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  1. You don't answer them in a timely fashion, you don't give payment details and nobody is bullying you. People are here to do business, not sit around waiting on replies that never come. I'd suggest you concentrate on life, and when that's sorted consider doing business then.
  2. Same as, took ages to reply, still waiting on the paypal details...needless to say i done a deal with another forum member with no hassle since 🤷‍♂️
  3. Condition of coins please, ie any milking spots dings
  4. I find the problem is those screw capsules, they tend to work themselves loose in a short period of time, not good
  5. I agree, stick to Sovs Britannia etc, although proofs etc are nice, never forget it's just Gold
  6. I think that portrait of the Queen is awful, Not into the colour at all, but this isn't too bad. Still wouldn't add it to the stack
  7. I buy off the mint for I'm feared of getting fakes off other dealers to be honest
  8. Smiler999

    Help a Newbie!

    As someone new to gold buying (3 months) , and although I like my Britannia perfect, sovs to me are just bullion for storing wealth. Is there any particular reason not to buy sovs in less than perfect conditions? Thanks
  9. just got this bad boy in the mail, well happy with this 😃
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