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  1. I think these Memorial sovereign coins will prove popular and collectable in the long run, because they will be seen as complementary to the Platinum Jubilee sovereign coins. Both are dated 2022 Both have similar reverse designs, but with interesting differences The UK has had two Sovereigns (Monarchs) in 2022, so perhaps collectors will want to own two different sovereign designs dated 2022. Personally I like the reverse design rather a lot, and I think King Charles has generally made a good start to his reign. You may well be correct on the broader points though, @Timberwolf. I will be happy to buy, hold and enjoy. Yes the price is somewhat steep, but for me it's one of those decisions that I think I would regret if I didn't take the deep breath and buy the coin(s) I wanted on issue.
  2. Not really. I think it is/was a case of if the dies for the 2023 coin had already been produced prior to The Queen's death, the coins themselves would be minted because it was thought to be less wasteful regarding the dies and materials. This has meant that there are quite a few coin designs with a 2023 date and QEII on the obverse. So none of them will have particularly high premiums on them in future (in my opinion) because there will be plenty of supply of them. As I've said previously on the Forum, personally I don't want to own a 2023-dated coin with QEII on the obverse, but I can see the appeal to others.
  3. The net totals aren't moving very much because any new sales are being balance out by the wave of cancellations at the moment. I don't think most, if any, of these coins will sell out by 31 December.
  4. The Buffalo is far and away my favourite non-UK 1oz gold bullion coin. Well done OP, I'm really pleased you're happy! As for BBP, I have received excellent coins from them (with one exception about seven years ago) and their delivery service has been exemplary. I'm very happy with their service but I don't often use them because their prices are often a bit higher than other reputable dealers. I will definitely continue to use them, selectively.
  5. I think @James32's hoover is a Royal Mint employee in disguise and I claim my five pounds* * I would like it as a five sovereign piece please, ideally one dated 1839 with Una on it, and a Lion... 😉
  6. In my opinion, the commemorative silver crowns would only be a moneymaking proposition if you can buy them for much less than spot and then sell them as scrap silver for close to spot. As a collector, I wouldn't touch them unless I liked the particular design. I do have one silver proof commemorative crown but it was bought for me as a birthday present in the year of release, probably for similar cash to its value now.
  7. I've only ordered the Brilliant Uncirculated Five Sovereign Piece, but I am definitely not cancelling mine. I think it will be a beautiful coin to hold for the long term.
  8. I think you are entitled to feel disappointed if you were to receive this as a new bullion coin from the original maker (as the RM likes to describe itself). It's even more disappointing that they haven't given you a better quality replacement coin, given that you sent it back to them and it has clear and obvious marks on it. It is indeed really tricky trying to collect a series of bullion coins. I do think that whether you see yourself as a stacker or a collector, it shouldn't be too much to ask of the RM to send you a coin of good quality with no major marks on it. Sadly it seems very much to be the luck of the draw, and I think it's got worse over the last five years - to the point that you feel 'lucky' if you receive a coin with few or no defects.
  9. I agree with your sentiment. The RM seems to have lost its sense of decorum a little. This is a shame, because some of the coins that they have issued this year are genuinely excellent. The trouble is, they have diluted the impact of these coins by issuing a load of other coins which are less than excellent. Still, it gives people an opportunity to buy the ones that they like, and pass on the others. That's mainly what I've done this year (bought what I can both afford and obtain, and ignore the rest!)
  10. I've had a few 2016 Britannia £2 coins but have yet to find a 2015. But like many, almost all of my transactions are contactless these days so I rarely encounter actual cash in change.
  11. I can see why you might want to own the coin, and the price you paid isn't hugely excessive. Enjoy owning it for pleasure, and perhaps hope that the gold price goes to the moon before you think of selling!
  12. Done. As someone who collects modern precious metal coins and also has a collection of historical coins, it was sometimes difficult to decide how best to answer some of the questions. For example, the price per coin that I pay varies very widely!
  13. I think there's a very limited resale market for these coins if you have paid a significant premium over spot for it, which you have. So the good news is that you like the design. Personally I wouldn't look to pay much of a premium over spot for it, but I'm not the target market. I don't think it's anywhere near the same league as the official RM proof sovereigns when it comes to desirability. But if it's a good-looking coin with a nice design and well-finished, enjoy it for what it is.
  14. I like this design as well, and have the 1oz silver, 10oz silver, 1oz gold and 1oz platinum versions in my collection. Perhaps in 1oz format it's a coin more to collect than to stack, unless you can get them for the same prices as Britannias. Anyway, variety is the spice of life!
  15. I think the RM have been updating this annually, incrementally, once the dust has settled on the final amounts minted. That's where I have taken the mintage figures from for my 2017 and 2018 BU quintuples.
  16. (Edited after reading that Gazette proclamation) I think that proclamation related to these 2022 memorial sovereign releases and probably doesn't relate to the 2023 dated coins at all. We will see 🙂
  17. Many of the BU five sovereign pieces don't sell out their maximum mintage each year, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if the RM just finalise the mintages at the amount sold at the end of this year. As an example, my 2018 BU five sovereign piece had (I think) a maximum mintage limit of 1000 when the coin was first made available in 2018, but the actual mintage was 459 according to the RM website. In any event, the RM will have sold at least 80% of the maximum mintages of all these coins except the quarter sovereign, even if they stopped right now. That's not bad at all, especially at these significantly higher prices. Personally I am not convinced that the 2023 bullion sovereigns will feature this memorial reverse design. I think that both the 2023-dated proof and bullion sovereign ranges will feature the standard G&D reverse.
  18. ^^^ Just different text versions of the same prayer, I think. When I was a schoolboy going to church decades ago, some bibles and or religious services used "which", and others used "who".
  19. You did well on your 2017 there, @Paul 😉 My coin is raw, and I paid the RM issue price which was £1875. I'm not selling, but I agree that it's probably at least a £2500 coin today.
  20. ^^^ Don't get many of them to the pound... (or sovereign...)
  21. Is it definitely confirmed that the BU Memorial 5 sovereign piece is a matte finish? I agree that it will be a great complement to the Platinum Jubilee BU five sovereign piece, but personally I think these coins work better in non-matte finish. Here are mine:
  22. ^^^ I wouidn't choose either, but I suspect the answer is probably the piedfort. Personally I would rather 'just' have the full sovereign than either of these.
  23. I prefer the Memorial reverse of the two designs, its ornateness reminds me a little of the half crowns of 1825-29 and I love that design. Here's my 1829, perhaps you'll see what I mean:
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