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  1. Groups of 6's. 2 metres = 6.6 feet.
  2. Kinda ironic having the Queen's face on there, along with the word 'Truth' 😅
  3. Can the surgical gloves be reused? Or disposed of once used? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know what material the plastic sleeves are? Thinking to take mine out and put them into SA slips. Thanks
  5. For sale - 1 x East India Chinese Trade Dollar Restrike 1 oz - £50 each 1 x Rwanda Dog Proof 1 oz - £80 each 1 x Chinese Panda 2005 1 oz - £50 each 4 x Sin Gallus 1 oz (In SA slips - can send capsules too) - £40 each 1 x Marvel Hulk - £38 1 x Lunar Mouse - £35 1 x Tientsin Restrike - £50 1 x Libertad 2017 - £35 Can do deals, so let me know what you want. Please add P&P of your choice. £500 including next day Special delivery if you want the lot.
  6. Lovely coin, and lovely responses Stefan - am proud of you too! ❤️
  7. Sounds like they are blaming you for their mistakes...! Bit poor, especially as I'd want to check the condition of the coin(s), even take a video, then send it. If GSBE can do that, then why not any other dealers? Simple practice. I always recommend Martin from SilverTrader - he always makes sure 'near-perfect' coins are sent.
  8. Looks like you got yourself a 'shape-shifting' coin of Lizard-beth. Very rare to see in person! 😝
  9. Any excuse for the RM to make more money. Surprised they haven't done one for fluvid/covid. Plenty of opportunity for a continuous series until the 2030 Agenda is complete. - Masks / Social Distance / Groups of 6s / Do this, Don't do that / Debts / Sheep / Tinfoil hats / Furlough / Vaccinations / Deaths in Care Homes / Deaths by vaccinations I could go on. Opportunity missed. 🤪
  10. Dip into 99% acetate using soft-end tweezer, pour some de-ionised water over the coin, then dry off with very powerful hairdryer. That's how I cleaned coins in the past when I accidentally got fingerprints on them. Did quite a few coins, especially pandas - beginner's mistake of touching the coins.
  11. Found an image on the net to compare it to... Looks the same apart from the condition.
  12. Latest - I received all the coins apart from 1. I have asked them about it, no responses. Might send a couple more chasers, at least try to get some refund for that coin. I am just happy I have the majority.
  13. Hey, Anyone know how much one of these should fetch? It doesn't have the original plastic sleeve. Thanks
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