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  1. Hmmm🤔 not sure about this we will wait and see the details. Free trade deal doesn’t necessarily mean VAT free. The reason we had that perk was because we part of the club. I’m sure HMRC would love to get a bit more import duty
  2. Congratulations on the win. And merry Christmas to all members and TSF team 👍👍
  3. Maybe I got lucky. I placed order with gs.be 30th nov and it turned up 4 th December. As mentioned above I fear it is far to late now to place orderers in Europe not worth the risk IMO
  4. There are mixed reviews on gs.be on here. Personally I have ordered from them twice and never had any issue with either the coins I ordered or the delivery process. Hope this helps. Time is definitely running out though, I would email them before ordering anything and make sure they can guarantee delivery before 31st.
  5. I’ll take this if still available
  6. Kussilver

    Queens beasts

    Welcome to the forum, I’m sure you will find lots of helpful members and good info on here. The first 4 beasts seem to be the most popular and have the highest premiums, if your not going to complete the set they will hold the premiums on there own, but IMO these premiums will reduce over time as more people complete the set and hence the market will reduce. You could just keep what you have and buy smaller fractional going forward. Good luck whatever you decide.
  7. Hi Alun, if you are still taking orders ? I’m looking for a QB 2oz silver box in walnut finish. I am not in any rush so happy to wait, if you could let me know. Cheers 👍👍
  8. Why no shipping costs from eu mint ? Are you storing or do you have a free shipping code
  9. If your just buying bog standard bullion, gold silver.be is about €1 per oz cheaper. It depends on your goals, are you stacking for weight or Looking for specific collector coins ?
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