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  1. Welcome aboard, a wealth of info lies herein! 😃
  2. oops I misread 200k, thought it said £2000! I guess storage should be a factor with such a huge sum! Apologies!
  3. Buy £2000 worth of coins from The Forum or wherever they are cheapest and store them at home or other safe place. Do not pay for storage. You need to have your coins to hand or close so you can dispose of them quickly as and when you need to. And buy the silver VAT free!
  4. Recently acquired, 2020 Sov from H&B, 1915 $5 Indian Eagle and last but not least a nice 1/4 Maple from @arshimo2012, thank you for the superb service!!
  5. I'm looking to submit a few coins in the future, sometime this year. Is there a thread with instructions on how go about it or do I just contact @Numistacker I guess I just did! 😃
  6. Welcome aboard!
  7. Guess you will have to wait until next year for further pillage, just like the rest of us! 😁
  8. 1.500 2. About hmmm, I would think about, hmm, 1360. That's what Diane Abbot told me!
  9. Both, I thought I'd give the recycle boys a bonus!
  10. I got the same flyer with the cheap 2020 sov I received from them today, went straight in the bin!
  11. Bought one myself this morning and last year I bought two, never had any junk mail either. I think the one per household came about because last year some members bought as many as they could, more than ten in some cases. The allowance used to be three. Still, they cant be beaten!
  12. A few years ago I submitted images to Getty and a few others and I couldn't even get past the acceptance requirements! Maybe they have changed the standards? Time was you could make a nice income through stock photography but I think those times are gone, these days everyone is a photographer what with phones and such. Even the top, professional photographers have turned to doing workshops and the like to make ends meet. Yeah, the pet thing is over done. Macro is good but you need a lot of patience when dealing with bugs! Nice cat by the way!
  13. Ilfracombe is about 10 miles from me, I dont go there much, not much in the way of beaches. I used to use Flickr until a few years ago when changed the set up. Now I use 500px and Youpic. Viewbug is mostly for contests, had a few finalists and runners up but never won anything. I used to have a paid account but soon realised that 90% of the prizes go to 10% of the photographers, so I stopped funding other peoples prizes! For the most part I shoot for my own enjoyment.
  14. I've been shooting on and off for a few years, I've sold one print for a about a tenner! Some of my better stuff. https://www.viewbug.com/member/Stormrider It would be interesting to know what you think of it.
  15. CosmikDebris

    queens beast

    In my opinion that is an absurd price, 680 euros is around £615... I have seen them for sale here for around £450. Paying that amount is foolish. Does it have room to increase? yes, but it could be a very long time!
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