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  1. @Bimetallic - I think that the Royal Mint 'bullion' coins are the equivalent to the 'BU' coins that you refer to from other National Mints. BU (as in Brilliant Uncirculated) usually refers to the grading of a non-proof coin, regardless of the type of strike or the quality of the blank. So if a coin has never been circulated, and has full mint lustre, it can, and should, be described as Brilliant Uncirculated. This applies equally to a circulating currency coin and a precious metal coin that is not designed for circulation. The fly in the ointment is that the Royal Mint also issues p
  2. Stuntman

    Queen's 70th Jubilee

    Yes she did, but she was widowed in 1861 and the Veiled Head didn't appear on the coinage until 1893. Until 1887, she was still trying to pass as a 19 year old on the coinage 😁 I think it's very unlikely that we'll see a different standard portrait on the sovereigns and other coinage, until The Queen is no longer The Queen. We may however see a special portrait for some of the 2022 commemoratives perhaps, in a similar way to the one-off portrait for the 1989 sovereign - although that portrait was all about the anniversary of the sovereign coin, rather than the anniversary of the
  3. Lots of interesting insight there. Thanks, Forum hive mind 🙂 (Anyway, I did stick a bit more money into my gold and silver ETFs last night and I'm feeling slightly smug that the price of both gold and silver has risen today 😁) I'll definitely look into that fund that @Spark268 has recommended above, once I get paid at the end of the month. It's good to know about these different options. I don't have much physical silver or platinum compared to my ETF holdings, although I do have more physical gold than ETF.
  4. The first medal appears to be dated 1539 (being MDXXXIX at about 11 o'clock in the first picture) if you didn't already know that. I was going to say that the second one appears to depict St Peter and St Paul and must be Roman, but @Bigmarc has already found exactly what it is 😃 They're both unusual and interesting. Keep enjoying them!
  5. So - given the above information and assuming that you would pay VAT or similar on purchases of physical silver - should we be putting money into physical silver, or silver ETFs? By the way, I'm not asking for any financial advice - just purely curious about the most sensible way to buy into this if you agree with the hypothesis that silver will move upwards in the reasonably near future. Instinctively I would put the money into ETFs rather than physical, given the ease of trading in and out.
  6. It's one of those cases where the grading is correct, but the eye appeal of the coin is not great. Or indeed awful! Personally I'd rather have a coin or bar with good eye appeal rather than one that may have fewer technical flaws but more visual flaws. But I don't have any graded coins and therefore I'm not chasing the 70. If it was mine, I'd look to return it if I could.
  7. I'm pretty sure that 1g bar appears genuine from the photos.
  8. Welcome to the club @Goldtion Buying a current year sovereign is always going to be a sensible decision. Low premium versus spot, easy to liquidate and not prohibitively expensive for many. But you will LOVE how a 1oz 999.9 gold coin looks and feels. Choose carefully - or be prepared to empty your bank account over the coming years to buy more of them!
  9. The value of the item has no bearing on whether or not the item is bullion. For example, if there were only a handful of 2021 bullion sovereigns produced (and in this context, I am using 'bullion' in the sense of it not being struck as a proof or brilliant uncirculated sovereign, both of which are produced to higher standards of qualiy - Insert your own RM quality control joke here...) - then they would command an enormous premium to collectors but they are still intrinsically the same product as a 2020 sovereign, struck in the hundreds of thousands I suspect. The word bullion derive
  10. I have one 1/2 oz coin, a 2020 Britannia - which I bought just because I wanted one of that size in my collection. I do like it, and would certainly stack 1/2 oz generic coins in preference to 1/4 oz generic coins, mostly because they are bigger and would have smaller percentage premiums compared to a 1/4 oz version of the same design and year. But - if I was looking to stack coins of this kind of size, I would probably choose double sovereigns over 1/2 oz Britannias - although having several of both would be very nice 🙂
  11. 37 pieces to go 🙂
  12. I suspect that some stock will magically appear once the silver price climbs back about £20 per oz... In the meantime, there are always ETFs and similar.
  13. I'm glad I checked my investment wallet at the weekend because I returned my 10 oz silver bar after talking to their customer services team and was expecting the RM to just send me a replacement. But they had just credited the money back to my investment wallet although they did NOT credit me the cost of paying for special delivery to return the bar. Cheeky sods. Anyway, I ordered another one on Monday night. Hasn't been despatched yet. On the positive side, the silver price had gone down since I ordered and the bar was about £14 cheaper, so still about £7 cheaper after factorin
  14. There will be quite a few on here who have more than 5 oz of gold, but probably not very many who have 100 or more separate pieces of gold (myself very much included). I'd far rather buy the pieces of gold that I most wanted, for as low premiums as I could. Aiming for say 1 kilo of gold could mean having 33 1 oz coins, for instance. Or 1 big bar 😁
  15. ^^ Yep. We might well get some special platinum coins in 2022, but they won't be called sovereigns. Or at least they darn well shouldn't 🙂
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