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  1. Ah those were the days, when one could buy "Constitutional" junk silver for spot. Oh well...
  2. I tend to side with the team that believes in having a cheap decoy safe in a reasonable location and then hiding your stash very tactfully. With enough creativity, you can hide it in places just about no one would ever find. Yes, there are higher level burglars out there who may have a means of locating it, but chances are these are the same people who are capable of dealing with most quality safes. Realistically, the odds of such individuals breaking into your home with that intention are extremely slim.
  3. As mcsouza already mentioned, a fume hood is pretty much a must if you plan to try this. Good luck.
  4. While essentially I do agree with this post, I want to point out that banks in the 1970s did legitimately assemble silver dollar rolls with no regard for condition or rarity. The question is - do any of those rolls still exist today? Extremely unlikely. The popular scam involves putting eye popping silver dollars on either end of the roll and filling the middle with duds. If a bank had randomly placed these coins in a roll out of all of the possible varieties, what are the odds of a "CC" or "DMPL" in MS condition just happening to land on either end? Extremely unlikely.
  5. I have seen a few examples that seemed genuinely like a good deal, particularly CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube. I have no idea which seller he picked them up from or if he's full of s***, but just wanted to throw out the possibility that not all of them are scams. That said, I would not recommend anyone on here buy one unless you're the type of person to play the lottery or believe the phonecall from the unknown person about your vehicle warranty expiring.
  6. 100 oz puts you well beyond the vast majority of humans on the planet, in terms of physical ownership of the wonderous white metal. Should you accumulate more? Would having it really make a meaningful difference in your future? These are questions that only you yourself can answer.
  7. There are quite a few varieties of silver that I enjoy a good bit. Lacking any poured silver bars in the stack, although I really enjoy the look of them. However if I had to narrow it down as much as possible it would be a tie between Morgan Silver Dollars and silver Kennedy Half Dollars.
  8. I believe it mostly boils down to price. The reality is that the premium for Eagles isn't likely to return to what it was pre-Covid anytime soon. I pay a great deal of attention to the price of Eagles, and can say that generally speaking, the new design is among the cheapest you will find for BU coins. But does that make it the absolute BEST option if you live in the U.S.? Well, currently one particular website that I prefer using to make purchases has Random Year and Type 2 Eagles listed at the same price. In this instance, the obvious choice to make is Random year, in my opinion. You have the possibility of getting older date Eagles, which, if you shop around, almost always carry a higher premium. Either design will feature the "perks" of owning Eagles (recognition, etc.), so if you don't have a preference on how it looks, I would suggest going for the cheapest you can find. Personally I detest the Type 2 design, so I would choose cheaper "Cull" Eagles over those, Random Year, or simply wait until the prices come down for Type 1s rather than bother with the disappointment that are Type 2. Hope this helps.
  9. The premiums are indeed somewhat out of hand on ASE in particular... Still went ahead and bought a tube on the dip this past weekend, for $592.XX Thats $6 and change per oz over spot for BU coins. Worth it imo, with such a high degree of uncertainty in the world, the ASE carries mass recognition and appeal. Also with the unfortunate design change, my guess is that the premiums on the classic design is less likely to ever return to what it once was.
  10. Yeah, you almost got it. Except the U.S. mint's motto is actually: 'Yes pain, maybe gain - if you're very lucky'
  11. 2x Morgans and 2x Peace Dollars successfully purchased. What a frickin pain that was...
  12. A perfect example of why you should store in capsules.
  13. Have wanted a 2009 ultra high relief St. Gaudens double eagle... The primary factor caused by the pandemic that made me not purchase one is spot price, not a lack of service.
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