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  1. Some Libertad 2020 silver proofs - not the whole set, but happy to take what I can find !
  2. Lindeman

    for sale or exchange QB for sale or trade

    Hi @Squalleonhart: you got there in the end - good work taking on board the advice from Graham. Have to say - its a pretty fair average price for all that QB silver, especially given that you have the Griffin proof in there as well. Good luck. May be worth considering individual coin offers though, as not everyone needs them all...and some BU buyers may actually not want to pick up a Griffin proof. Us PM buyers are a fickle bunch 🤣 I have the whole set , so I am not a buyer - just an interested spectator.
  3. @Jaconet- thanks. Hope you managed to get what you wanted. ? I was waiting for months but was not paying attention to the Forum or the websites... Maybe APMEX still to come ? Will keep an alert on them ...the premiums in EU are now crazy ...but thats Libertads . I did manage some of the 2020 silver BU but its the gold PFs i am after. @250 pieces each its madness (well not really madness - its simple supply and demand pricing).
  4. Guys - i am devastated, as i missed these being available on EMK and Munzdachs earlier last week! Been waiting for the 1/4 proof and the 1/2 rev proof, and now looks like my only option is to upgrade to a full ounce version!😢. I cannot work out if APMEX have had their allocation and they are all gone...or if they are still to come ? Just don't understand how the proof 1/4s are sold out before the other fractionals - is that all based on presales.
  5. Proof Griffins, silver and gold joy. And I should give credit to RM for finally sending valuable coins properly packaged and boxed.
  6. Some of the long awaited proof Griffin QBs in silver and gold. Lets hope the Mint have good quality control on them...given the prices. Oh - and some decent bubble wrap around the boxes would be nice as well....instead of the wrapping that they sometimes use (have had some packages that look like they are recycling old Xmas presents instead of shipping a premium product 😢). 10 days wait to see the coins, but I am happy enough to have noticed the email this morning to get the order in.
  7. 1887 double sov MS61 still available, £1100. Thanks for looking. Lindeman
  8. Six old Engelhard gold diggers to add to the stack (my favourite silver rounds .....the original 1982 Prospectors).
  9. Humble Swiss billon coin, but such an iconic design. An 1872 5 rappen. These are often very worn / circulated but this one has some real character.
  10. 7 silver Engelhard 1982 Prospector rounds. Love that design, and always looking to pick them up. Photos when I manage to get them.
  11. Lets just hope for two things ...first that they end the series on a high with the proof Griffins and don't stuff that up, and second, that thats the end of it. The Royal Mint should not be reinventing history, and at least to me a second series would be fraught with issues not least of which is the expected lifespan of HM, followed by collector fatigue. As for a “great Prime Ministers” series ....excuse me while I laugh or cry.
  12. I have a few pre-33 and have had grading success and many failures (from “not genuine” , “cleaned” to “details” etc). I would say that the first one has been removed from a mount, hence the rim marks. I reckon thats a “details”. The 1881 S and the 1901 S look genuine to my eye, but I personally would not grade either of them. The 1881 looks well worn as @silenceissilver pointed out, and the 1901 looks a bit shiny so may get a “cleaned/ details”. They are all lovely bits of historical US gold though, and the S mint is cool. Rather than consign them to live untouched in a slab i
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