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  1. If you want platinum for platinum's sake, that's a good decision. To me, however, bars are boring, so I continue to struggle with low supply and high premiums 😒
  2. Hi all, Does somebody know a good source for Queen's Beasts platinum coins? I saw them at gs.be and some scattered dealers in Germany, but given their premiums, I would better shop around a bit. I think I checked all the forum's sponsors but noone had any of the earlier beasts, as far as I can see. Thanks for any input...
  3. From a collectors perspective, I wish for a few years of Charles, from all other perspectives - William.
  4. Do we assume that the 2021 bullion sov (and half sov, for that matter) doesn't have the mintmark? If so, I would need to buy the proof and the bullion 🥴
  5. Quarters are not for me. Half sovs are small enough.
  6. I knew some crook would do that some day. What's next? One sixteenth?
  7. Did anyone order already, and succeeded? It seems for me the RM order page is fu*&ed up both on Smartphone and PC...
  8. Looks nice, judging from the blades design in the box, even if it should not have a lot of metal value.
  9. It seems the new golden Ark has been released a few days early. Mintage is far higher than the inaugural 2017 series - 5000 each instead of 500-1000 previously. The coins aren't numbered any longer by a stamped number, they are much larger (and therefore thinner) than the 2017s, and much closer to spot.
  10. It's www.gold.de. I think there is an English option, otherwise I can help you.
  11. They are available in Germany, but for a hell lot of premium. The 5oz (from your other 'wanted' entry) are not.
  12. You (or the author) mean that gold was stolen by the Nazis, then taken over by the US/UK forces, then not reclaimed by, and returned to, the rightful owners or their heirs, and then used for all kinds of coins? Quite far-fetched, I'd say. I don't know how much gold the Nazis confiscated from their victims, both private and banks of occupied countries, nor how much was in turn confiscated by the US/UK but I don't think it is sufficient for 75 years worth of bullion coinage, or for 'much' of it for that matter.
  13. Not for me. Not only we were on the receiving end of VE (and somehow, of VJ as well), I decided to skip non-Royalty SotD altogether, starting with Brexit. Instead, I am close to buy a proof set with WIII monogram.
  14. No issues with them so far. I usually buy the 2 oz silver Beasts and some of the 1/4 oz gold bullion Beasts from them because they are the cheapest. Delivery is safe and quick (OK, they are 1,5 hours away from me by train, so going there in person would be quicker).
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