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  1. Little seahorse with its original luster - lovely bit of Backyard Bullion silver in 999 silver with hallmarks. This has lived in an airtight box next to an anti-tarnish strip for a few years - but time for a new home £35 + post Item comes with a little black velvety pouch
  2. Two bars for sale 2018 and 2019. The 2018 bar needs a clean up the 2019 is in great condition as can be seen in the pics. £55 + post for the pair
  3. Does anyone have one going? Ideally in a capsule with no milking please
  4. Looking for a 2oz lion in good condition - please PM if you have one going
  5. Another one from the group order - Queens beast bullion set finally complete! Bring on the Kings Beasts, though it'll be tough to top this series! Cheers @BackyardBullion for organising 👍
  6. Thanks @ChrisSilver and the Silver Forum for my October 2020 premium members prize!
  7. Try and sell it to a dealer they'll check it and you'll know.
  8. I have lots of different sizes - my fav are 10oz as they look good in my collection and they are easy to sell. I like to play with them and I enjoy the variations more than the bulk standard umicore 1kgs I've accumulated. I felt those offered the best value for sheer weight stacking.
  9. Gold and silver for the long haul... not touching the stock market till its half of where it is now
  10. 2019 10oz valiant arrived today I loved the 1oz version, the 10oz is even better!
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