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  1. 2020 Royal Arms design is spectacular in platinum too. That and a Britannia would make a very nice duo. Below is a photo of the Lion, Dragon and Unicorn Queen's Beasts in platinum, plus a 2018 platinum Britannia. I have a Royal Arms coin as well, but to my shame I don't think I've actually taken a photo of it as yet...
  2. That 1867-1967 Dollar looks fantastic. Well done!
  3. I sold a gold crown from one of my own teeth for £37 as 2.1 grams of 14 carat scrap gold in 2017 😁 The tooth in question crumbled, so I kept the crown and turned it into cash!
  4. The first piece of gold that I owned was a 2003 bullion sovereign. It cost me less than £10, which was the entry fee for the 10km road race for which the sovereign was first prize 😁 The first piece of gold that I actually paid a full price for was a 2002 bullion sovereign that I bought in 2015, from Bullion By Post. I paid £245 for it. I still have both of these coins.
  5. I'm late to this, but the coin in the slab is definitely a halfpenny and not a penny. If it had been a penny, winning it for £100 would have been a massive result, even if cleaned. Hopefully it will be easy to obtain a refund as the coin is not as described. Even though the slab describes it as a penny, it isn't.
  6. Regarding platinum I would agree with dicker and HawkHybrid. If you want to hold the physical coins, they are expensive to buy and you will need to see a healthy increase in the current spot price if you want to make a profit. And the price is relatively high at the moment, its highest for at least 2 years I think - although still historically low and arguably still good value relative to other PMs. Consider putting the money into a Platinum ETF if you believe in the value case. This removes the element of premiums and VAT but of course you don't hold the metal and you run the actual/t
  7. Before the 2020 coin, I'm pretty sure there weren't any bullion double sovereigns issued for at least a couple of decades. Anything else post-2000 is likely either to be a £2 gold coin (i.e. the gold equivalent of the decimal currency coin) or the brilliant uncirculated 2014 double sovereign. Personally I would overlook all such coins unless I could buy them for the same prices as a 2020 or 2021 double sovereign with the traditional Pistrucci reverse. And anyway, the traditional double sovereign will blend in nicely with your other sovereigns.
  8. I like the bullion double sovereign and they are usually available to buy new from dealers at similar (ever so slightly more) premiums to the sovereign. For my hypothetical £1000-£1200 I would buy a 2021 bullion sovereign and double sovereign at a cost of £1050-ish at current prices (£350 + £700 ish).
  9. ^^^ That's a very big small and humble stack - well done!
  10. I've added to my physical and ETF holdings today, given the price drop to below £1365 yesterday. I am happy to continue adding to my gold stack when the spot price is below £1400. I hope it stays in this range for another 18 months until I've bought any coins I want that are released in 2022. After that, it can go to the moon 😃
  11. That's a really good, comprehensive reply from the RM. Nice to see - and thanks for sharing. I wouldn't get it graded as I think doing so misses the point for this coin. You have documentation proving that the coin is genuine, which is probably the most important thing to a prospective purchaser. And you'd want to be able to handle and enjoy the coin.
  12. It just got smashed down alongside pretty much all other assets - but yes even harder than silver (which went down to just over £10 per ounce) and gold (which dipped, but not by that much). Anyway - it was a terrific buying opportunity. I managed to exploit it a little, buying two physical 1 oz platinum coins (Dragon and Unicorn QBs) when the platinum spot price was about £520. They cost me £743 and £725 respectively, including premiums, VAT and delivery. So - not exactly going to make my fortune, but likely to be the cheapest platinum coins I ever buy!
  13. I suspect that it will be a fairly quiet stacking year for me, at least compared to the last four. Currently I plan to add a 2021 sovereign, maybe a double sovereign, and a 2021 1 oz Gold Standard Coin. I also fancy picking up a 2020 1/2 oz Britannia. I don't have any 1/2 oz gold coins, and I actually prefer the pre-2021 Britannia coin design to the new one. Perhaps some more gold too, depending on what else the Royal Mint release in bullion designs. I do not currently intend buying any more physical silver or platinum, unless the prices fall considerably (like they did in
  14. Still - that's already very good news. Were you always going to be keeping it, or might you be thinking of selling it? Not sure what I would do if it were mine. Unless it fitted into my collection in some way (even as a curiosity) I might be tempted to sell it to someone who would appreciate it more than me. Either way - well done!
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