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Forum gurus. I need help.


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Forum gurus. I need your help. I'm currently on vacation and picked up this gold in Croatia. I have a 24k certificate for it and paid a heavy premium for it. But have any of u ever seen it before or have any kind of info on it. It is as said 24k and 7 grams. 


Thank you all. 



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Republic of Ragusa Ducato. I think these were originally minted in silver, this could be a copy minted in gold I guess!?

St Blaze on the obverse, coat of arms on reverse

I expect someone else knows more than me.

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2 hours ago, Happypanda88 said:

I find it strange why you would buy a coin with high premium as you say and don't know what it is ! 🤔

It looks to be a replica (copy 2005) of an old coin minted in 1797 !  Someone on the forum should be able to tell you soon.


Because I'm a moron obviously. But I got the certificate it was a jeweler so. I was not to worried. The local guide also said that they were trustworthy. Long story. But I felt like having it lol. 

22 minutes ago, Dan12345 said:

😰 hope it still actually is 7 grams and 24k gold. How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking 

It was weighed in the shop on a scale. And the certificate is with it. But yah. I'll fly back and kick their teeth in if it's fake. 

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2 minutes ago, CosmikDebris said:

Myself and @MCJhave already provided all the info you need, you seem to have overlooked it. 

Yes i see. And that concludes i have a very expensive vacation memory. With no real value. And that i will keep it forever as a token of my own stupidity. I should make it in to a necklace that i can wear like a donkey hat. 

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17 minutes ago, UncommonSeal said:

Well, at least it a good looking very expensive vacation memory!

Indeed. I did some research on the coins. They are made by a company in Croatia. They are ordered like this. So you can order coins with different motives. So this just landed in this shop by random. The story behind the coins is actually cool. 


Was it waaaay to expensive. Absolutely. 

Was it worth it: knowing what i know now. Then yes I'd say so. 

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Please, tell us the final answer! It is gold, or gold plated? I can not sleep from nine days because your coin. 😰

Enyone trying to call Roberto Studio Dubrovnik?😁 They have not website for more details.

Tension at maximum level.🤔


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