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  1. To be honest, its a Sovereign here we're talking about not state secrets so I don't see what the big embargo is or the excitement because someone is teasing with what it will look like... Get a grip
  2. Getting back on topic, anyone actually know what it looks like apart from the vague description in the Gazzette
  3. All gold in individual capsules, silver in tubes lol
  4. Another tube from fleabay, 5 brits from @Ryan Another 5 from @MillersBullion Great pair of lads to deal with
  5. Gold, individual capsules Silver all thrown into a tube to save space
  6. Doesn't matter, I dropped mine on the floor fell out of the capsule and got a small dent on the side of the coin 😭
  7. Because I have an ocd of tallying up my stack amount so I need 6 sovs to bring it to 3 decimal points again.... Have the GS and a Lunar too, but Sovs just seem easier to shift on here having been watching the deals
  8. Gold is the only thing I will be adding from now on, likely just bog standard Sovereign coins too at that lol
  9. Where did you get that, never seen them before
  10. Maybe a silly question, but any idea how the coins came to be bent over in two?
  11. I'll fifth those motions, stay clear of auctions too much rubbish on them, buy on here from long term members you'll get just a good of a deal with the confidence everything is legit
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