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  1. So I presume as they are all trial pieces they are not legal tender hence them all being hallmarked and hence even the gold ones would be subject to VAT?!
  2. Hi Rory, You mention maximums, what about minimums as some gold coins are quite small?
  3. Love the old fashioned scientific equipment look and would probably get one for conversational sake. Would it work through a coin capsule?
  4. All on back order thanks so they will get here when they get here. 👍🏻
  5. I think your site is really user friendly @LawrenceChard . Ordered 3 sovereigns off of it this week and had no problem finding them or checking out. It was my second visit to your site so didn’t know the layout in advance. 👍
  6. WOW the old Ecce Romani books, now that brings back memories 🙂
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone.
  8. Hi all, New member here just starting out stacking sovereigns. Always had a few around and was left some more by my late grandmother, so decided gold sovereigns would be a good investment as well as being much more interesting than any investments on paper. This forum looks like a great place with some very knowledgeable people and I hope I'll be able to add a little something to the forum as the collection grows. Look forward to seeing everyone around. Sky.
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