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  1. Hi @darkninja1985- yes, it was sold.. Sorry I don’t have any other fractional Pt. Lindeman.
  2. For sale - with all the original packaging, boxes and COA, here is the stunning 2021 QB Griffin 1 oz gold proof, graded a perfect PF70 UC First Releases by NGC. I am selling because I am more focussed on the BU QBs and other proof gold coins. £3100 with Special Delivery for UK buyers, and non-UK buyers we can discuss mailing. REDUCED TO £3000. Thanks for looking. Lindeman
  3. OK - bumping up for the last time, then if no buyers I guess this PF70 will just have to linger in my collection😀 . £825 SD included. Thanks for looking.
  4. I had exactly the same situation earlier this year when buying gold Libertads from on of the German dealers. After ignoring the first two demands (from FedEx via post and GTSClearance@fedex.com) I got someone on the phone who told me to email them at UKinvoicequery@fedex.com with the info. I did all that , explaining that bullion is not subject to import taxes etc and sat back assuming all was solved. Then it all started up again with the debt collector mail! Thanks for the idea to reclaim via HMRC because I have to confess I just gave up in the end and paid the bloody invoices. As to whether it’s reasonable to expect foreign dealers to know the intricacies of the exemption codes …doubtful. But I would like them to use a bit more common sense - and be a bit more “economical with the truth” when describing contents! In that regard I do like the way most US dealers are used to using bland packaging, and vague words like “machine parts” when shipping 😉. Just part of the joys of PM collecting I guess.
  5. Still available - bumping up, and reducing price to £2550 delivered SD for all UK buyers. Buyers outside UK - contact me for postage rates.
  6. Updating the listing - QB Griffin, Yale and Bull all sold: other coins still available. Lindeman
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