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  1. Time for a picture (the coins, not the beans on toast...) 😉
  2. Not the best picture in the world... but the thread needs another picture!
  3. That platinum jubilee coin is a beautiful coin. However, it's one that probably has a very limited collector market. I love it. But it's very pricey and there are a lot of things I would spend >£5k on before even considering one of these. Personally I would buy this for the pleasure of ownership, rather than with a view to a future profit. I have 6 oz of physical platinum bullion coins and don't really have any expectations of selling them for a profit.
  4. Totally agree! My coins arrived yesterday as well - same as Pete's. I'm pleased with them, the platinum coin appears to be flawless and the 10 oz silver coin has a couple of trivial marks that don't really detract.
  5. Mine arrived yesterday from H&B as well, and it's perfectly fine coin with virtually no marks or nicks. Very happy with it, good job H&B. Yesterday was an excellent PM delivery day for me, because I also received a 10 oz silver QB completer coin and a 1 oz platinum QB completer coin from the Royal Mint. So a piece of gold, a piece of silver, and a piece of platinum all on the same day! Beans on toast now until about April 😉
  6. Somewhat off topic - I have an original watercolour that was painted in 1930 by a Royal Academician (Sir William Russell Flint) and I get a deep sense of pleasure of owning something painted over 90 years ago that still looks utterly fabulous today.
  7. Any Wreath crown, in any grade, is a super thing to hold, in my opinion. I'm sure your father will be really pleased to enjoy handling the coin and I bet he will feel a deep sense of connection to a coin that is as old as he is.
  8. That 1930 Wreath is a very nice coin but it's definitely not UNC. There is quite a lot of wear to the inside centres of the roses, which is the first place that the graders will look. I would leave it as a raw coin if it was mine. Anyway - well done @Agaumac. It's a cracking coin and a lovely piece of history.
  9. The only one I ever liberated from a slab - I just used a hammer and chisel. 1889 penny, bought very cheaply at an auction because nobody else bid on it. Wasn't particularly looking to buy it, but it was a bargain for the price paid. It looks nice alongside my other raw predecimal pennies. if that dollar was mine - I'd either sell it on as it is (in the slab), or break it out of the slab and keep it.
  10. Same here. Hopefully tomorrow for me as well 🙂
  11. Ordered them both on Monday morning 😉 All being well, I will collect them tomorrow evening from my local sorting office. Despite already having this design in 1 oz gold and 1 kg silver, I am properly excited about the 10 oz silver and 1 oz platinum versions. Perhaps the sweet spots of the range, for me.
  12. That gold proof 1935 is VERY lovely. There's one in the Royal Mint Experience collection bit at the end, alongside such other rarities as an Edward VII sovereign and a 1933 penny, but it's nowhere near as nice a specimen as that one. Relevant photos from my visit in Feb 2017:
  13. My collection/stack is almost all bullion and no proof. You're right from a financial point of view but I'd rather have more physical gold and more variety. I'm a long-term holder for the pleasure of ownership. Financial gain is welcome, but secondary for me. Well done though for the coins you've secured over the last three years in particular - very smart decisions!
  14. Here's my bullion double. Just need the H&B sovereign to arrive now!
  15. I agree with @Midasfrog with regard to monetary appreciation. But for the pleasure of ownership, the bullion double sovereign is a nice size for actual appreciation of the coin 😄
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