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  1. Hello! Welcome to the forum
  2. 2022 150g Proof Silver Panda (40th Anniversary) The packaging is slightly different this year but still a beautifully designed and minted coin. 👍
  3. 2022 40th Anniversary 150g Proof Silver Panda This is my longest wait for a pre-order coin. Placed order back in late January 2022 and only received last week. But well worth the wait. A fun design and beautifully minted coin IMHO.
  4. Being the Royal Mint, it's probably Quality Craftsmanship let down by Quite Careless, Quirky Control followed by a Quick Change of direction with its Questionable Childlike designed products. Whatever happened to the bullion Lunar Series I hear you ask ! 🙄
  5. I would remove the Una from the soft plastic OMP and store it in air tight capsule. Three out of five of my 10oz Una bars had tarnished by leaving them in OMP. I wished I had source the air tight capsules sooner.
  6. Hello! Welcome to the forum.
  7. Picked up one of these beauties today ! My one and only gold Libertad added to my collection. Very low mintage of 1250. 👍
  8. Hello! Welcome to the forum.
  9. Not a sovereign but the portrait looks horrid to me. RM even have them in different gold alloys.
  10. If I do decide to go ahead with the purchase, then I'll let you know whether the Perth Mint include free delivery ! 😁
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