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  1. Kussilver

    Keeping Track

    That is something to think about. The wife probably wouldn’t know where to start with it, I should make some detailed instructions for the just in case scenario. Something to ponder.
  2. Kussilver

    Keeping Track

    I hope the price is up in 5 years😁. I have been at this stacking hobby 4 years now. When I started I think silver was around £14. I paid to much for probably first 20-30 ozs, but it’s all a learning curve. Once I found this forum costs came down, especially when we could buy from EU. As for stacks worth. It depends when you sell of course, and who you sell to. Private sales you will obviously get more but that takes time. Sell on one specific day to a dealer and it will just depend on spot. Southend not far from me
  3. Kussilver

    Keeping Track

    Not sure what you mean adjust it ? It is what it is, total cost over time. South Essex area. And you ?
  4. Kussilver

    Keeping Track

    I’m sure everyone is different but personally I keep a record of all purchases. Including date of purchase, total price paid ( including P&P ). I then have running totals for average cost per t/oz in Ag and average cost per grams in Au. I am a little OCD thought 😂🤣. It’s good to know exactly where you are in terms of overall cost Hope this helps.
  5. 489. Generous competition. Always great to see the TSF community spirit.
  6. Bump with price reduction. 1/4 oz proof delivered cheaper than 1/4 bullion from dealers.
  7. For sale I have 1/20 oz kangaroo coins, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. £87.50 each plus post of your choice and risk. or buy all 4 for and I will include RM Special Delivery in the price. BT only Thanks for looking
  8. Bump. Price increase due to significant spot price rise.
  9. Daily bump for non premium members 👍
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