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  1. Atkinson T&C states "We reserve the right to cancel any order even after payment received."
  2. Fyi Current promotion Christmas Promotion (Until 25th December) COUPON CODE: XMAS10 Use it as many times you wish! Time is running out! Europeamint is offering 10% discount on all Collectible coins, Colorized coins and Supplies. Collectible coins Colorized Coins Supplies
  3. They are absolutely legit. I've had several large purchases go very smoothly, customer service is very responsive. They do have other bank accounts if your payment is not possible to the mentioned ones.
  4. Oh my God I just worked out why they're called saflip! It's a safe flip! Can't believe it took me this long
  5. I bought 5x 2020 1oz mandelorians, a year later only one is clear, the rest are hideous, I'm genuinely embarrased to sell on TSF. Pesky mysterious chemicals. So are we just agreeing it's a risk and buyer beware? Are we saying get 925 scrap or face consequences? Sad
  6. I used to be bothered but then I ran the numbers. I can't remember what it was but it was some crazy apocalypse mad max jump in silver price before I even need to pay it, but by then government has collapsed and people bartering their wedding rings for cat food
  7. Contraversy opinion: If you are on this forum you don't need to worry about CGT. If you were so rich CGT mattered you would be taking advice from your money manager. The fact that brits / valiants / QBs etc are CGT free is a red herring.
  8. So you're offering £21 per ounce? I think you will struggle to find a seller at that price?
  9. One of the reasons I think we took a wrong turn making coins 999 or 9999 fine. There are many advantages of 925 over 999, I think 999 fine silver is too soft / easily scratched. I also think designs are too pristine and show up spots or flaws, like a white carpet, it is much better to have a pattern on a carpet to obscure marks. I heard on a kinesis podcast recently a silly comment that 9999 silver is better for their vaults because it looks cleaner. The difference between 9999 and 999 in a bar would be such a tiny amount of material you probably couldn't see it and is beyond the weight tolerance of the weight anyway! but retail consumers seem to want 9999 as if they'd gain more silver somehow.
  10. Can we report ebay to the police as permitting sale of counterfeit currency, against UK law and their own ToS.
  11. Never have I been more offended by something so true
  12. Is mylar better? I got some saflip ones I think they are mylar
  13. But great thing about markets, unlike politics or religion is you can put your money where your mouth is and vote with your feet.
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