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  1. Hey all, I am having issues with GSBE - very disappointed considering all the bad press they have received over the years, and I for one, defended them, but now I am in the same boat, and not really happy with the service. In 2019, my order was received, including an order that was not supposed to be despatched. When I say order, 2 of 9 coins of that order came with the rest of the orders. I was surprised by the extra 2 coins, so I checked my order details. This order, which 7 items were not despatched was marked as 'shipped'. Obviously, I was perplexed and went to GSBE w
  2. I sold one of the coins on eBay. He could have bought it off me on here, but went through eBay instead, which I understand - 'cover yourself'. But now seeing the other issues he has had on his other proof coins, it seems like ebay/paypal was a good insurance for him. From my side, pictures were on eBay etc, He even messaged me on here to see if I was the seller, which I confirm. He could have even asked me for further images and videos, if he was so OCD? I mean I do the same if I am buying something high price which I cannot physically see - common sense. Everything was oka
  3. Interested in a couple myself too, thanks.
  4. I'd rather know, as there are things I know my father has for me and my two sisters, which we don't know about. I rather know how to deal with certain situations, whilst my father is around and has the knowledge - this saves me time as well as making any mistakes. But also, this is dependance on how much you trust your children too; dividing 'equally' amongst them saves any issues - hopefully he says. Besides, a family is stronger together, stronger bond. The same can be said of people too; they just don't realise it.
  5. Have you checked the bar dimensions and weight? Also, try a neodymium magnet. It should slide of the bar 'slowly' when held at an angle which will confirm it is silver. If not, most likely a fake.
  6. There's nothing nicer than owning a nice 10oz bar like the Britannia Bar 10oz or Valiant 10oz . I'd love to get a kilo one, but this would be more for long term. These seems to do well with the collectors.
  7. I'd say I have had more success with 1oz silver and 1/4oz gold.
  8. What a joke coin. About as meaningful as the first Brexit coin!
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=barbritannia+10+oz+silver&_sop=12&_fosrp=1&_sadis=15&_dmd=1&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&_osacat=0&_stpos=IG38NY&_ipg=50&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313&_nkw=bar+britannia+10+oz+silver&_sacat=0
  10. You can use neodymium magnets for silvers. Will slide off slowly when silver held at an angle. If fast, fake. SilverTrader is an amazing guy who usually give one free per order, otherwise not that pricey.
  11. Haha, sounds like a plan! Let me know how you get on! I love women and think Cleopatra has been done tastefully, even sexy, probably the most woman-like design I have seen on a coin!
  12. To be honest; they were pricey and the rims are easy to get damaged but have to say I really like this series, probably one I keep for life. I think the designs have been done nicely!
  13. At least you managed to get the other 3 - excited to see the 5th one once this CV business is done!
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