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  1. The handful of 1 oz proofs (Dragon, White Horse and Griffin) that I see at dealers go for 115-120€ which is pretty much the 150$ mentioned above.
  2. xthomasx

    1917 Sovereign

    All three of them, Künker, Frühwald and Rauch, are reputable auction houses. I have been bidding in their auctions a lot, and I bought from Künker's shop (a batch of slabbed 1 and 2 Rands 🤩, and more). No issues whatsoever. Künker is also among the people behind the Sixbid bidding platform. I am certain the coin will be withdrawn once they had a look at it. On the other hand, I would likely have bid on it, even knowing it to be fake or manipulated.
  3. xthomasx

    1917 Sovereign

    Someone was typing faster 😉
  4. xthomasx

    1917 Sovereign

    The 1917 London Sovereign is one of the rarest pieces around. Although 1 million were made, only a one-digit number survived, and they sell for five-digit sums, if not more. That's what came to my attention immediately. Branch mint 1917 sovereigns are plentiful, so skillfully filing away the mintmark to create a London (no mintmark) impression would be my assumption.
  5. xthomasx

    1917 Sovereign

    Hi all, An Austrian auction will be offering a 1917 Sovereign next month. Probably everyone would agree that it can't be genuine. What do you think is it? A mintmark manipulation maybe? https://www.sixbid.com/de/auktionen-fruehwald/8579/-/7148406/grossbritannien-george-v-1910
  6. Not today but throughout the week, these three coins arrived: A Lunar III mouse with yet another Privy Mark ('Harvest'), mintage 5300 or so; 1 Oz Silver Proof and the sheet metal Completer, after a full 20 day delay at Langley Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre. At least, nobody charged any customs upon delivery. Seems I was lucky ☺️
  7. Yes, but to me the hair texture was the fishiest thing.
  8. I would say: If it's not original it is a fake. In the above examples, the degree of a buyer's loss is different but both are fake. For the sake of curiosity, I would not mind to have a fake sov in my collection. Just today one was auctioned here in Germany, fetching the same hammer price as the genuine ones.
  9. Hi everyone, Can please those of us who own a platinum Mouse check its size? Recently I bought quite some capsules of various sizes and re-encapsulated a number of coins for which I didn't have correct-sized capsules beforehand. For most coins this was uneventful, but I noticed the Mouse was rattling in a 33mm capsule and even in a 32,5mm one. It should have been 32,6mm in diameter but mine is 32mm sharp. The weight is correct (31,2g for 9995 Pt). I don't like to measure height data as it easily could scratch the coin. Does anyone have similar experiences, and what would we
  10. I completely missed this issue, and when I finally saw it, all the gold and the larger silver was gone. So I ordered the 1 oz Silver and the sheet metal piece. That's what I did for most Beasts. Let's see when it leaves the rainy island and arrives here in the rainy hillside of central-south Germany.
  11. I would buy one, too. If, however, platinum sovs would become an annual feature, I would be pi***d off.
  12. Hi all, just two short topics: 1) I just noticed that one (1) dealer in Germany offers the White Horse platinum coin. Must have been issued under the radar somehow... I checked all the 'Sponsored Banners' in order to have a second opinion about pricing but none of them has it. Any other ideas? 2) It seems mintage figures of RM bullion are hard to come by, at least in recent times. Does anyone know the mintages of Platinum Beasts? Or has some realistic estimates? Would we be talking about hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands? Thanks.
  13. I don't see why it should not be genuine, so: It is a Sovereign, 1912, London. Not a special year nor in outstanding condition. Should be worth 300-something pounds. Maybe 330.
  14. Hi all, In your recent experiences, what does it mean when a bullion coin is listed as 'Awaiting stock'? Is it an euphemism for 'Sold out', or can we indeed expect stock to replenish?
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