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  1. Available here- https://www.bairdmint.com/products/gold-france-20-francs-rooster Hope this helps! 😆
  2. If they produced them as fractional's I would get them, but as it is, with prices potentially climbing considerably higher, I'll be giving them a miss. I wouldn't want to tie myself into buying a series of one ounce coins. There don't seem to be any mintage limits either. That said, I think the Robin Hood coin looks pretty good, should be an interesting series.
  3. These books seem increasingly hard to come by, I ended up buying Spink - Coins of England. Released on an annual basis and available on ebay etc. Cheers!
  4. Where exactly can you buy an ounce of physical gold at that price!?
  5. Atkinsons, better act fast! https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/gold/pre-owned-gold-coins/pre-owned-2018-uk-britannia-oriental-border-1oz-go
  6. Personally, I would give Glint a look. You can buy gold at 0.5% over spot and spend it when you like with a master card. It also enables you to buy other currencies at the same rate which is good if we are ever allowed to travel again! I would also hold some gold at home. Personally, I own no silver, just gold. I wouldn't pay more than £25 an oz for silver either, but that might turn out to be be mistake one day. https://glintpay.com/
  7. Ten Victoria Shield sovereigns and six Edward VII back in 2012. Spent around half my ISA which was giving pitiful returns, although by today's standards it was a reasonable amount. Still have them all. Still stacking/collecting!
  8. 350 mints in the jar. Why did Karl Marx drink mint tea? Because proper tea is theft....😃
  9. You are able to receive £3000 in gifts per year, this could be a work around? Sell some gold privately, receive the payment by transfer and declare it as a gift if anyone comes asking. By law you are not obliged to declare it in my understanding. Do I need to declare cash gifts to HMRC? No, if it falls under the £3,000 annual allowance, you do not need to declare it.
  10. This one for British coins of all types is probably the most exhaustive. It only covers pre decimal though, you have to get the decimal version separately. Can be found on ebay cheaper. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1912667207/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1 Or Coin Yearbook 2020, also on Amazon, cheap and cheerful but fairly good. About a tenner. As for world coins, I'm not sure.
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