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  1. The different weights are mental. Lead is crazy heavy in bar form so Gold must feel insane. Aluminium feels like Polystyrene in comparison 😄
  2. Wow, spot on with total weight 😃 Although each bar is different, the one on top is 1.6kg. Thanks. No not sold any. Dont intend to for a while as I'd like to build up a big stash first. I'll give you the link to the furnace I use... http://devil-forge.com/gas-furnaces/39-fb2m.html They sell them for alot cheaper on ebay.
  3. Ive been doing abit of melting here and there. Done alot more Aluminium and lead and started with some Copper the other day. Im not happy with how the Copper has turned out. I've only got cast Iron molds which isnt great for Copper as it sticks. I'll pick up a Grpahite crucible and do them again in the future. Any gueses on what the 3 bars of copper weight?
  4. Took a couple of hours. once I get the hang of it im sure i'll get quicker. Ive got a Propane powered furnace to use for Copper and Aluminium. No idea what I'll do with it tbh, probably just keep it for the years ahead. I know people sell on ebay so thats another option.
  5. Did some Aluminium bars this morning. Turned out ok. Used a mixture of old pop cans and Aluminium scrap.
  6. Melted the rest of my lead this morning. About £8 worth of lead in total 😄
  7. Are these Sovereigns still available? Been on their website and cant find a thing. Even stuff they advertise ends up on an error page.
  8. Yeh it is to start up. But, im hoping to do this for years to come so hopefully will be worth it. Trouble is finding scrap metal for cheap/free.
  9. I've got a couple of cast Iron molds which I'll be using for Copper and Aluminium soon. Thought I'd give the lead a go first as its easy to melt. What bits do you have lying around?
  10. My first ever metal pour. Got some lead lying around so melted it using an old frying pan, garden fire and blow torch. Turned out quite nice. Fire wasn't great so I'll be buying a dedicated Propane burner for the rest of the lead.
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