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  1. I wouldnt buy bullion above much over than spot price. If you want to collect the QB, better get the proof versions as it really makes the design stand out.
  2. I think the bars will do very well. I love how a 1oz gold bar looks and feel. The design is stunning and i think that when the three graces bars come out people will realise that this would be an amazing series to collect and will start collecting. starting a new trend with the best subject “ The great engravers” was a very smart move from RM. The collectible Gold bars will soon become a trend and then people will be paying higher premium for these bars. The RM should have minted these bars in proof quality and ofcourse fix their quality issues as most of these bars have knocks and dents as usual 🤦🏻‍♂️ other than that, great series and investment that will do extremely well in the long run.
  3. In my experience, the majority of milkspots develop in the first couple of months in a coin. I certainly prefer a pf70 without milkspots but i would not mind a small barely visible spot in the edge of a coin that was developed after grading. The problem arises if someone grades within the first couple of weeks of the coin production and them the coin develops milkspots that does not represent the grade. it is a shame and indeed RM should do something about this. I stopped buying silver coins until they address this issue. Very dissapointing.
  4. No,wasnt me, but i am interested to read that post if you can find it
  5. Well, cant say i am happy. Yes the milkspot definetely affect grading. I think milk spots appears mostly in the first few weeks of the coins creation.Some very early graded coins that achieve pf70 can develope a lot of milkspots that would nkt justify the top grade.
  6. Yes directly. Definetely there is room for complaint. I sent them an email complaining for the quality. They did offer a refund which i declined as i wanted to keep the set. They really need to up their quality check.
  7. No problem mate. I thought many would be interested to know. Yes conservation was requested but has not been done. They usually do not do in modern coins. On some of my coins the milk spots were smaller before i send them out. By the time the coins arrived to Ngc, more spots were developed.
  8. Hi all, I prefer to collect most of my coins in ngc slabs so i sent this set for grading. i noticed the milk spots and i knew it would not achieve very well but decided to do it anyway and upgrade any coin to higher grade in the future if i could find any. After reading all the disapoinment (including mine) i am not sure if it will be possible to get this set in pf 69-70 as very few have been graded and as far as i understand , there wont be any restrikes from the mint. If anyone else has graded any of those please let me know. Also please feel free to share your thoughts on my coins. Thank you
  9. 860 mintage is very low for a lovely coin lime this, no wonder they sold out in few hour. I wonder what kind of set they will be selling the remaining 2 oz coins..
  10. My almost complete, completers! 😊
  11. These are past auctions from “The coin cabinet”. He is comparing sale prices for these coins in the last 4 auctions to show the movement in price.
  12. wow amazing coin! are the 1 kilo coins coming back again or sold out? anyone knows how many where sold today?
  13. wow that 1 kilo coin sold out fast! It now says "no longer available". Do you guys think they will make some more soon or is that it? Anyone saw the mintage/availability of the 1 kilo coin when they released it today?
  14. I logged in yestarday morning to check if “Alice in Wonderland” coin is being released. Not that i was planning to buy one, but out of curiosity to see the design and mintages (and who knows? Maybe i will love the design and buy one 😊). i saw the queue screen and then the picture of the queen beasts set.. when the waiting was over i was number 300ish in the queue which loaded almost instantly and when i got in the site i couldnt see anything.. so i went to the coffee shop next door and got myself a coffee and while waiting for my coffee i checked on my phone the RM website again and i saw the sets! i felt the rush going through my veins to my brain. The sets looked amazing and had to have them to finish my QB collection! i blew up my bank account again but i managed to grab both silver sets. Gold set was too expensive for me. When i finished purchaseing both sets i checked in the QB section and was totally suprised to see that the 2oz proof completer was up for sale and they still had some left so i managed to get one of those too. i was extremely lucky and happy. cant wait to receive my coins! This is one of the best series worldwide for me! Hope everyone who got one enjoy them and everyone who did not better luck next time .
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