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  1. I have not been a fun of bars so have only a single 1oz silver bar in my collection. I find most of them lacking in design and not aesthetically pleasing. But this RM 007 bars floats my boat so picked up five 10 oz ! 👍
  2. I see QE to infinity in the years ahead. It will be a race to the bottom for all major currencies. On 01/01/2022, gold will probably be at £1610 ! 😮
  3. I suspect you're referring the Shanghai Gold Exchange! But it doesn't always have to be a shooting war. It would be economic sanctions, trade war, kidnapping the CFO or biological warfare !
  4. ....which is why some people call the Big Pharmaceuticals Medical Mafia ! 😮
  5. With such poor customer service, why would you want to order from them again !? There must be some other more reputable dealers where you can get the same goods !
  6. I think this article is worthwhile reading to understand the potential market collapse from a different perspective. https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/ronan-manly/planned-in-advance-by-central-banks-a-2020-system-reset/
  7. The coin is from 2016 with the security mark "A". I seem to remember 2017 is the same. So unless the security mark has been replaced or moved somewhere else for subsequent years. Other members should be able to confirm. Edit: Source: https://www.free-bullion-investment-guide.com/australian-1oz-silver-kangaroo-bullion-coin.html In 2016, it was specifically stated that the 'micro-laser engraved' 'A' would only be found in first 'A' of AUSTRALIAN. In 2017, the Perth Mint mint stated that the 'A' would be found in the third 'A' in AUSTRALIAN. Click here and he
  8. The Australian kangaroo appears to be okay. One way to confirm is to check the security mark "A" as in the photo below. I am less confident about the Athenian Owl just by the photo alone, though it appears genuine. Edit: also best to test them with a scale and with magnet
  9. Back in the day, the 1977 Jubliee crown were available from high street Banks for 25 pence. I kept mine but it has little value. I also have a proof sterling silver version. They generally sell for a little over the spot price of silver.
  10. It just goes to show that there are people in this world who are morally bankrupt and are prepared to lie, cheat and steal from the unsuspected 🙄
  11. The 1902 sov seen fine to me. But I have reservation about the 1911 coin. It doesn't look right. Judging from the photo, it seems to be a casted copy. Perhaps others can comment.
  12. Damn! That is a good deal. I would have grabbed them all given a chance 😉
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