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  1. Stuntman

    Lion of England

    Lots of them were made. As already said above - it's the first in the series and later entrants will look to backdate. Plus it's a Lion and it's England (rather than 'Clarence' or 'Mortimer' etc) and a good design to boot in my opinion, so it's probably more desirable to more people. it's the last one of the series that I would part with personally.
  2. Plan how you will exit. What price will you sell your stack at, and how will you sell it? Answering those questions will have a bearing on what you stack and how you stack.
  3. My first silver ETF investment was when the spot price was about £10.90 and subsequent investments have been at prices between about £11.20 and £13.50. Haven't bought silver since March though, so have been missing out on a bit more opportunity over the last few months 😀
  4. This remains utterly hilarious. My silver ETF is up over 75% now (first investment in 2018), thanks Wonger!
  5. I'm certainly not against them making a profit either, but I hold the view that they should not be doing this particular thing AT ALL. It's not part of their remit, in my opinion. If the aren't making a profit from their core remit I would rather they wound down their core activities.
  6. @BrettChamberlain - I appreciate you engaging with us on this thread and have plenty of empathy(?) for the stand you are taking. However - what's your endgame? Given that you've drawn attention to the absurdity, why keep attempting these transactions? How will it end? Hoping it's not in a prison shower with Big Derek. 🙂
  7. If the Royal Mint was a privately-owned institution it could do what it likes. The merits of its graded coins and historical coin ventures could then be fairly judged by the market. However, it isn't. It's funded by the UK taxpayer and its role is mainly to mint coins for circulating currency, partly to mint bullion coins and partly to mint commemoratives and proofs for collectors. There are already plenty of private businesses offering graded coins and historical coins, we don't need another one funded by the taxpayer and whose prices are generally higher than what you can find elsewhere. As for the Royal Mint 'losing out' on the first Great Engravers coin - well it's their own stupid fault for setting such low mintage limits and not offering more variants. There is/was loads of unmet demand for a gold Una - I would love a 1oz bullion version or a quintuple sovereign restrike in BU. Mint lots more of them and make an acceptable profit from them. Easy!
  8. It just needs to crash in September when the last Queen's Beast gets released. Once I've bought the 1 oz and 1/4 oz bullion coins it can resume its journey to the moon 😀
  9. In my opinion, the Royal Mint should not be getting involved with this kind of activity at all. The same goes for their historical coin sales service. If there no longer is such a need for large volumes of coinage now that many people and many shops either insist on, or prefer, contactless payments - then reduce the size of the Royal Mint (even selling off the factory and the land, if necessary) and make the workers redundant. Harsh as that sounds, this is all being funded by the UK taxpayer so if we don't need the service, then let's not keep paying for it. I love collecting (some) coins - but this just feels thoroughly inappropriate and wrong.
  10. Well if Tesco really are going to accept the £20 and £100 coins, good on them. Does it provide an opportunity for arbitrage, then? Can you buy the £100 coin for less than £100 delivered using eBay, for example?
  11. I won't be selling any PMs for at least 6 months.
  12. Bread has always cost a lot of dough. 😁 Seeing @5huggy's loaf made me think "is it hand-poured"? Would ByB diversify into Backyard Bread? Anyway, we seem to be comparing apples with oranges now. 🙂 And @sovereignsteve - I agree about two women being potentially problematic. That said, I would just retain one of the women pictured above as my chauffeur, whilst I am busy attending to the other 😉
  13. Each to their own, but I have absolutely no intention to buy any such slabbed coins from the Royal Mint.
  14. Thanks very much for that link - very interesting. I wend to the Royal Mint Experience in February 2017 and own one of the 45,726 strike your own new £1 coins! So I own the one that's the least interesting and with the highest mintage! Hey ho. 😄 In my opinion, the most interesting of those coins is the 2018 Isaac Newton 50p, so it's not surprising (to me)) that it was a relatively popular choice for people to pay to strike.
  15. In terms of investment advice, you should always buy Old Masters. They tend to fetch a much higher price than old mistresses.. 😁
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