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  1. Maybe, but luckily I collect 50p's anyway so wont be selling for a long time 😃
  2. BUT it may well be the last time England get in the final for the next 200 years. Just think what it'll be worth then 😄
  3. Then cancel if we lose 😁
  4. It looks better in the flesh...
  5. Received today from H&B. Love this, looks great IMO... Come on England...
  6. There's an Angry Birds coin instead if he likes that.
  7. Not classed as a 50p but has the same shape. I really like it so ordered one. May well be sort after if England win 😁
  8. Melted a couple more bars of lead. Not had chance to do much since I'm re-doing my whole garden. Had a friend give me some lead (he's a window fitter) so got plenty more bars to make... You can also see the slag that comes off. Not much tbh with lead.
  9. I find them very collectable, BUT I'm collecting them so I would 😁 I still need quite a few, but I have all the modern ones. I also collect PCGS MS70 Pandas but not getting the older ones as the prices can be ridiculous.
  10. Wow, obviously not cheap enough. £315 inc RMSD 😲
  11. Has seen better days but still a perfect weight. £318.50 inc RMSD
  12. Just a standard bar. Smaller than the current bar size as a graphite mold gets very expensive at thise sizes. I may go for some coin shaped ones in the future. Ive got my own little decking area for melting now, just need to finish it off. Bought a Keter storage box to keep all my gear in and out the hands of children.
  13. @Bigmarc Any thoughts on what your going to do withg your stash yet? Im still waiting for my Graphite mold so probably wont do any more melting until then.
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