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  1. Wherever you have 24 hour access to it in my opinion.
  2. If you do decide on a Sovereign, beware, it's a slippery slope! Many of us learn't the hard way!!
  3. You could pick them up from other forum member's at more reasonable prices than the online dealers, in which case it might be worth it, although the first 3 or 4 might hard to find. Other than that, I wouldn't bother personally but that's just me. There are still plenty of 1/4 oz versions around which are obviously cheaper and easier to find.
  4. Perhaps @sixguncan help with this?
  5. I've used them a fair bit and never had any problems other than delays in shipping which I think is down to them running too many auctions close together and not enough staff to process it all. Whenever I have contacted them they have always been quick to respond and courteous. My initial recommendation came from posters here on the forum, I've never read any Google reviews, I wouldn't put too much stock in them, just make judgments based on your own experience.
  6. I use Glint, which is very good and cheap. I don't have any qualms about recommending them. There are lots of videos with interviews with the CEO on youtube if you want to make some further assessments. https://glintpay.com/
  7. Just a quick snap under flat lighting,looks much better in hand, shiny blue/purple/brown tones!
  8. 1899 Halfcrown My first silver coin, inspired by the Crown collection of @richatthecroft. I would also like to thank him for all of his help,advice and resource sharing, cheers mate!
  9. https://www.lpm.hk/en/2022-30-gram-china-panda-999-gold-bu-coin.html
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