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  1. Happy to hear an offer on either of the coins (providing that your offer isn't 15% below spot price) 👍🏼
  2. Not much happened in the year 1900, though apparently £1 in 1900 is equivalent in purchasing power to about £136.61 today. So based on that you'd probably have been able to buy a low end smart phone or just about a tank of fuel in your Ferrari for a mere £1, the face value of one of these 122 years ago. Source: https://www.in2013dollars.com/uk/inflation/1900?amount=1 Best value sov
  3. Pretty much just a stacker. Somewhere to put a bit of spare change. I do buy the odd fancier bits if they seem like a great deal or I'm curious but not typical.
  4. "Large cash withdrawals" £2000+ Just incase you need a weekly shop AND a tank of fuel on the same day as you top up your electric meter 🤣
  5. modofantasma

    Selling gold

    What James said. The insurance brackets are upto £500, upto £1000 or upto £2500 https://send.royalmail.com/send/youritem?country=GBR&format&weight=&weightUnit=G There's a calculator here.
  6. modofantasma

    Selling gold

    Only up to £500.
  7. Still a few kgs available. £55 per 100g of fine silver content plus post, PM to discuss how much you'd like or if you've a question 👍🏼
  8. Cruised past Belgium so now I'm aiming for all the above ground gold, including yours
  9. A rocking horse crown could be galloping into your stack for only £16 plus post 👌🏽
  10. And a decent lunch too.... Some more horse coins for me. Just deposited... Now... Speaking of lunch ...
  11. Hi Folks UPDATE; Sold pending payment. See my other lots for other silver stacking bundles 👌🏽 850g of Swedish 90% silver slightly bigger than a half crown. Therefore about 765g of fine silver weight @ £440 delivered SD within UK GBP by BT please. The non circulating 1935 5 Kronor 25g of .900 from Sweden details on the link. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces12993.html No holes or slicks etc nice looking coins but selling as silver stacking weight see photos. Questions, comments or want to offload some 'worthless fiat' ? PM's always open 😉
  12. Because of the golden rule "He who has the gold makes the rules" perhaps?
  13. Novelty really. With bullion it's not going to make much odds if you sell to a dealer. Maybe someone on the 2nd hand market might care enough to pay a tiny bit more.
  14. Britannias could be an idea? There's a few to make it a bit of a challenge but not so many that it's going to take decades. Also varying sizes to suit
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