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  1. The golden Tiger looks nice but the kitty in the silver series is plain ridiculous. Does anyone know (maybe just I missed it) when the platinum Tiger will be issued? I might need to sell something to get enough paper currency to pay for it...
  2. What's hidden under the black bar? Some special label with one's name added?
  3. My recent PM purchases: The five 20€ 2021 silver coins from Germany; the 2021 quarter ounce Noah's Ark; the platinum White Horse; two slabbed and one non-slabbed Sovereign, and a 1978 gold piece from Israel.
  4. Hi all, did anyone buy those new RM blister cards already? I kinda like the idea but have the 2021 half and full sovs already... Are the coins the same that you would get in any shop, or are they of choice quality? Would you think NGC will label them differently than tubed 2021 sovs and the half in the cheap blister?
  5. Just checked German prices. Gosh! Thank God, I am complete with the ten original coins. The Completer is nowhere available, just on pre-sale. Griffin is about 160€, the other early ones around 90€. Plus postage, that is...
  6. Yes, very much so 🙂 In the meantime I try to afford more quality (slabbed, proofs, SotD etc.) than quantity, which of course slows down the rise in numbers.
  7. When I finally decided to invest in gold sovereigns, I went to a major gold dealer here, taking a big wad of fiat with me. They gave me one each of 'all' sovereign types - 3x Victoria, Edward VII, George V, 3x QE (i.e. no pre-Victoria, no shield back, no George VI, no 1983-2000 QE), so I had something to get aquainted with. That was for starters; today I have around 150 different sovereigns.
  8. The handful of 1 oz proofs (Dragon, White Horse and Griffin) that I see at dealers go for 115-120€ which is pretty much the 150$ mentioned above.
  9. xthomasx

    1917 Sovereign

    All three of them, Künker, Frühwald and Rauch, are reputable auction houses. I have been bidding in their auctions a lot, and I bought from Künker's shop (a batch of slabbed 1 and 2 Rands 🤩, and more). No issues whatsoever. Künker is also among the people behind the Sixbid bidding platform. I am certain the coin will be withdrawn once they had a look at it. On the other hand, I would likely have bid on it, even knowing it to be fake or manipulated.
  10. xthomasx

    1917 Sovereign

    Someone was typing faster 😉
  11. xthomasx

    1917 Sovereign

    The 1917 London Sovereign is one of the rarest pieces around. Although 1 million were made, only a one-digit number survived, and they sell for five-digit sums, if not more. That's what came to my attention immediately. Branch mint 1917 sovereigns are plentiful, so skillfully filing away the mintmark to create a London (no mintmark) impression would be my assumption.
  12. xthomasx

    1917 Sovereign

    Hi all, An Austrian auction will be offering a 1917 Sovereign next month. Probably everyone would agree that it can't be genuine. What do you think is it? A mintmark manipulation maybe? https://www.sixbid.com/de/auktionen-fruehwald/8579/-/7148406/grossbritannien-george-v-1910
  13. Not today but throughout the week, these three coins arrived: A Lunar III mouse with yet another Privy Mark ('Harvest'), mintage 5300 or so; 1 Oz Silver Proof and the sheet metal Completer, after a full 20 day delay at Langley Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre. At least, nobody charged any customs upon delivery. Seems I was lucky ☺️
  14. Yes, but to me the hair texture was the fishiest thing.
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