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  1. I cant comment on the grade, as this is an area I'm not comfortable with yet, but what stunning pictures!
  2. Agree @Zhorro there are an abundance of rarities!
  3. I think growth in digital assets is inevitable and lots of companies like the royal mint will pivot to provide for thier demographic in these markets, within reason. I think the sheer volume of proofs, special issues and very premium collections like the British Monarch's collection although nessecery from a business perspective cause fatigue and frustration and is more likely to damage demand and push people out rather than declining popularity of the Monarchy. Watch collecting has survived the test of time so far, it doesnt really matter if people move into crypto, shoes or NFTs to me, unlike @Dom I am facinated by Royal history and collect for my own enjoyment regardless of what the market and others are doing. Also, unlike NFTs and shoes, gold and silver coins have intrinsic value. I'm traditional, I'd rather hand down a collection of coins my children can add to, rather than a usb drive full of goofy pictures or trainers.
  4. Lovely Bar, I imagine this will be released around the end of August alongside the Ganeshotsav festival or perhaps Diwali?
  5. Horrible story - sorry this happened to you. You have his address for justice, or go down the legal route, i'm sure the police would be keen to investigate someone selling counterfiet coins.
  6. Sorry to hear that, but you really ought to inspect premium coins when they arrive - particularly for scratching which would be evident immediatly. Milking is just one of the pitfalls of buying silver and its unlikely Westminister Collections will be in a position to help with that. That said, its worth contacting them - at the very least, you could be highlighting quality issues with a supplier or potentially they'll be aware of a bad batch and able to help.
  7. @LiquidMetalsUK do you have a youtube channel?
  8. Congrats and all the best!
  9. I think there was strong demand this year with the special design and general demand, so guessing 300k on the bullion? They've said 10.5k on the proof which is up quite a lot on previous years.
  10. Wow - I always just assumed thorogh checks are done. Luckily I've only purchased in coin specialist auctions.
  11. Is this a fake but real but fake? Surely the auction houses check the metal??
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