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  1. HelpingHands


    @RDC welcome! I've created you a new topic here..
  2. This doesn't sound legal. Are you working for some dodgepots who are claiming they have furloughed their staff, collecting the 80% from the government whilst keeping people working?
  3. Not in experience . @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer wanted them in practically mint condition before paying their best rate. So QE2 sovs had the best chance. Private collectors often prefer the older coins though.
  4. I did think this was funny https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1276926/Kim-jong-un-dead-north-korea-latest-picture-kim-yo-jong-donald-trump "There is simply no way to date it and the thing is, in the normal course of events, every day there is a picture released of the Supreme Leader opening something."
  5. - Added 0 minutes later... @TheApe Hello, I've merged you into this thread
  6. @FabulousLunar Are you in Germany? If so Ill move this to the Europe trade section
  7. @Jeremiah Id recommend photos for all the coins for sale. Also include a piece of paper in the photo with your username.
  8. Ok, it's just that I cant see prices anywhere.
  9. @grongla was this a trade thread or are you showing your collection?
  10. It depends where you look to view inflation. If you look at the basket of goods which they substitute items to fudge the figures then no. Real life saw inflation.
  11. Ive not used them but plenty here have. Ive not read about any problems about the quality.
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