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  1. And now I see there is a 29eur shipping cost. So that I also need to look at. Because buying a 1/2 brit at 835 would be cheaper. But the other coin might be more rare I guess?? Non the less I made my first jump in to gold. And I have now ordered one. ☺️
  2. I can see I have allot of learning to do. Scouting for coins. Learning all the different markets. Ect ect. That is gonna take some time. Your work and advice is very much appreciated. And I think I will actually buy one of them now.
  3. Thank you for this observation. Sadly they are not in stock right now. But I will look more actively for them.
  4. Might just have struck a bit of luck. Found a guy locally selling 2x Krugerand 1oz for 2690eur... Just need to make sure they are real.
  5. Well in sure they did. And yes they bought from european dealers. I'm also "limited" to bullion by post or European mint as examples. I will have a look at the queensbeast. And the sovs. With current prices from big retailers like I mentioned I can only pick up 5 thou. Maybe you know of a better place to buy? There are allot of sites but searching them all for the cheapest is time consuming taking shipping and legitimacy in to consideration. I started with silver a few years back. And I want to add gold in to the stack other than jewelry. So I have been saving up for a short while
  6. Thank you for an in depth analazyz and opinion. I have spent some time now trying to just trawl the market for sites and stores. There seem to be 2 types of stores. 1. Big more or less international stores. Who dabble in gold, silver and diamonds. On large scale. They seem to have bars mostly. And the coins they have are some they buy from customers. So the primiums are astronomical. So I found all sorts of coins there USA, UK, EU Ect ect. I personally catagorize them as a kind of pawnshop because they buy ppls stuff cheap and sell expensive. 2. Collector sites. Denmark Has very f
  7. Hello amazing silver forum. I've been searching the forum for some time now trying to find hints to my question. And I've only found 2 topics with a similar request. I apologize in case this is a duplicate in any way and admins can delte if need be. Part of my question also has something to do with my geografical location, this being Denmark. But my question is. What gold should I buy. I'm looking to spend around 2000eur. Gold stacking and collecting is not a "popular" thing at least not in the open. So advice is hard to come by here. I've been looking at bars, and coins. In
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