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  1. To be honest ladies Kangaroo coins are much nicer lol
  2. Try a Double Sovereign, thats a beautiful lump when in your hand
  3. I like the size of them too, shows the design better and obviously nicer to hold a good lump of gold in ur paw lol
  4. Personally I'd stay away from this series now that it's ended and you're so late to the party, premiums are silly on what is still just an ounce of Gold Stick to be standard brits sovs etc you're money will be easier liquidated in them IMO
  5. You'll always shift them at bullion prices no matter how poor condition they are, but I agree i prefer a new coin lol
  6. I know the feeling, but then if you never roll the dice you'll never get that shiny gold coin 😃
  7. This is why I stick to new bullion, I couldn't accept scrap like that lol
  8. 100 sovs, now we know why there's none left for the rest of us lol
  9. Double sovereign landed this morning, coming in at 16.07g, scales must be off lol
  10. Lost a tenner on it and it hasn't even left the dealer lol
  11. Took the plunge last night and ordered one, spot goes down this morning, FML lol
  12. I assume even these junk sovs are tested for authenticity?
  13. Are these "best value" sovs on bbp chards etc actually any good or are they stuff that should be melted? And more to the point are they real? Or do fakes slip through on account of them being roughish
  14. I tend to find RM premiums a bit hefty than the usual selection of dealers
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