees. Also bought AG from eldoradocoins, receive the coins thru Romanian postal service without any other fees, VAT was paid at the moment of purchase.
  11. 20 francs are sold out. https://www.silber-werte.de/Goldanlage/Historisches-Gold/Frankreich
  12. Due you mean silver subforum? I can't find anything new about them in gold subforum.
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