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  1. Looking forward to hearing how it works out.. There is a youtuber who calls himself sreetips that refines precious metals and uses a silver cell. Kind of jealous that you get to experience it firsthand. Best of luck!
  2. Finally came in today after patiently waiting for 1 month:
  3. No... Unfortunately that goes against the promise I made to myself to acquire many, many more while they are still acquirable. Good luck to you
  4. Can't say I care to get my hands on slabs/specific dates, but always been a fan of silver dollars in general!
  5. I hope forum users were able to take advantage of the gold spot price plummeting to $1455 this morning. Wow. Can't say I'm surprised but still, it's rather telling of the times we are in.
  6. Added these to the collection today:
  7. Silver spot plummeting... $17.17 now.
  8. I've been filling an old pickle jar with 90% copper pennies for the better part of two years. I suppose it doesn't count, but man would that make a nice bar...
  9. I was always under the impression that it is the use of Palladium that plays a significant role in the relatively cheap price of Platinum.
  10. Bought some nice silver pieces in the 90s as a collector. Took 20 years before I bought anything else, and then once again, took a few years off. Finally, I got back on board with serious stacking around April of last year. Happy with what I have so far, but never fully satisfied.
  11. First purchase since Nov of last year... a fresh tube of 2020 American Silver Eagles! With today's price drop I got them for under $400. 😃
  12. MetalMandible

    Plastic gold

    https://phys.org/news/2020-01-carat-gold-nugget-plastic.html Interesting article, though the author nearly lost me with this statement - "No one wants to wear a heavy watch on their wrist, even if it's made of real gold."
  13. Double everything I have as of Dec 31st.
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