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  1. Received mine today as well. I also havent had any calls from them, just get the odd letter.
  2. Nope nothing. Good sales tactic. We buy, they keep 😁
  3. Hang on to it if you like the design. I missed out but would have gone for the standard Silver Proof.
  4. Cheers. Cant view the website yet but dont think I'll bother with these.
  5. In my experience you will get the coin. They normally do that when they are running low on the coin.
  6. The design isn't the horseback on the 50p?
  7. Im sure there isnt that much hype for these coins, yet the queues arnt moving.
  8. I only know the mass, sorry 😁
  9. Looks like the coins are from a Jubilee set of some sort.
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