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  1. 🤞🤞I really hope so. A lot of ups and downs this week following this thread 🤣😂🤣
  2. The fact the payment has not come out is what was worrying me, have they just cancelled it and not informed me ?
  3. Yes I just double checked showing 255 in closed orders as complete, but the payment has not come out of my bank
  4. It’s in the closed orders and has the amount showing 255
  5. Quick question. Not sure if anyone else had this experience. I ordered a 2 oz silver 3G last Monday, had the order confirmation email at 09:18. I followed this thread and saw many people having orders cancelled. I never received a cancellation email and was still hopeful as the payment was showing pending on my bank App and when logging into my RM account order was showing open. Yesterday I called the Royal mint customer service team, it had been a week and I had seen many members here had received there coins. They confirmed my order and I was told my order was confirmed and I would be re
  6. That’s understandable, thanks for the reply. I spoke to the royal mint this morning my coin should be dispatched this week, so should be fine to get it to COTR by the 13 th. Thanks again and I will be happy to post the pics when returned.
  7. I was thinking this to, I’m not far from Upminster myself, I was going to contact COTR and see if this would be possible.
  8. I’ll take a grading place if still available @ChrisSilver. I am still awaiting delivery of my 2 oz silver, but it’s on its way. Very generous offer thanks.
  9. Yes i am in the same situation, still haven’t had a cancellation or dispatch email. Still got my fingers crossed as I think all the cancellations went out early. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
  10. 473 washers 2017 1 oz kookaburra Thanks for running another bonkers comp @5huggy
  11. Thanks @AndrewSL76 I look forward to your post. Also I see people posting about coin conservation, is this done when coin is graded or is this a separate service ?. Is conservation necessary with a new minted proof coin ?
  12. I have been following this thread with interest. I managed to order the 2 oz silver coin, and have not received an email to say order cancelled. So 🤞I’ll get my coin. I have never had a coin graded before, any advice from more experienced members would be appreciated. PCGS or NGC ? What is the process for coin grading. Is it worth the grading process or should I keep in raw state ? thanks in advance.
  13. Roughly 25% over spot for very worn junk silver. Seems a lot to me.
  14. For sale I have 6 x 2 oz Queens Beasts White Lion and 2 x 2 oz Greyhound. All are supplied in capsules, and are in good bullion condition These are bullion coins and are being sold as bullion, please see photos for condition. Price is £65 each plus postage of buyers choice and risk. Payment via BT
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