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  1. Try and sell it to a dealer they'll check it and you'll know.
  2. Hi, Looking to fill in some gaps in various series. Does anyone have the below for sale... looking to bundle as many of these into a purchase to save on postage. 2019 congo gorilla 2020 rwanda mayflower 2020 french trade dollar 2020 kookaburra 2020 Australian guard lion (double Pixiu) 2010 and 2011 panda's THANKS! Cheers
  3. They literally look like half pounder Kook burgers!
  4. I have lots of different sizes - my fav are 10oz as they look good in my collection and they are easy to sell. I like to play with them and I enjoy the variations more than the bulk standard umicore 1kgs I've accumulated. I felt those offered the best value for sheer weight stacking.
  5. Very nice indeed particularly the sheaffer!
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