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  1. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  2. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  3. Thank you both. It was an experience, a bad one, but a experience nonetheless. Hopefully this is 1st and last such experience.
  4. As some may know a week ago I had bad experience (package was deliver in the wrong country 🤔) Today the story come to the end and I finally can say that "Today I did received my first two coins from Tudor beasts" This are the original coins dispatch, UPS retrieve the package after the dealer open a case .
  5. daca


    Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  6. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  7. daca

    Hi folks

    Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  8. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  9. 2023 Cambodia - Lost Tigers of Cambodia 2022 France - Shakespeare Art De La Plume
  10. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  11. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  12. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  13. Positive feedback on a garbage site = 0. A few quid here, a few quid there will amount in a short time, soon they start selling "gold" bullion and not be sure about the metal composition. Making a new ebay account is always a email address away, ebay does zero verification. Not the least, many of the accounts are hacked and use by scammers.
  14. I strongly suggest that you have the round test by a professional, looks off to me
  15. Oops, my bad. As a non native english speaker some humor escapes me.
  16. In EU using "," is common when dealing with fraction of a number.
  17. movie, tv series, comic books and video games if i'm not mistaken
  18. The early releases of this series were much better, cleaner design, in my opinion. last release is much better at hiding any flaws
  19. 2022 Tuvalu - The Phantom 2022 Niue -Disney - Donald Duck Christmas 2023 Cameroon - Expressions of Wildlife - Black Rhino Antique Finish 2022 Australia - Ouroboros - Infinity shaped Antique Finish 2022 Niue - Earth from Above - Wonderful Planet Earth Proof - in Color
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