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  1. Well, I have never heard of CrawleyCoins until now. So if it is loss making marketing technique to gain exposure for the company, then it seems to be working.
  2. Seven pages of talk and no action ! Still wondering if this is a thread for discussion or a sales post ! 😂
  3. Good job he didn't ! Otherwise there would have been yet another tragic boating accident ! 😁
  4. Hello! Welcome to the forum.
  5. Hello! Welcome to the forum.
  6. Hello! Welcome to the forum.
  7. Hello! Welcome to the forum. To pickup low premium silver on the forum, you might have to upgrade to premium membership. This is because for a non-premium members, you won't see items for sale until after 72 hours of listing. By which time, any good deals will have gone.
  8. The opposite is happening. Down on GBP but up on USD !
  9. Yes, please ! Good enough for me. Should be good for three ounces of AU. By close of play this weekend would be nice. 👍
  10. How many connecting flights are you taking to get to USA !!! 😁
  11. I'm thinking 30th February 2023. That seem like a good day ! 😎
  12. If you are new to coin collecting, then I would advice you don't clean the medallion. You might like to have a read of some online material before cleaning tarnished coins and medals. 😬 https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/coin-toning/232 😎
  13. Don't forget to include other world currencies that are pegged to the US Dollar. They will have seen gold fallen in price (5.8%) in the last 12 months. Yeah! Gold is rubbish. It has not kept up with inflation. Better off stacking tin baked beans or spam ! 👍😁
  14. Hello! Welcome to the forum
  15. I have kept limited GBP. Most in USD equivalent. Just bought back 21K GBP. No one can accuse me of not supporting the pound. 🤑
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