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  1. Hope to find them in Germany soon... Full bullion sovs are not a problem usually, half and doubles a bit more so, and nobody has an idea about how the quarter bullion might be available over here. Last year I had to order the double bullion from RM as no German dealer had it. Half bullion was available but from a dwindling number of dealers. On the other hand, I kind of like the new card packaging, so probably I will order all four sizes in cards from RM. Let's see what the waylayers try to do about them. Lately, they taxed/customed my proof sov but after a complaint, they promised a refund soon.
  2. Launching and striking have usually not been on the same day anyway, Sunday or not.
  3. Completing the platinum Beasts series; 2-3 Israeli gold ounces; a bit of German river gold; Completing the Victoria Jubilee and Old Heads (without caring about JEB and other variants), slabbed if available; 5-10 High-graded Sovs (MS, or at least AU58 for shield backs);
  4. None for me. Two hours in the queue. I think it is the first time I didn't get anything since I started collecting RM stuff. On the positive side, I just saved 260 pounds.
  5. Not about sovereigns but the same-sized Burgers Ponds come to my mind. Mintage was ca. 900 in two versions, and most of them ended up in jewelry 😢. It is hard to find one that hasn't been 'mounted' at some point.
  6. Oh hell, I'll be on the motorway all morning tomorrow. Hope I can have a short break at launch time. Going for 2oz silver only.
  7. 12000 is a hell lot. I guess they will not sell out too fast.
  8. Degussa would be my bet 😁
  9. I thought it is the other way around. For the double sov bullion 2021 (not available in Germany as everyone was awash with 2020) I was required to use my prepaid card (i.e. debit), and for all the proofs I use the credit card.
  10. Shield backs with MS grades (I have none so far but I see how good they do at auctions).
  11. Showed up at 9:59 local time and got queued with 7 (!) before me. Seems to be a side door, while at the main gate the usual shouting, pushing and rock-throwing is in full swing...? Placed my order (just the full sov) and left. Confirmation email arrived.
  12. The five-piece set seems to be gone
  13. I liked the 2002 but not 2005 and certainly not 2012. 1989 is unrivalled...
  14. The bullion sovereigns will be much later. Here in Germany they use to arrive in early-mid January, and in the UK not too much earlier. Half and double bullion sovs should be another few weeks later.
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