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  1. My stuff seemingly is held up at the Royal Mail. Even an earlier order from Feb 17 ist still listed as: 'Your item is now leaving the UK. More information will be available when it arrives in the destination country.' Don't know if it is related to Brexit or the plague or a combination thereof.
  2. 'Finger print' and 'coin' in one sentence sounds somehow frightening 😉
  3. Shhhhh! 🤐 My latest silver purchase (proof Griffin) went unnoticed.
  4. It seems I got one 😊 Amazing how fast the queue moved forward. At first the credit card transaction didn't work (although with a different error message than two weeks ago) but the second time it worked.
  5. Now number 923 in the queue. Hope the silver doesn't sell out before that...
  6. Just checked in a German price tool: They sell here for about 530€ which is roughly spot+40%. Got mine for just under 300€ back then 😊
  7. A cheap gilded ring for a prospective girlfriend. Must have been at age 12 or 13. Didn't work out. The first real gold were the 2002 German 100€ and 200€ coins for the introduction of the Euro.
  8. Sounds interesting! Would be nice to hear if you get anywhere!
  9. My list adds up to 5 or 5.5 oz of gold, 4 or 5 oz of platinum and roughly 60 oz of silver. And that's the plans, not the wish list 😉
  10. There is not a lot of competition on the platinum coin market, so sellers get away with squeezing buyers. That said, europeanmint is still the cheapest site I know (once they get supply, which for platinum doesn't seem to be easy nowadays). The Belgian site is slightly more expensive and gets a lot of bad press here (not from me), and sites here in Germany are *beeep* expensive.
  11. I've been at Habach valley to dig for emeralds. It was a guided tour to a creek far below the mine. Which means the emeralds were broken up on the way by the (gravel in the) current and thus smaller than one would wish. It was more like fun than serious business. Chances to find pieces worthy of polishing are veeery slim. The mine, however, is serious business, and remains closed to the public. I have no idea if you can just show up and start shovelling anywhere between the mine and the spot for the guided tours.
  12. If you want platinum for platinum's sake, that's a good decision. To me, however, bars are boring, so I continue to struggle with low supply and high premiums 😒
  13. Hi all, Does somebody know a good source for Queen's Beasts platinum coins? I saw them at gs.be and some scattered dealers in Germany, but given their premiums, I would better shop around a bit. I think I checked all the forum's sponsors but noone had any of the earlier beasts, as far as I can see. Thanks for any input...
  14. From a collectors perspective, I wish for a few years of Charles, from all other perspectives - William.
  15. Do we assume that the 2021 bullion sov (and half sov, for that matter) doesn't have the mintmark? If so, I would need to buy the proof and the bullion 🥴
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