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  1. Hi everyone, i am looking to buy a 2014 proof silver 1 oz Britannia coin. I would also consider trading with a 1oz silver proof Queens Beast completer coin. If anyone has one for sale or trade please pm me. I am located in Cyprus. Thank you.
  2. Hello fellow collectors! So since i have been collecting for more than a decade now, i have some silver and gold proof coin sets from Royal Mint and some individual coins that i would like to have them graded. Some will be kept and some might go up for sale. i was just wondering what the procedure is.. can someone who is experienced explain ? Also i am living in Cyprus, so i am not sure what happens with import taxes when i have to send a silver or gold coin for grading to UK or USA. Would really appreciate your help guys. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi all and good luck with this one. I logged in on my pc at 9 on release day and i was like 36th in line. When i got in everything was available, so naturally i went for the 1 oz proof gold. I had my wife next to me trying to get one for her too as we are both collectors 🙂. Whatever i was pressing to put in my cart kept the website crushing sending me on the homepage. My wife actually put the gold 1oz proof in the cart and she was completing the order but for some reason it didn’t go through. After a few minutes of screaming, cold sweat and a bit of crying.. We finally grabbed our phones and
  4. £10,000 for 10kg gold coin of this calibre!? What a bargain 😀😂 it probably cost them more then £350,000 and sold for more than £600,000!
  5. Hi all and Happy Easter to everyone! 🐣 Does anyone have any idea when the 2022 proof gold sovereign will be out? Any speculation if they will have a new design or if it is going to be the classic Benedetto Pistrucci? 🙂
  6. wow those are very beautiful photos. thank you for the reply. I fell in love with the design and i rushed to buy the set back then. i was surprised it did not sold out for a few weeks. For me this is the most beautiful coin. I also love the Una & the lion bars designed by Jody Clark. Such a talented designer/engraver.
  7. hi, i purchased a 6-coin gold set in 2014 just because i loved the design. I remember that it took a while to sell out. i wonder what the value is today. Its nearly impossible to find it anywhere for sale, not even ebay.. does anyone have an idea of its value today?
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