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  1. It's probably just continuing in the same box pattern it's been in the last 8 months
  2. Some different approaches to making your own silver price target; 1. Take a look at the historic 100+ year gold to silver (GSR) price chart, decide for yourself what is a good ratio, then take price of gold and divide by the ratio. 2. Take the gold price then divide by the ratio of the weight of all the investment gold which exists to the weight of all the investment silver. 3. Take Gold price and divide by the ratio of gold being minded to silver being mined 4. Study monetary history to find a date when you think silver price was correct, then simply adjust this price ac
  3. Agreed the hype gives me a headache. For me it's about the good reasons beyond tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about manipulation. There's the fundamentals of increasing industry demand and shortage of mining supply, like Keith Neumeyer's talking points about gold to silver ratio out of the ground being closer to 8:1 or new mines 6:1.
  4. I think you've eaten the onion there, those are culture war bullshit misinformation churnalism clickbait fakes. It's silly season. Did you ever notice how whenever the US has an election everyone loses their minds? Look at the dates on those two items and the fact they are from social media. It's these wedge issue misinformation churnalist articles spinning people into a frenzy whenever silly season comes. Everyone should get off social media, off culture war topics, and back to reality, and stack silver.
  5. If I ran a hypothetical ETF of sea shells, I might have 2500 sea shells in my store, people withdraw a sea shell or two every now and again but mostly it just sits in my store. There are millions of sea shells on the sea shore but people look up the value of my ETF to determine the value of a sea shells around the world. That would make me pretty powerful. The exact formula I use to calculate the published price of sea shells would be really important, I could select the weighting my formula gives to the sea shell bid/ask prices vs the weight of prices on different futures markets
  6. I wonder if anyone's done analysis of mintage size vs appreciation over spot this one seems like that's not a small mintage and I don't know what "premium exclusive" means when it's just for sale on a website for anyone to buy
  7. I've needed to do these sums with a calculator, that spreadsheet looks quite nifty. I think it's a good idea for a tool for premium members on this forum
  8. CoAs are a strange phenomenon in my opinion. Honestly I don't know why they are still a thing. For bars a potential forger would find printing the CoA the easiest part of creating a fake. Coins have elaborate patterns specifically to prevent fakes. It's as if they are pretending the bar/coin was an antique chair with a letter of authenticity from an expert. What might be better is all the receipts/invoices from all the owners, that would do a better job of authentication and would show chain of ownership. And would be more interesting.
  9. I think I saw someone say on another thread that would be smuggling
  10. Maybe I'll put a complaint in then to the guy on ebay who sold me a tube of silver eagles and the price has dropped since then And maybe Europeanmint.com will want compensation from me that the silver they sold me in September 2019 has increased in value
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