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  1. Maybe someone on the foum would be willing to check it for you with a Sigma.
  2. If your budget could stretch... 😁 https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/767520001/oasis-sterling-silver-dildo
  3. Although its a nice design, it looks more like a Queens Beast than a Sovereign.
  4. I think its been mentioned before but what sort of prices do we think for the full and half?
  5. Silver melts at 961 degrees Celsius. If you can keep the temperature below Coppers melting point of 1085 degrees Celsius you'll have molten Silver 😁
  6. I use airtite capsules and tubesfor mine. Each tube holds 21 Sovereigns
  7. Had another go at sand casting Copper using a small brick kindly donated by @MickB It turned out better than the previous casting anyway. The Brick will soon be heading home to its new owner 😀
  8. I think 2 versions would be a good idea. The one in the video to be displayed, and another "Cheaper" Version made out of lesser materials. The competition is obviously the electronic Sigma at around £800 - £900. My choice if they were both the same price would be the Sigma, as it has an established fan base. If the pendulum was half the price of the SIgma, I would go for yours.
  9. Can I assume the pour is SIlver? What does it weight?
  10. Tried some sand casting for the first time the other day. Not bad considering ive only poured into molds previous. Its solid Copper, weights just over 1100g.
  11. Yeh have seen them. Its something you could do yourself with a bit of practice and the right mold. If you had the mold made you'd be set.
  12. Good news for us then. I think some people just like owning a solid bar of metal, and not many metals look as nice as Copper IMO.
  13. @AuricGoldfinger with the amount of melting you need to do, it'd be better buying the biggest Forge you could afford/store. Would be cheaper overall than a smaller one as less time means less gas to use.
  14. Problem for me is crucible size. Obviously the bigger the crucible, the more you can melt in one time. You'll be surprised how much scrap it takes to make one bar. I'd say to make 1 x 1kg Copper bar would take about 30 minutes. That would include heat up time etc, but if you carried on, it would be alot quicker. Once you have a good base liquid, the metal melts alot quicker as you add it. It's always best to leave some in the crucible after pouring to speed the melting process along.
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