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  1. There most certainly is a market for 40%, although 90% seems significantly more popular. I've never dealt with 40% directly but one can assume they sell for spot or just under.
  2. The 1964 kennedy half dollars are 90% silver and i've recently seen them go as high as $10 per. From what I can tell, you have mostly 1965 - 1970 which are only 40% silver and worth less, accordingly. Don't know about the rest...
  3. "On 25/02/2019 at 03:10, Wonger said:" "About to plummet" 😄
  4. I wouldn't expect others to do so, just as I wouldn't expect others to serve in the military as I have. Personally, I would rather go out in a blaze of glory before bending over and taking it up the arse. The way I see it, if a government is willing to confiscate metals, then chances are they are in the process of taking away a litany of other freedoms and rights. No thanks!
  5. That depends on how you define "worked". If taking a stand against an oppressive and tyrannical government (infringing upon my fundamental right to possess harmless metals) results in a glorious death, than so be it. Proving my point will have "worked".
  6. They come to my house looking for metals, they better hope I'm long gone or the only ones they're gonna get from me are brass and copper at 1500 ft per second.
  7. I keep a fair amount of em in an old Crown Royale sack.
  8. I'm sorry you have to deal with all of those darn GOLD coins when you love SILVER, you really do.
  9. You mean to say that the author of this thread is wrong??? 🤯
  10. Sure do hope this gold crash comes soon, not particularly fond of these prices...
  11. ASE. When it came time for me to sell my ATB to my lcs, they cared very little about them being 'semi-numismatic'. Considering the premiums I had paid, if I had to do it again, I would have 100% gone ASE for the simple fact that they are more recognizable, more desirable and single troy ounces.
  12. In my experience, you are better off holding out for a better deal on 90%. Much like 35% silver "war nickels", the low premium is almost certainly not going to be offset with how undesirable these coins are for most stackers. I would suggest saving your fiat, as premiums gradually return to more tolerable levels.
  13. My only slabbed coin and a lovely piece of U.S. history. In the near future I'd like a nice slabbed Peace Dollar to go with it.
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