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  1. A bit of joy back from NGC~ after multiple attempts at selecting and sending in raw coins, finally an MS70 QB gold 1/4 Horse of Hanover. This one completes my set of all ten original QB bullion quarters in MS70. And a 69 as a worthy runner up!
  2. 2016 and 2018 Chiwoo Cheonwangs now sold. Plenty other fine Korean coins still available, and the Maples.
  3. Not yet of my coin, but just sharing the Apmex link here, it’s the usual Libertad proof design again for 2021. Sold out now for the 1/4 Proof, but they have 9 left of the BU version, for $703 each. https://www.apmex.com/product/240872/2021-mexico-1-4-oz-proof-gold-libertad
  4. A proof 1/4 ounce 2021 gold Mexican Libertad. Been watching and waiting for them to appear since…2021. As ever, Banco de Mexico and distributors keep us on tenterhooks.
  5. Thanks @goldmember44 - that’s what I thought as well….but obviously not, at least so far ! Where have all the Big 5 hunters gone ?!😆
  6. For those of you (like me…) that are always waiting for their release, today was the day Apmex in the US put most of the 2021 gold proof Libertads up for sale on their site. Some already sold out (both reverse proofs and the quarter oz) , but a few still left for other sizes. They will not be there for long - probably minutes, not hours !!
  7. Great opportunity to complete (or start) your South Korea Komsco Mint collections! Following coins available, all BU and in Airtite capsules. 2017 Zi:Sin Series GALLUS 1oz .999 BU Silver Coin. 1st coin in the series. £40 now £35 2018 Zi:Sin Series CANIS 1oz .999 BU Silver Coin. £35 now £30 2019 Zi:Sin Series SCROFA 1oz .999 BU Silver Coin. Mintage limited to 40,000. £45 now £40 2019 Zi:Sin Series SCROFA GHOST. 1oz .999 BU Silver Coin. Stunning and highly sought coin. Mintage limited to 10,000. £65 now £55 SOLD 2016 Chiwoo Cheonwang Series 1oz .999 BU Silver Coin. 1st coin in the series. Mintage limited to 30,000. £65 now £55 SOLD 2017 Chiwoo Cheonwang Series 1oz .999 BU Silver Coin. £50 now £40 2018 Chiwoo Cheonwang Series 1oz .999 BU Silver Coin. £40 (late addition !) now £35 SOLD 1990 Canadian .9999 Fine Silver Maples, sheet of six in original RCM packaging, selling as the full sheet only. All in great condition. As some irreverent North American collectors say, this is the original maple design with the “long-necked Liz” depiction of the Queen.! Rare to find these sheets in the UK. £195. Reduced to £185 Postage options - First Class signed , plus £3, or SD plus £6 or feel free to tell me what you prefer. PM if interested. Payment by PPFF preferred, or bank transfer. Thanks for looking. Lindeman
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