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  1. EPNS is Electroplated nickel silver. If they are all plated and you want to sell then either ebay or a local auction house might be your best bet.
  2. Ive closed this topic for the moment until the seller logs back into the forum
  3. The listing is two years old...but you never know
  4. That's fair enough. Let us know after youve been to the post office 👍
  5. Just post the stuff out then Im sure anyone who reported would let the bank know the items have arrived. Alternatively, the banks will just take it from your account anyway and it'll be frozen for much longer.
  6. You also owe at least one delivery from your previous account here https://www.thesilverforum.com/profile/15979-ales/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback
  7. I've left this public because I dont know how many people are owed parcels? Ive asked you twice how many are sat there waiting to be sent. Then I'll have an idea how many people need to contact you.
  8. Your account? Isn't it your friend's bank account?
  9. @Burgur5352 how many parcels are there waiting to go?
  10. How many envelopes are there ready to go? So I know how many members are waiting for orders as some may not have replied yet
  11. Do you know what is it each one? So they go to the correct people?
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