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  1. More aesthetically pleasing imo. Consider yourself lucky that its not actual milk spotting.
  2. Shame this release doesn't also include a neck tattoo. They could really have something there...
  3. Packing peanuts go great in tubes for some added protection.
  4. Can you post pics of the coins themselves (obverse and reverse)? I don't mind if they remain in their capsules, so long as it clearly shows if they are damaged or not.
  5. Right.... but those details you pointed out, you needed a loupe to really notice. When I look at my flawless 2021 Peace Dollar next to my MS 1921, it doesn't take a loupe to see the difference in the hair on Liberty - much nicer on the new version (as you pointed out). Additionally, the eagle itself on the reverse looks just sharper overall. Like I said, I do prefer the older versions of each coin, but that is mainly due to the lustrous finish.
  6. The new silver dollars simply cannot measure up to their older counterparts in terms of beauty and a century+ of nostalgia. In my opinion, the major factor that detracts from them is the matte finish. A classic Morgan/Peace dollar with that cartwheeling original mint luster is simply mesmerizing to behold... That said, I do enjoy the new ones and really appreciate details such as the breast feathers of the Morgan or the fine details (even more pronounced than the 1921 high relief) of the Peace dollar.
  7. Peace dollar reverse looks stunning, cannot wait to receive mine.
  8. Really appreciate this topic. I do believe the majority of forum users are from the EU, but I am currently dealing with this exact situation.. Having heard nothing but horror stories about calling the mint, I wasn't going to even bother. My question for you is, are they going to double charge for shipping since its now being split into two separate orders? I paid for Morgans and Peace dollars together, to be shipped together and technically agreed to only one shipping fee....
  9. I personally have a very polarized belief about crypto. After years of downplaying it for being a massive fugazi, I finally gave in during the March 2020 crash and have been swing trading it ever since. I still don't trust it enough to hold long-term, but for immediate cash profit its been highly successful. I simply use them to purchase more precious metals at the end of a cycle. By no means am I some savvy investor, but I find swing trading crypto easier than stocks.
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