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  1. It would be interesting to try. Though no doubt they would find a way around it but saying its obvious from the picture or the price or will give a refund instead. Unfortunately the Christmas tree decoration lists the height and width so it would either have to have a large depth or be made of an alloy of silver and a neutron star or another equally dense material. But having a Christmas tree decoration made out of part of a neutron start would be a hell of a lot more pricy and exciting. I would buy so buy one of those
  2. I have noticed that the star Christmas tree decoration: https://www.royalmint.com/gifts/by-occasion/christmas/christmas-tree-decoration-star/ is listed as having a weight of 139.00 kg. At the price of £95.00 that is a cracking deal for 139.00 kg of sterling silver. It must be a Christmas special on behalf of the Royal Mint. But it would need to be one hell of a tree to hold such a decoration
  3. These do look nice and I am tempted to get one but personally I would have preferred it if Una and the Lion were bigger or more towards the centre because of all that blank space.
  4. Hello J90ord. Can I order a Sonic please?
  5. Hello Panda, I sent you a PM but I will comment here as well that I would love another one if you still have one left!
  6. I do not mind the coin and I think having the leaves in the background and over the edge is a change from just having the writing and a blank background. I just hope the Royal Mint has better quality control with this one. I just think they could have chosen the subject matter better. The Royal Mint could have just stuck to the main character from the stories or has a separate coin series for each of the stories. With Robin Hood it bugs me that they are only doing Robin Hood, Maid Marian and Little John and not the other characters such as King John, Sheriff of Nottingham or Friar Tuck. There are also so many stories they could choose from and if they are doing multiple characters from the same story then we are not going to end up with a lot of different stories showcased. I also presume that King Arthur will be another series and there are a lot of good characters which could be made into coins in that series that most likely won't be represented in coin form. This series had so much potential and although I do not mind the coins so far I am underwhelmed with what the Royal Mint has come up with. Much like the Lunar Series. The series could have been a great hit but the series was severely lacking.
  7. It is because platinum is subject to VAT and gold is not in the UK so it is easier to deal with gold as you don't have to deal with HMRC that will find any old excuse to tax you anyway.
  8. Messaged back and sent payment last night. Thank you!
  9. 1 oz Pac-Man 40th Anniversary in blister - £65 1 oz Una and the Lion Bar in capsule - £37.50 each, 2 available 1 oz Una and the Lion Coin in capsule - £38.50 each, 2 available 5 oz 2019 Libertad in capsule - £160 1 oz 2013 Libertad in capsule - £35 1 oz 2009 Libertad in capsule - £35 1 oz 2020 ASE in capsule - £30 1 oz 2020 ASE in bag - £29 each, 3 available 2 oz Greyhound in flip - £58 1 oz Darth Vader in capsule which has a crack - £28 Bullion condition and may have minor blemishes Payment by bank transfer, payal f&f or paypal g&s with 4.2% fee Your choice of p&p Prices are firm If these prices are incorrect then please let me know I am pricing most of these at the same price I bought them for I am sell them as I am reorganising my stack and I am looking to recuperate some funds to reinvest in some other coins and bars Thank you for reading
  10. I have previously picked up this 1 oz bounty. I will be slowly going back and picking up the previous dates so I can have a date run at some point in the future. Wish me luck!
  11. It is all just through the grapevine of the Royal Mint. I do not know what the Royal Mint is doing and I don't know if the Royal Mint itself even knows what it is doing half the time. When the 1 oz gold bullion queens beasts complete came out I phoned them up and asked if it would be coming out in 1/4 oz gold and in silver and I was informed that it was only going to come out in the 1 oz gold bullion and the 10 oz silver bullion. Not that long after they came out with the 2 oz silver bullion and the 1 kilo silver bullion. With them flagging my account and the poor quality control they seems to have very poor communication between the departments. I think only a few people at the top know whats going on and the rest are in the dark. They have also made some random choices in the past that it is impossible to guess what they will do next. Though I believe that someone who has a Royal Mint account manager was told that the Royal Mint will be discontinuing the luna series but nothing has officially been confirmed or denied at this point.
  12. On another note, I though Libertads were still technically a coin because they are a currency and guarantee by the Bank of Mexico even though they do not have a face value?
  13. Hello Panda. Can I order a 2019 five ounce please?
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