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  1. I have previously picked up this beautiful Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas coin from @Panda6Pack. I had to pick this coin up because I used to love Peanuts as a child.
  2. Yes with proof coins it is the same as buying most items online where you just add it to your cart, go to checkout and enter your card details. I normally only purchase bullion myself and only on special occasions do I purchase proofs. I don't know why royal mint has decided to implement a different checkout method for bullion. The only reason I can think of for them to do it this way is because this way is slower so by the time you transfer credit into your account and the credit is validates by them and your bank the spot price might of gone up so they might of made more pounds that way. It is just an odd, fiddle and clunky way of doing things and i don't think any other bullion dealer asks for credit to be transferred in this way. But that is the royal mint for you!
  3. I bought my first ounce of gold at the peak too. It was the James Bond bullion bar from the royal mint for the high price of £1630. I still have the receipt. Right after I bought my first ounce of gold the spot price of gold dropped. At one point the was the low low price of £1300. I could have saved myself over £300 if I had predicted the drop in spot price or waited. But thats the market for you. Sometimes you buy on a high and sometimes you buy on a low. That’s just how the market goes. I bought more ounces of gold since then not at the peak which has cancelled each other out and bought the cost average price down. I am also of the mindset that you don’t lose money until you sell it. You may of made more money if you had bought something else or got it for cheaper if you times it perfectly. But you are never going to be able to always buy the prefect item or time the buy perfectly. There is no point in worrying about it as there is nothing you can do and you will never get anywhere. It’s a learning experience so you just need to learn from it and move on to your next venture. I am sure in time with both the slow recovery of the economy and high rate of inflation that it will not be long now until the spot price of gold goes back up and surpasses the recent high peak. But until then I have a nice James Bond bullion bar in my collection and I have got my foot in the door of gold stacking. What more can you ask for?
  4. To purchase proof coins you have to pay by card. It might be worth saving your card details as it will be quicker to check out and so it will quicker to confirm your purchase. Otherwise you will have to enter your card details and then check out so it might be sold out by the time you check out if it does sell out quickly.
  5. Yes the £1 VAT is for the postage and packaging as while the coin is VAT free the postage and packaging is not. You can get free shipping if you spend over £250 so it might be worth saving up and buying it in one go but with this you can not spread out your purchases and lock in your purchases at different prices and cost average and may be out of pocket if spot decides to go up before you have saved up enough to buy it.
  6. I have previously picked up these beautiful Godzilla vs. Kong Godzilla and Kong coins from @Panda6Pack. I had to pick these coin up because I used to love Godzilla as a child.
  7. I received my coin today and I have to say that I am on cloud nine with it! The coin arrived exactly as described in brilliant condition with no major marks and straight from the tube to a plastic flip and is more than can be expected with the royal mints quality control. I am over the moon too add this coin to my collection of 2 oz queens beasts. The design is not as good as the earlier queens beasts as a greyhound is not as majestic as a griffin but the greyhound is regal and better than to be expected given the subject matter. At this price its a steal and well worth every penny. I am lucky to have bought one before they all sold out. Thank you so much for offering this special offer!
  8. I have previously picked up this beautiful Year of the dog coin. I sadly missed out on picking up the designs of this beautiful Luna coin series. I am going back and pick them up as I hope to have the set at some point in the future.
  9. Yes they are beautiful coins. I missed them when they were released and they are hard to find so I had to pay a high premium on them to get them now. They cost me £45. But these coins are so beautiful they are like works of art so I bought them to have in my collection to look at as they are more perfect up close. They are coins of great beauty.
  10. I have previously picked up this beautiful Dragon and Tiger coin. I sadly missed out on picking up the designs of this beautiful Chinese Myths and Legends coin series. I am going back and pick them up as I hope to have the set at some point in the future.
  11. I received my set yesterday and I have to say after only stacking Britannia's and collecting others because of the capital gains tax in the UK I have found the variety of coins from this pack to be a refreshing change of pace. It was revitalising to see the look and feel of the other popular stackers from around the world. I still love the Britannia, especially with the new features which really makes it stand out from the crowd, but i do like the detail of the maple and the micro maple and the design of the eagle is just a classic. At this price it is a steal and well worth every penny. I am tempted to buy another set so I have one to keep and one to play with. Thank you so much for this offering this variety pack deal!
  12. That is odd because I am not received a reply on my end. I have sent you another DM so please can you confirm if you have received that? I don’t know if it’s to do with the mailbox being full?
  13. Today I received a set of Britannia, Eagle, Maple, Philharmonics, Kangaroo and Krugerrand from @GreatBritishBullion. I normally only stack Britannia for a store of wealth and collect others for my collection being from the UK. But I thought i would buy the ultimate beginners pack to give me a feel for the Eagle, Maple, Philharmonics, Kangaroo and Krugerrand which are the other popular stackers for storing wealth from around the world. They were a good variety at a good price. I must say I do love the look and feel and history of these iconic bullion from across the pond though my favourite is still the one closest to home!
  14. Thank you. Just let me know when you have replied!
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