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  1. Yes it came in an envelope with a picture on it. I was just about to look for it and the missus has put both in the recycling 🙄 I better go and try to rescue them
  2. No idea. They clearly don't check who has already bought one. It came with an order form. First time I have had one
  3. I was just about to post about received the booklet too. It's quite nice!
  4. That was painful. I wasn't that bothered but bothered enough to give it a try. Got in the queue and got in the site at 9.15, where I couldn't actually see the coins. I didn't really have time to spend time looking into it and was about to give up. Then a call from Prontypridd trying to sell me the new release. Certainly madam, I will take the 5oz silver. I likely wouldn't have persisted otherwise. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.
  5. Apparently the 10oz silver are all gone. They didn't take my details so whether that's true or not who knows...
  6. The best method I have without using implements, is to put it between both palms squeeze and try and twist it with the pressure you are applying. This way, the capsule isn't going to open completely, and potentially end up with the coin on the floor or whatever. Works for me, takes a bit of practice.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I bought this set too, returned it, and had a replacement, which I also returned. First set wasnt good enough by a long stretch, second was nearly there. I would have considered grading if i was happy with them. I am no expert by a long stretch, but I feel slightly vindicated by my decision. I know the quality of this set has been discussed on other threads, but it just wasn't good enough. All in all, they minted 3000 coins or so for this set. It was a premium set that could have been brilliant. I am sure they got the message for this set. Whether they do anything or not is the true measure. Let's hope they do, and sorry that your grades aren't what you hoped.
  8. Just noticed this. I will be giving it a miss. Got a little excited when I saw "King of Beasts", but don't think its for me.
  9. That's too true. It's either I want to buy something, or I can't afford to buy everything I want.
  10. It seems (at least to me and my taste) the Royal Mint releases have been a bit drab / not very exciting over the last month or two. I am hoping there will be a major release soon. Anyone know of anything exciting coming in the next week or two ? I haven't bought anything since the queens beasts set and that's going back. Give me some coins...
  11. No don't buy it. I implore no one else to either. It's a terrible idea. Just don't do it.
  12. I have spent a bit more time looking at my replacement set with a loupe. Black fibres aside, at the beginning I was hopeful and willing to take the risk and rectify that myself. After closer inspection, although they are better than the first set, there are milk spots on a good few of the coins. Don't get me wrong they aren't significant and are small, but once you know they are there you can see them with the naked eye. After two sets, first terrible, second probably 95% there (fibres aside) I will be sending them back for a refund. As much as I wanted this set, that should have been great, I feel a bit worn out by the whole saga and the shine has definitely gone. Even if they offered a perfect set, at this stage I wouldn't be bothered. It's a great shame but it is what it is.
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