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Queens Beast 2021 Silver Kilo Completer Coin

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4 hours ago, BackyardBullion said:

VAT on investment bullion silver sucks so much that I haven't been buying any bullion silver all year outside of my hand poured silver raw material.

This coin though....with VAT works out under £29.30/Oz and that is a decent price all things considered, even with VAT.

So, proud to say that coming to a YouTube channel near you soon....

1 kilo Queens Beast Completer!



Agreed in full, but I do so love 1 Kilo coins and so couldn't miss this one, mine worked out at £28.96/Oz - more than I'm spending on bullion silver these days, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing this in the near future.

Fingers crossed they get the quality right on these ........ :unsure:

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.

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13 minutes ago, omanikeolu said:

Just checked the RM web site they only  have 11, 1 kilo silver queens beasts completer coins left so if anyone is interested they had better be quick. Can't wait to see BYB  u tube review.  


As of this moment, they aren't even there anymore...

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51 minutes ago, omanikeolu said:

For the 20z silver bullion completer  chards Atkinson's seems to be cheapest I have found, cheaper then the RM mint. How that works only goodness knows  


Chards are cheaper, or were earlier, I bought a tube which saved a further approx £1 per coin. 

(Pre-Order though, but that's no real problem for me).

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.

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Well that's NOT funny - they had darn well better make some more. 

I've been working all day and some of the evening and would have bought one right now if they were available on that link!

It doesn't say that they are limited mintage - and I want one!

Damn you, Royal Mint...

In the meantime, be good boys and girls and release the 10 oz bullion version and let me buy one.

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2 hours ago, foinikas said:

wow amazing coin! are the 1 kilo coins coming back again or sold out? anyone knows how many where sold today?

I would presume the complete coin will be coming back in stock as the royal mint normally uploads their stock in batches. There is no mintage on any of the completer coins or the queens beasts coins so the completer coin is not a limited mintage coin. I checked not that long before they sold out and there was 25 in stock so I know they sold more than that. The 100 oz Una and the Lion bars have a limited mintage of 1020 and given that they are 100 oz bars and are limited mintage I would presume that they would be selling more of the 1 kg complete coins than that and given how fast they sold out I would presume that they did not have that many in stock.

Edited by ShadowTriad
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They are either in process, or  have already made, a second batch of these 1 Kilo completers.

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.

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