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  1. Yes I realize this thread is likely going to be everyone posting numismatics, but have you seen the premiums on these? My guilty pleasure:
  2. Dunno, maybe it's just me but I see two seperate stories going on here.. First image features a Liberty that shows up to the party, strutting around and sneering at those she considers inferior. You just know she will make some insufferable comment about the quality of the hors d'oeuvre and will act like she has someplace more important to be. Liberty #2 has been been through it all and more. As a single mother with four kids, she doesn't have time to deal with your nonsense and she will gladly let you know that upfront. By day she hunches over her computer in her cubicle watching the seconds tick by and by night she is a bartender. With that all said, I would probably have to choose Liberty #1 image because her story better represents what that $10 piece stands for.
  3. Hopefully the mint doesn't manage to mess this release up, as I cannot envision these coins NOT being an absolute treat for the eyes... However I have long since learned the err in getting too hopeful with regard to those making the big decisions. We were supposed to have Morgan/Peace dollars this year, but a supposed planchet shortage held back perhaps the most desirable release out of the U.S. Funny how that works however, when that same planchet shortage somehow didn't impede several other releases that use planchets of the same size... 🥱
  4. iirc Spegtacular is on the forum, don't believe he is too active around these here parts though... Edit: Nevermind he's out of the U.S.
  5. All I know is if that ratio goes over 100:1, I shall be backing up the ol moped.
  6. Aye, whenever my liver moves the want to bite mine gold, i sometimes shall get a taste.
  7. Little torch lighter to it has always worked best for me. Of course, that was regular bullion.. never tried it on a proof.
  8. Now that is a stunning gold piece! I'm sure there are collectors on here far more in the know than myself with regard to U.S. error coins, but I have seen quite a few overdates over the years. However they are certainly silver, pennies, or nickle clad... can't seem to remember a gold, much less, in my opinion the most desirable gold ever minted.
  9. All it takes is one piece of silver resting atop another piece of silver for it to truly be considered a stack. Going off that, the number of ounces it takes to make a good stack is however many you can pile towards the sky without them toppling over.
  10. Bravo sir! I have more than a few tubes that could really use this voodoo treatment.
  11. Increasing demand for gold will carry up the price of silver. However, if we are talking within the next 6 months, it will be manipulated to remain at a certain level (sub $30). Longer term is when things start to really get interesting.
  12. Just wait for when "they" come out with North American VAT.
  13. Scottsdale mint is selling these 2018 Barbados Silver Tridents for cheaper than any other 1oz coin or round that I can find on the internet: https://www.scottsdalemint.com/product/promo-2018-barbados-trident-1-oz-silver-coin-tube-of-20/
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