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  1. 1oz silver britannia in capsule £26+ post
  2. 4 2020 1oz Silver Royal Arms for sale. Great condition and in capsules £30 each + post
  3. 4 2020 Silver Oriental Britannia's available. Supplied in good quality capsules £34 each + post Buy all 4 for £134
  4. For sale: 2x 2015 spiders and 1 x 2018 Philharmoniker Bullion condition with capsules included. £69 for all three, or £23.50 each + post of your choice
  5. For sale a 2019 kook and 2019 koala, both in excellent condition and with capsules. £55 + post
  6. Lovely little 2021 Sovereign and Silver Britannia today
  7. A couple of quarter Brits came in yesterday + 4 free silver britannias for referring friends to bullion by post
  8. Thanks @ilovesilverireallydo really nice presentation and fantastic price for adding gold weight 👍
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