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  1. Not really much need to stray from Brits and sovs close to spot unless you venture down more of a collector rabbit hole
  2. What a coin. Always had great service from them too
  3. Hopefully the man with the rubber gloves is gentle
  4. Sometimes well priced bars here on the forum but Tavex have been getting mentioned a bit recently too.
  5. Could you remove some of the obscure weights from the collection and get 2 quarters and 5 tenth Oz for eg?
  6. Look up the DOS I medio pesos? They're just shy of 2g fine I think
  7. Value for your £ wise I'd suggest a half sov? @stefffana might have something that fit your requirements?
  8. If you buy a 50 pesos that would take you to just over 2 Oz 😁
  9. That was my assumption that more or less everything is visible. Makes me more suspicious what he was digging for... the questions he was asking seemed as if he was trying to trip me up. Multiple times rewording a very similar question
  10. Anybody know how much the employee can see about you when you call? You go through security, presumably they can see you balance on your accounts? Does the bank have software that might show some average payment amounts or monthly income or expenses etc?
  11. Had an issue paying 2 different dealers from a Halifax account. It wasn't my first time paying either of them. The most recent time the chap I got through to on the phone was pretty hostile from the off and was asking a fair few questions that weren't related to the transaction at all. Now I think about it... I wonder what he was digging for? I closed a few of my Barclays accounts as it was hoop jumping for the vast majority of transactions. I don't have time to spend 20 mins on the phone every time I want to pay someone
  12. Hello. It might help people give you a better answer if you mention what premium you paid (or the price and date so people can work it out) I personally haven't bought any Pt but there are numerous members that have. In terms of did you make a good choice, it depends what the future price is when you come to sell 👌🏽
  13. It's a nice design on the half crown, I quite like the Britannia from the penny too
  14. Not all have a die number but if they do it's here
  15. Could try a jeweller or maybe watch repair type place locally? 🤔
  16. Haha I was just thinking it looks like a nice example. Doesn't look like that's a usual skuff from in the tube though probably that someone dropped a chisel on it at the mint before dispatch
  17. I've a few kg in the pantry. Might move it into the vault
  18. It is since the Brexit period yes if you're delivery address is in UK
  19. It tends to sell about spot price plus post from what I've seen (and sold about my body weights worth of pre 47 during this year) please feel free to delete this post from your listing but seeing as you asked 👍🏼
  20. 2nd hand market would be your best bet. There's a sales section on this forum, online market places such as eBay are popular along with social media groups.
  21. Somebody thought they were a good deal then 😎
  22. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/gold/pre-owned-gold-coins/pre-owned-1957-uk-full-sovereign-gold-coin-car-(1) Anyone still looking for a 1957 Gillick?
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