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  1. If you're investing for the long term then I'd say any time to buy is a good time. I've had better fortunes with gold coins rather than bars in the short/medium term, and especially with the queen's beast series. Sometimes bars can be viewed with suspicion, whereas I don't know of any convincing QB fakes. Other leading mint coins can be faked but they're becoming more secure like the 2021 britannia. Royal mint pieces are also CGT exempt so better for tax if you plan to grow and large stack and offload suddenly. Coins can appreciate beyond the price of gold - early QB are a case in point particularly the griffin and lion. The forum is a good place to pick up both gold and silver - particularly silver due to VAT savings. Hope this helps.
  2. I have 4x 2020 1oz Silver Royal Arms for sale. Great condition and complete with capsules £109 posted (RM 1st class signed for)
  3. Great selection - probably equally good in Winter with a whisky if you don't get through them all
  4. I have for sale 5x 2oz Silver Queens Beast completer coins in fantastic condition as shown in the pics. Coins come complete with capsules. £68 each + Post
  5. Welcome to the forum @MattyBoo
  6. Looking for 6 2021 coins to bring various series up to date. Ideally someone has all 6 available as one lot to save on postage, but close to all 6 works too 2021 Kookaburra 1oz 2021 Koala 1oz 2021 Queens Beast 2oz completer in bullion 2021 chinese panda 30g silver 2021 Rwanda Lunar Ox 1oz 2021 Congo Silverback Gorilla 1oz Please PM me with your prices. Thanks
  7. It'd be interesting to see the numbers behind this - surely it costs more to recycle. But its a strong green message worthy of a medal itself!
  8. Does anyone have £20 silver coins from 2020 and 2021 available? Looking for Welsh dragons- the ones that are only available at the Royal Mint experience. I haven't been able to visit due to the pandemic.
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