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  1. Personally, I would not pay a high premium for a coin with a design that stays the same year on year. There is nothing special about them other than say the mintage for certain years. For example, the recent gold Libertads. I view the buffalos in the same category. Yes, there are nice. But at today's high premium, I wouldn't be tempted at all.
  2. You have a 4 tael bar from Lee Cheong bullion dealer in Hong Kong 👍 The stamp on the bar is the dealer's name and emblem. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:HK_SW_Lee_Cheong_Gold_Wu_Hon_Fai_Bonham_Strand.JPG
  3. I believe the item (because of the wording) would be more suited as a retirement gift or a senior couple's wedding anniversary or even a gift for parents/elders on their birthday.
  4. The four chinese characters are 祥龍納福 Literal translation: 祥 auspicious, propitious 龍 dragon (represents strength) 納 to receive, to accept 福 blessing(s), prosperity In simple English, Live Long and Prosper 😅
  5. 2022 30g China Panda 999 Platinum BU Coin Two platinum coins - 30g and 1g will join the usual line-up of gold and silver formats to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first panda release in 1982. . Issued by The Chinese Mint . Maximum mintage of 100,000 (Source: LPM.HK)
  6. I do not disagree with you on this. To put it simply, is there a business case as to whether RM should use silver in sovereigns ? I trust they would have evaluated this 🤔 Bear in mind that RM has an alternative product offering in 1/4 oz 999.9 Gold Britannia which is similar in price and dimensions. Just think how much more business and revenue you could have generated for all those years had you hyped up PMs and sold it to punters ! 😬🤗
  7. The figure I have is an extra 35 pence per sovereign at today's spot price. My calculation is based on weight of a sovereign at 7.98g, with pure gold content of 7.32g which gives the remaining 0.66g as other metal(s). Assuming that 0.66g of silver is used for new sovereigns, then that's around 35 pence at today's spot price of silver. The extra cost and amount of silver used per coin may not sound a lot. But a mintage of 500,000 sovereigns (including halves, 2 pounds and 5 pounds) would mean an extra 300kg of silver. (The most recent sovereign mintage figures are not available so I'm plucking a figure based on a popular year i.e. 2012 which had a mintage exceeding half a million). I think the RM management would rather used those extra kilos of silver for special editions / proofs where they can yield upto 7-9 times the value instead of charging a couple of quid extra per sovereign. At the end of the day, RM is a business so I wouldn't blame them for wanting to maximise their profits. Besides, have we not seen them cut corners on quality control of bullion coins lately ! LOL !!! 😁 Afterall, there aren't a limitless supply of silver above or below ground which is why I believe RM won't be using silver for sovereigns.
  8. I bet No ! It won't happen. Silver won't be used. Reason: Current Spot price of Silver vs Copper (per kg) Silver 728USD Vs Copper 9.39USD So silver is currently over 77 times more expensive than copper. Given that most organisations are run by "Bean Counters", a simple economics dictates that silver won't be used as it affects their bottom line. Having said that, I would be happy to be proven wrong by RM. But then again, I'm not holding my breath! 😊
  9. Here is a nice offering from the Perth Mint. It is a 1oz silver proof. Not sure if any UK dealer will have one in stock. But it is available from LPM in HK. https://www.lpm.hk/en/collectibles/perth-mint/view-all-perth-mint-collectibles/2021-1-oz-australia-one-love-9999-silver-proof-coin.html
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum. You are in the right place to learn more about precious metals 👍
  11. I think the RM Webmaster has been busy helping out at the RM Goods Returns Department !! So no time for his own control checks. 😁
  12. I do not purposely seek to buy worn sovereigns. In fact, I avoid them as they do not look pleasing to my eyes. About 18 months ago, my order for 6 pre-owned sovereigns arrived from our friendly bullion dealer in Birmingham. One coin, a 1893 Victorian veil head was really worn and it annoyed me for a while. It weighs 7.93g. I had thought about sending it back but couldn't be bothered in the end. The other coins in the batch (4 Victorian and 1 Isle of Man) were in good condition. If I were to sell any of my sovereigns, that worn one would be the first to go. Perhaps, Zhorro would be good enough to take it off my hands when time comes 🤗
  13. Buy it if you like it. As for me, the premium of the coin makes no sense. I would rather buy 2 mint state 1oz silver instead for the price.
  14. There is a member here who is selling tubes of 25 silver coins: For example: 25x 1oz Silver Britannia’s 2021 & Tube BU £562.50 RMSD Included But you will need to upgrade to your membership in order to view sale items advertised within 72 hours (if I remembered correctly) It'll probably save you the hassle of buying from Europe with the extra VAT and import duty.
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