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  1. Heikin Ashi candles are interesting. They show more of a momentum trend. Especially useful on the daily or weekly when you see a reversal after a bottom/top.
  2. @tpcob303 welcome! I've moved your thread to the new members section. 👍
  3. Ebay sold listings suggest they are quite expensive
  4. You have the rat privy? https://www.yorkshirebullion.co.uk/1oz-silver-2020-rat-privy-britannia.html
  5. @Pete may have some info following this
  6. Maybe see if they'll give you a partial refund to move the premium a bit closer to spot.
  7. I don't mind overpaying to avoid the inside of a post office. I didn't think about airmail stickers but I'll remember to write it on in the corner. Thanks!
  8. Google seems to suggest it's ok but can anybody confirm through experience? I'd like to avoid going into the post office. If I want to send a large letter under 100g to Europe it's about £3. I have some 2nd class large letter stamps. If I just stick 4 of those on (£3.52 worth) will that be fine to get there or will I need stamps that state the value instead of just ones that say 2nd? Thanks.
  9. There is a site called spacecoins which might have it somewhere. http://space-coins.com/single-coins-medals/index.html
  10. @lazybones hello! I've created you a welcome thread here.
  11. @Mark1980 Hello and welcome. I've moved your post to the trade section.
  12. HelpingHands


    @RDC welcome! I've created you a new topic here..
  13. This doesn't sound legal. Are you working for some dodgepots who are claiming they have furloughed their staff, collecting the 80% from the government whilst keeping people working?
  14. Not in experience . @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer wanted them in practically mint condition before paying their best rate. So QE2 sovs had the best chance. Private collectors often prefer the older coins though.
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