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  1. danmc82

    Gold Wedding Ring

    Cheers for the info. I'd have a go myself but it'll end up like this... 😁
  2. danmc82

    Gold Wedding Ring

    I don't think my fingers are swelled. Maybe the ring was a little snug to start with and I never noticed. I'd not worn a ring my whole life until I got married as I'm not keen, but I can't get away with it now 😁
  3. danmc82

    Gold Wedding Ring

    About a year. I can still get it on but it leaves a white moisture ring if I leave it on for a couple of days. Never did that before.
  4. danmc82

    Gold Wedding Ring

    My finger has out grown my wedding ring. Strange though as im lighter now then when I got married so its not a weight thing. (Must be a muscle thing lol) Is there a way to have the ring stretched as opposed to cut to increase the size? Im thinking 1/2 to 1 size bigger. Its a simple plain wedding band.
  5. Can you imagine the looks on peoples faces when they buy 1/20 or 1/40 oz gold coin that the adverts show. They make them look like the size of a 1oz coin 😆
  6. I'd love Copper to get to that point. 😍 You missed out Aluminium though.
  7. IMO hiding is better than a safe. Best if you can do both. Hide the safe the best you can.
  8. Ah, can see now. Issued by Tristan da Cunha and not the RM.
  9. Yeh she does look abit pissed off 😂 Link here... https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/silver-coins/2021-ironside-50th-anniversary-of-decimalisation-george-dragon-50p-silver-proof-coin.html
  10. Anyone seen this 50p? This is also supposed to be an Anniversary coin for decimalisation. I'm confused
  11. Sigma must have seen this thread and increased the price lol
  12. Thanks to @ibis09 for my hoard of coins. He was kind enough to let me choose what I wanted and I decided to catch up with my 50p BU collection. 😀
  13. Anyone want to exchange a 2018 50p SIlver proof + cash (Mine) for the new 2020 version (Yours)?
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