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  1. CoAs are a strange phenomenon in my opinion. Honestly I don't know why they are still a thing. For bars a potential forger would find printing the CoA the easiest part of creating a fake. Coins have elaborate patterns specifically to prevent fakes. It's as if they are pretending the bar/coin was an antique chair with a letter of authenticity from an expert. What might be better is all the receipts/invoices from all the owners, that would do a better job of authentication and would show chain of ownership. And would be more interesting.
  2. I think I saw someone say on another thread that would be smuggling
  3. Maybe I'll put a complaint in then to the guy on ebay who sold me a tube of silver eagles and the price has dropped since then And maybe Europeanmint.com will want compensation from me that the silver they sold me in September 2019 has increased in value
  4. My reasons for not buying BTC are not relevant to this topic, it is sufficient for now to state I'm not falling for it. The bitcoin themed silver could have a great return if bitcoin goes to 300k or becomes mainstream. The coins could end up like first edition books. Even if bitcoin is exposed as a ponsi scheme, the coin could have collectors value? Meanwhile I would suggest actual bitcoin could reach something like $5 or £15 value, like the original coupons from Charles Ponzi or a zimbabwe trillion dollar bill
  5. Recommendations for up to date book/website on metals markets? I'm considering the business case for Tungsten, Tantalum, Tellurium, Molybdenum, etc. Where they are sourced, pricing history, supply & demand, known reserves, etc. Any good sources I could use?
  6. IMHO best pumper for silver right now is James Anderson on "SD Bullion"
  7. Sounds like a fun project. I'd be interested to try out the finished product. Have you investigated getting data from TradingView?
  8. I'd buy in that state, I hate paying extra for pretty bullion. Give me dented/scratched/spotted bullion. I think mints are making bullion look too pretty! Too delicate! A few months ago I bought a damaged scratched 1kg coin, it's one of my favorites because I don't have to worry when playing with it
  9. I thought this way but I've done some more thinking, for me it depends on what pushes it up to 50, whether the reason is sustainable like a demand spike or transient like a supply shock (#silversqueeze). Also I think it depends on what the other metals are doing, because when I sell my silver I'll be swapping into another metal.
  10. Great so all we need is to withdraw 1% of the comex stockpile? Lol if only you're right What they did to GME is 54x so far. If this happened to my 420 oz of physical silver I'd be quite pleased 😌
  11. my instincts tell me the comex stock pile is too large for this to drain. this is the key question for me. I need help to understand this point. Is SLV and physical going to diverge? If the momentum traders and Reddit types do manage to drain the comex of the physical silver that backs the SLV ETF, then do we think the silver price would be raised along with it? Or do we think as SLV goes to the moon (GME is currently at 54x) the price of physical silver might only go 2x or 3x?
  12. It's unlikely there would be a gold or silver confiscation. The reasons for a confiscation don't currently exist (which is to debase a monopoly gold backed currency). A confiscation occurs at the end of a period of gold backed currency which we don't have. Today the connection between USD and gold is very weak, they don't need to confiscate gold to debase the dollar. The only reason to confiscate is if a rival gold backed currency could start to compete, threatening tax collection. This is even more true of GBP which has even more separation from gold than USD.
  13. What about this declaring my silver I already have as second hand? Are there any advantages for me to do that? Anyone have any suggestions where I can learn more about it?
  14. But actually possible? Maybe they could charge a service fee depending on the time it takes?
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