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  1. What would you say are reasonable mintages?
  2. No idea... it feels a bit short notice tbh
  3. I think they look pretty good. They've tried to show the rough edges which gives it a bit of an arty look. Presumably the rose goldy one to the left is the silver?!
  4. i hadn't noticed the picture in the email. I'm convinced it wasnt there
  5. That is a scary prospect - potentially drop them off in person if you're closeby.
  6. I've sent mine packaged in flips, then stacked and rubber banded together with the coins offset in the flips so they fit nicely together and limit movement. Then some bubble wrap in a trudy envelope. I do hate moving the coins into flips as they slip around in transit, but offsetting them feels a bit sturdier. I definitely wouldn't send coins in some of the newer capsules - the 2022 proof Sovereign capsules were terrible IMO!
  7. Haha - maybe they'll swap his crown for his old bonnet hat too
  8. If the notice in the gazette is the right one, then I think I'm going to be priced out on gold with the lightest coin coming in at around 62g/2 oz. Hope the design looks good in silver!
  9. Me too but not sure it qualifies as a portrait??
  10. Presumably it the first coin will be a portrait like below
  11. I wonder if there will be a buy now pay later option soon!
  12. The original portraits sound great - I'm very much looking at this series as collect keep and pass on type.
  13. Got an email this morning to register interest in the new British Monarchs Collection. It looks like the first coin will be Henry VII. A little blurb from the Royal Mint: "Using historical coin designs, it will feature a range of coinage portraits for iconic monarchs from British history. Each coin bears an original coinage portrait of a monarch as it appeared during their reign, transposed from genuine historical samples using state-of-the-art technology and faithfully recreated for contemporary coinage" It looks like these are the coins: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3922613 Sounds like a solid winner to me, does anyone know more?
  14. Selling a nearly complete collection of 11 £20 coins. Each 999 silver coin is 15.71 grams, with the collection missing just 2 coins from 2020 and 2021. All in excellent condition except the 2013 which has some toning on the back. Easy flip on ebay for those who have more time. The welsh dragons are going for £30+ Ideally selling as one lot. £195 + post
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