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  1. Indeed...hence the microeconomic question I posed the other day on whether to sell my single palladium 1 oz to buy gold instead, or to sit tight and wait. The Pt / Silver ratio was also an interesting one @vand - thanks for sharing the graphs. If Pt drops back to $875 may be tempted to buy a bit more.
  2. @Silverman2U yes - probably just going to admire it a while longer, as I may never get the chance to buy an oz of Pd for less than $2000 again!! Its the same design as the one shown here - thanks to @trozau🙂. Yup - that is one other issue: limited pool of buyers, probably even here. If I was going to sell I would probably just call around a few dealers and make it simple ....but I guess they would offer spot minus 1-5%, while on the Forum you may do better. I do have some Pt that I am wondering about selling ....but again, may just sit for a for a few weeks to see the direction of travel. I have a full boxed set of tasty 2007 Proof Britannias, that I graded @ NGC recently via @Numistacker. Usual dilemma - whether to keep a few and split the set ...or sell the lot, knowing that not many buyers have the appetite for a £2000 set of Pt coins...
  3. Hi Just want to get your opinion: I have a single 1 ounce lovely Canadian palladium Maple that I have shown here before (as I was curious to compare gold, silver, platinum and palladium - all from same design) that I bought when palladium was half the price of gold. Naturally over the next few years I bought more platinum than palladium as I was "sure" platinum was the forgotten PM😆 What would you do? Sell it now and buy an ounce of shiny gold on the basis that Palladium is a bubble ...assuming that soon gold will overtake it? I am tempted top keep it for the curiosity ...but its hard to ignore that its tripled in value! Besides ...maybe it keeps climbing and maintains a premium over gold. Lindeman
  4. Updated - added one last Sov - a 1912, in an Airtite. ( all other gold sovs now sold). £365 plus postage. Britannia 2015 5oz proof still available. Cheers Lindeman
  5. Update - QB Falcons sold. 1863 Sov, Eagle and the 2015 Britannia available still.
  6. Tidying up my collection - so these lovely coins looking for a new home ! New prices listed. 2015 5oz Proof Silver Britannia. Rarely seen in this pristine condition, all boxes and COA. £350. 2019 QB Silver BU Falcons (3x) available. £46 each. Now £44 each. Only one shown in pictures - all coins of same quality. All three for £128. SOLD 1906 gold USA $10 Denver Liberty Head Eagle. 0.48 oz absolute gold weight. In an Airtite black ringed capsule. Shiny ...so I suspect its been cleaned at some stage. Still a great looking coin though. £750 Now £730. SOLD 1907 P liberty head $5 gold half eagle, in an Airtite black ringed capsule. Beautiful and hard to find vintage pre-1933 US gold. £520. Full gold sovereign - each in Airtite black ringed capsule. All London mintmark (ie no mintmark). 1863 Victoria Young Head Shieldback. No die number. £399 Now £385 SOLD 1905 Edward VII £345 Now £340 SOLD 1913 George V £355 Now £345. SOLD Newly listed: 1912 George V £365 SOLD PM me if interested. Payment by PP F&F preferred. UK buyers - add £7 for Special Delivery. International buyers - please ask for prices. Thanks for looking. Lindeman
  7. Another piece of pre-33 gold, but only just😆. A 1932 $10.
  8. I agree @silenceissilver - not easy in the UK. The UK auction houses are a better bet than the UK PM dealers for pre-33, but most of my recent half eagles like this one have been bought online from US sellers actually. This one was via eBay from a seller with a good track record in US pre-33, which is at least a good sign. I have sometimes been unlucky though - one time I bought a rarer 1916 S only to find out later it was a very good fake !
  9. Gold 1914 S half eagle. Upgrading my collection of these iconic coins, and the San Francisco ones will be my focus. Always risky bidding on these as raw coins...so I hope this one works out OK, and grades well eventually. Hoping for an AU58; am I being too optimistic? Details good on the headress and feathers😊. Photos from the seller.
  10. Canadian Maples - all four metals. I really need to take a better picture of them. Little did I know at the time when I bought the palladium one that it would become the most valuable ! Fun to compare them all though.
  11. Lindeman

    Which coin?

    Hi @Stacktastic - great idea to get some Pt! Prices may come and go, but I have held some physical platinum coins since 2015 and its a good feeling to know that you have some PM diversity. Best coins? For starters the British and Australian and Austrian 1 oz coins always seem to be slightly better value than US Pt Eagles. I love the classic appeal of the Canadian Maple, which is a design that you can get in gold, silver, platinum and palladium which is cool! My other favourites are the Isle of Man Noble (love the design), any of the Queens Beasts and the Philharmoniker. Will any of these develop any semi numismatic premium? Probably the QBs are your safest bet there , for the obvious reason that the designs are unique. Let us know what you go for !
  12. The last in the Rwanda Nautical silver series - the fourth, the Mayflower. The proof and the BU version. I not really a ship expert ....but I have to say this is my least favourite of the designs. Just my opinion...but I do like the series.
  13. Just the beauty of the silver QB Unicorn BU 2 ouncer.
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