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  1. I've dealt with them at least 5 times before without any problems apart from their terrible web ordering process. But this time has been somewhat unfortunate and frustrating. I bought the coin (and a Platinum Unicorn at the same time) for a very decent price on the dip and just want my replacement order to be fulfilled. it's been two months since I placed my original order. I am unlikely to buy much, if any, more physical platinum and there are usually good alternative suppliers for any future gold and silver purchases I make. Royal Mint will only receive my business if they are either the only possible UK supplier of something I want, or if they are significantly cheaper than anyone else.
  2. The people who actually make the coin in question 😉
  3. I called them on Thursday and got through after half an hour. They agreed that my replacement order had been outstanding "for a very long time" and they promised to call me and email me once they had news of when it would be despatched. They received my returned coin on 2 April and my replacement has not been despatched as of today, 25 May. I will be happy when it does finally arrive but I am very unlikely to use them ever again.
  4. The Victoria Old Head Florin reverse by Sir Edward Poynter would be another good one. (link to a page on the Chards site to show a picture) https://www.chards.co.uk/1899-victoria-old-head-silver-florin/7928
  5. I would like to see designs by Jean-Baptiste Merlen (ideally the William IV half crown reverse) and George Kruger Gray (the George V wreath crown reverse). Links to pictures on the Chards site: https://www.chards.co.uk/1834-william-iv-silver-half-crown/7926 https://www.chards.co.uk/1928-george-v-wreath-silver-crown-coin/6933
  6. A rising bullion price tends to be a good time to buy the numismatic coins, since their premium relative to bullion tends to be lower in a rising market. But I would say only buy such coins if you genuinely want to own them for pleasure, as opposed to maximising your profits. I only have 3 numismatic/collectable PM coins, for which I happily paid a premium of >50% over spot. I could sell one of them as bullion for a profit now!
  7. I'm still waiting for my replacement Platinum Dragon coin that I returned to them on 2nd April 😬 I have chased them several times and I haven't had a reply to my last email TWO WEEKS AGO.
  8. It's not exactly legal from a contractual point of view, but the business I work for has zero income at the moment and the business cannot be carried out online or over the phone. We have furloughed over 1200 staff (about 3/4 of the total) and most of the remainder are on full pay. There are about 20 of us whose pay has been cut by 20% despite working full time still. I'm doing about 50 hours most weeks for 80% of my previous pay. Hey ho. The alternative would have been to make lots of these people redundant and at least I still have a job and I can live within my reduced means.
  9. I'm still working full time (in fact I am being kept even busier than normal) but my employer has cut my salary by 20% anyway 😬 Unsurprisingly, this has currently stopped my ability to buy pretty much anything discretionary, never mind silver or gold...
  10. The answer to question 1 depends a little on your exit strategy. If you intend to sell as scrap gold, say to a bullion dealer in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter or Hatton Garden - I would say just buy the cheapest sovereigns you can find regardless of condition. I agree that if you buy from reputable dealers, a Sigma device or similar is not worth the expense. A reputable deailer will always allow you to return the item if it is not genuine. For question 4 - if you are just buying for weight (as in stacking) - no special storage is required. But you might fall down the slippery slope of actually liking the shiny metal objects you acquire, which might influence any future purchases and storage solutions 🙂 Enjoy your journey, I'm loving mine!
  11. Good advice in the previous two posts, IMO. my physical Pt is about 15% of my physical Au. I've bought it to hold and am not looking to sell, but I do expect it to be worth a lot more in 5 years' time than I paid for it.
  12. @Tattoedamat - I've not been looking that hard (I have the only 3 I want: Lion, Dragon (inbound) and Unicorn) - but the Yale is currently available at Bullion By Post (for over £900...). Once the Royal Mint site is back on, I think they have got Falcons and Bulls still as well, maybe Unicorns.
  13. Platinum Griffin is a 2018 coin, and the new obverse (heads side) was from 2018 onwards (and 2017 on the Anniversary Britannia coins). So it's probably OK! Edit: I've just checked images on several bullion sites and all of them have the chainmail guilloche-style obverse 🙂
  14. I am very keen on platinum, but I voted buy a gold coin. Easier to by at a lower premium, easier to sell. Edit: if you are buying purely to collect, then buy a platinum coin. Cheaper than gold, and differently lovely.
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