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  1. Silver Rwanda coins still available, 2010 gold BU sovereign added.
  2. Scrofa warrior and the Libertad both sold; proof Rwanda Lunars all still available .
  3. Adding a 2010 full gold sovereign - in its original Royal Mint wrapper. Excellent condition. Blister wrapper coming a bit loose at edges. All in with delivery in UK SD for £375. Reduced now to £365 as spot has dropped. Sold Lovely Rwanda Lunar silver proofs, £90 £85 for the 2018 dog, and £85 £80 each for the 2019 pig, 2020 rat, and the Nautical ounce 2020 Mayflower. Limited proof mintages of 1000. Each in perfect condition in original capsule with the COA. 2019 Korean Komsco mint Zi:Sin Scrofa warrior design, 1 oz .999 silver BU coin, in capsule. Great design - asking £26. SOLD
  4. Sure do ! The herd is bigger than what is in show here - plenty other older Swans on board as well , including this 2017 beauty picked up this week.
  5. To your last point - yes, the plastic capsule for these proofs can be easily opened...
  6. Interesting discussion ....I have been collecting these in proof and BU over the years, and while there was a lot of excitement initially (low 1000 mintage on the proofs, cool design etc) there seems less interest now. I can give you my view @Aknot - which is that of those two I would only be after the one on the left - as its in the correct capsule. True - the one on the right looks the same ...but it should not have wandered out of its capsule! Finally - prices. Can only agree with @Silvergunhere - because i have one up for sale right now (sorry @Aknot as its in UK) and no int
  7. No takers ? Surprising - as I always thought these were popular and limited mintage, so a nice combination 😉. All still available.
  8. Ok - its a long shot, but if anyone has a “spare” 2019 issue Mexican gold 1/2 ounce reverse proof please let me know. Willing to pay a premium, needs to be in perfect condition ... given the scarcity of this coin. Also open to exchange for a 2018 gold 1/2 oz RP70 I have available ( I have two perfect 2018s...). Thanks ! Lindeman
  9. Yes - still available: please PM if you would like them.
  10. Thanks to @OriginalS - three of the Big Five from the ZA Mint. Thanks for introducing me to a new silver series. Need to keep my eyes open for the last two in the series now..
  11. Bump - reduced prices on the kooks and the proof QB silver Horse of Hanover.
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