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  1. Thanks again. I will try to remain calm!
  2. They signed for it yesterday morning. Nothing in my account yet. At what point do I press the panic button? 🤔
  3. What would be classed as a c**p grade where its worth more to break the slab and selling it raw ?
  4. Does anyone know how long you normally wait until you can track your submission? Is it when it arrives in the US or after NGCUK have it ?
  5. Thanks for that. If they aren't too fussy about valuation I can see why going for 1500 or a bit less in this case would be a reasonable balance. You would take a bit of a hit if it went missing, but save some cash on grading and conservation.
  6. I just felt I should be honest about the value for lots of reasons. I really don't think 1500 is a true reflection at this moment in time, but maybe I am just a fool! There were marks on the coin but I am unsure if it was dust, the cap was loose when I first pulled it out of the box. That was already making me think a 70 wasn't happening, and not keen to pay for conservation.
  7. I decided against conversation as I put down standard and valued it ar 2k. However, I am having second thoughts. Does anyone have any info whether it's really worth paying £80 for, and if it can be added after being sent. They received it in London today although haven't confirmed it yet.
  8. Sent my 3 graces off to the NGC yesterday, got these 3 lovely ladies in the post today. Softens the blow somewhat. One of the lions looks like it has a scratch or scuff on its nose though. I don't have any more space to upload that though.
  9. I thought about conversation but it's 4% of coin value right? Which is £80 on a 2k coin?
  10. I put standard (please note this is my first time) as modern only seems to go up to a value of £1500. I don't think you need a reholder, unless it's already been graded. You want an extra thick holder as part of the add on services part of the form. This is my first time but it's what I have done.
  11. I can't disagree with the expense overhead in doing it for one coin. 13 handling and somewhere around 39 return shipping before you start with anything else. Obviously the more coins you send that overhead would be less painful. This is the first time I have had a coin graded period, so have no experience in doing it through a third party either. Part of it for me is the experience and feeling closer to the process. I completely accept that, at least for this single coin, is costing me above £100 and I may have made some mistakes! Here is hoping not any costly ones for one reas
  12. I am not too hopeful to be honest but it will be an experience!
  13. That sounds weird to me. Did he want you to fill the NGC forms in ? Was he going to send them ? What did he mean value it as £100? To royal mail or the NGC ? Maybe something to put on your next listing, you won't be doing that.
  14. Ouch. They have covered the postage to London for up to 2k (my request). Someone did say that they will only pay what I paid to buy it. The lady at the counter did ask how much it would take to buy today so I explained. Hopefully it's not something I will need to worry about it. It should arrive safely. I am also hoping once it's in NGCs hands it's covered until its back in mine.
  15. It's annoying, was hoping that was actually availability. Perhaps its just what they have produced/available to ship. But it's una so it will go soon enough, I am sure.
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