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  1. A little one I picked up in a coin shop. It's very shiny, it's been cleaned. But, I like it!
  2. I am looking to send quite a big batch of coins away for grading, probably in the next few weeks. I normally send to NGC but this has clearly put me off. Has this been raised with them? Has anyone seen a response ? This clearly looks like a big, business affecting issue. I am not a member of PGCS does anyone have any UK agents they can recommend?
  3. And for me this comes down to the definition of "perfect" in respect to proof coins. It's easy to have unrealistic expectations. As I become more experienced, I am also becoming more realistic. Some of the significant zoom pictures I have seen, are people looking for problems imo. I get it. I just think we have to be accepting of minor issues which don't really detract from the Coin. It's everyone's rightful opinion to what's acceptable to them. If it bugs you enough send it back.
  4. I have added this to the General Precious metals forum as I am assuming it might be of a coin, the NFT is for, and not a piggy bank. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/apr/04/rishi-sunak-asks-royal-mint-to-create-nft
  5. This is definitely the way. I have hands like a butcher. I think that helps.
  6. I received a gothic portrait and James I today (2oz) The presentation for James I is much better than the gothic portrait. Glossy box which is bigger, little cloth etc. Surprising as its cheaper than the gothic portrait. I will dig henry out later to see if that was the same.
  7. I didn't get a confirmation email. But I did receive a dispatch email about an hour ago. I am sure it will be fine.
  8. 114 available apparently. How bizarre. Perhaps people had buyers regret yesterday, or, the RM are just all over the place.
  9. Not me. Got one for the gothic crowns I ordered earlier though. They are in open orders though, so hopefully it's just another glitch.
  10. Looks like they have all gone. I am expecting them to be returns, but trying to be optimistic. I will hang fire sending some coins off for grading, until I have these. My money is on them being rubbish though.
  11. Good idea. You have inspired me to pick up 3. Keep the best one. If they are returns (quality) they can go straight back. Looking at the secondary market for these earlier today, perhaps this batch (if flipped) will push the market price towards cost anyway. I wonder if many people will be grabbing these to flip. I don't see much in these in the short term
  12. 229 available You have to question the quality. Will be giving them a miss.
  13. I found it surprising 3 was the maximum for the 1oz silver.
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