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  1. A bit of hype bubble popping A bit of disenchantment A bit of feeling overextended A bit of wait and see
  2. Here here. But you reached the right conclusion via the wrong route. I work for a bank, I know of what I speak. Banks have made huge changes since 2008, they are now in a regulatory straight jacket. The bank I work for essentially operates as an arm of the government. Regulators learned the wrong lessons in my opinion, they didn't take the road of free markets they went deeper into regulation having the effect of making it virtually impossible for the bank to fail, it's "risk off" everywhere. You should see the sausage factory that is product design process. Everything is determined by regulators, I have plenty of examples of the government strangling the banks. There are no banksters in banks mate, only bureaucracy of the timid, no innovation, everything is safety first.
  3. I first heard about Kenisis on Palisades Gold Radio in April 2021. They have different products, I admit I got lost trying to understand the pros and cons of each
  4. We've changed pattern. It was a wedge but we broke through the trend and I think we're now in a downward chute. Family offices/wealth funds will sell but the HODLers will HODL, coin collectors will collect. I guess this is the moment we find out if the conspiracy theory #silverqueeze #wallstreetsilver boys had a point or not. I just hope people managed their risk properly, we could have broken out to the up our down that was always a possibility. Personally I was a big buyer at what we now know was a top. But I'm still able to say it was the right choice, I stuck to my strategy which was built up conscientiously.
  5. I think the price of silver could indeed be sustained at $300 even if the current stacker community dumped their silver on the market and the reason is number of people in the market. If the meme buyers and momentum traders want to catch the upward wind then if more people enter the market then amount of silver on the earth per stacker goes down, therefore if existing stackers dump the price could be sustained. It depends on the driver for why we reached $300, was it a supply shock or something more structural like the number of buyers went up, and what is the quality of their buy
  6. tungsten: I looked into this, I'm also looking to get a KG cube or sphere. Seems for retail buyers pure tungsten is more difficult to find online but it can be done, might need to ask what is the purity Another one to consider is titanium ingots, I have some 10oz buffalos that are quite interesting
  7. Are all the pictures right? Isn't there some coins pictured that aren't in this lot?
  8. I loved that GME stock meme The mainstream newspaper said apes cost the hedge fund 4.2 billion dollars, the apes replied.... So far
  9. I think the most logical thing would be gold, cigars, whiskey, these have intrinsic value like silver. Unlike fiat currencies with no intrinsic value, usually used to buy consumables or items made from raw materials with only added value.
  10. Happy? You can pay some of mine if you like 😂😂
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