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  1. @MrUpwardlyMobile There was a thread on here with the best youtube videos but I can't find it. This is my all time favourite.
  2. @nwhills Ive moved this to the silver section
  3. They should swap it. It's just a pain posting it back. They might claim coins are just bullion but strangely they charge different amounts for different 1oz bullion coins.
  4. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/bank-of-england-said-to-be-considering-a-move-into-negative-rates-telegraph
  5. @tpcob303 welcome! I've moved your thread to the new members section. 👍
  6. Ebay sold listings suggest they are quite expensive
  7. You have the rat privy? https://www.yorkshirebullion.co.uk/1oz-silver-2020-rat-privy-britannia.html
  8. @Pete may have some info following this
  9. Maybe see if they'll give you a partial refund to move the premium a bit closer to spot.
  10. There is a site called spacecoins which might have it somewhere. http://space-coins.com/single-coins-medals/index.html
  11. @lazybones hello! I've created you a welcome thread here.
  12. @RDC welcome! I've created you a new topic here..
  13. This doesn't sound legal. Are you working for some dodgepots who are claiming they have furloughed their staff, collecting the 80% from the government whilst keeping people working?
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