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  1. The slab is much better protecting your coins than the capsule. Most of us have dropped capsules at some point i am sure 😂
  2. I wouldnt buy anything else tha Royal Mint on british coins. Unfortunately coins from the other mints dont usually hold on their values and most of the times you will lose money when you sell.
  3. Unfortunately the coin in discussion was full of milkspots (despite being a pf70). For me grade is not just a number, i always check carefuly the photos of the coin in sale. If there is a very small milkspot or imperfection i might still buy if i like the coin, but i would never buy a pf70 full of milkspot as i know the coin might be a pf67-69 and is worth half of what is sold for..
  4. The highly anticipated Great Engravers Silver and Gold bullion bars have been available for pre-order on 24th May. This is the 2nd in the series as most already know, what are people thoughts on the design ? mintages are pretty much the same like Una & the Lion. I like the design, although i think Una & the Lion is better. Maybe when i see the bars in person i will like it more (usual case with all the coins i buy 😂🫣)
  5. This coin is on my bucket list! I will add it to the list, although it will be rarely seen for sale due to its rarity
  6. Hi all, time for an update on coin prices! Update April 19th 2022 There seems to be a downward trend the last few months on the prices achieved in auctions of the new modern coins sales, especially on silver coins. An exception is for the proof sovereigns which, not surprisingly, are doing very well on the auctions, ebay and facebook groups! For the rest of the modern coins, It seems that Royal Mint have been releasing too many coins and the collectors (and other buyers) have run out of steam and cash. Many flippers did not manage to sell the coins easily for a quick profit and panicked undercutting each other out and driving secondary prices down (this can be seen at the Gothic Crown silver portrait secondary prices selling at release prices). Many popular series like proof Britannias 2022 did not sell out on most coin denominations (with very high mintages that the RM in all their wisdom decided to have not helping) and the new promising “Monarch Series” latest release King James I experienced a similar thing (The RM decided to partner with Heritage Auctions and give the 500/600 1oz proof gold coins in pf70 for exclusive sale, leaving only 100 coins for us mortals). Only the 1oz proof silver has sold out in a few minutes due to very low mintage of approximately 1250 coins. RM is extremely slow on new coin deliveries, sometimes taking over a month to send the coins out, however it seems that they have improved their quality control in the last few coins, at least to my experience. At the moment, the covid situation seems to be fading away, although the inflation is at very high levels affecting prices of all goods. The war on Ukraine is also not helping the global economy and hopefully it will end soon and peace will prevail. People seem to be more reluctant to buy as all the above reasons are having everyone wanting to save some cash just in case things go worse. Below the update in prices from recent sales and auctions. CC= Coin Cabinet Auctions, HA= Heritage Auctions, Ebay= Fleebay 🤣 PF70 Sales: 2019 Gold Una & The Lion 2oz £59,000 ➡️ No new sale 2020 Gold Three Graces 2oz £17,500➡️ £13,500 (source: CC= Coin Cabinet) 2021 Gold Completer 1oz £4500➡️ £4500 (ebay sold over £6000 but most sales in groups around £4500) 2021 Gold Gothic Crown Q.Arms 2oz➡️ £8500 (CC) 2021 Gold Gothic Crown Portrait 2oz➡️ *£8500 (only raw and pf69 sales of around £6500 achieved) 1989 1 sovereign £1900/ 5 sovereign £6500 ➡️ 1SOV £2000/ 5SOV £7500 2002 1 Sovereign £700/ 5 sovereign £3000 ➡️ 1SOV £750/ 5SOV £3100 2005 1 sovereign £700/ 5 sovereign £3000➡️ 1SOV £750/ 5SOV £3100 2012 1 sovereign £1400/ 5 sovereign £6,500 ➡️ 1SOV £1200/ 5SOV £6500 2016 1 sovereign £950 / 5 sovereign £4,500 ➡️ 1SOV £850/ 5SOV £3300 2017 1 sovereign £1000 / 5 sovereign £5,500 ➡️ 1SOV £1075/ 5SOV £5500 2022 1 sovereign N/A ➡️ 1SOV £900 / 5SOV £5750 2014 Britannia 1oz £7,500➡️ No recorded sale There were many good deals for buyers in the past couple of months auctions done by heritage and CC, as the prices achieved on most coins were below fair market value due to the reasons above but also some auctions were taking place in bad auction days (mothers day) where most of us where busy and could not bid on the coins we wanted. What do you all think the market is moving from here onwards? Would you like to monitor some key or popular silver proof coin prices as well? Please comment and let me know. Thanks
  7. Ordered 3 x 1oz Silver coins as i was lucky enough to get in before sell out. Tonight got an email that my ordered will be shipping soon 😃 i think it is a lovely series to collect the once i can afford (1oz silvers), very low mintage though..
  8. foinikas


    Lots of great deals today, wish i was available to buy more stuff. Missed out on some gold coins i wanted for a while now . Got some silver modern coins in pf70 below rrp 😉
  9. The coin that fell down was later picked up, sent to the Royal Mint where it succesfully made it through the QC team, was put in a capsule and a box with a coa and was delivered to a customer who was waiting for 2 months to receive his order. 😆
  10. 2014 by far one of the best RM designs! I have a feeling that this years design might be something very nice. Any idea when it will be released?
  11. it is still available to buy at the Mint for £7 in cupro-nickel bu condition.
  12. how can you tell how many coins are available?
  13. Following the huge success of the first bar in the series, i was wondering when the 2nd bar will be released. anyone with any information?
  14. I agree partially to what you are saying. I am also a collector but i like to grade my coins and to get a pf70 where possible. As you all know how bad the quality is lately with Royal Mint coins, buying more than one increases my chances to get the top pop grade i am after. I will then sell the remaining coins i have at whatever grade they acquire. If some coin is really bad, i will return back to the mint. Making a little profit on the extras is not bad thing. if that makes me a flipper then everyone is a flipper (they just sell after years instead of minutes). I have bought 10-20 year old coins for 5-20 times their release price... The bad thing is if someone is buying many coins with the sole purpose to sell for profit and does not care at all about collecting.
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