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  1. I think the margin is their time. A story of two tubes of the same new coins, both from Atkinsons. The first tube was bought along with the recommended capsules, but Atkinsons would not put them into the capsules for safer shipping 'because you're buying a tube'. Happily, the coins were 69/70s, but the 50p capsules were slightly two big. The second tube arrived empty - all the coins were outside the tube in caps, which fitted perfectly. However these all had the typical slight scratches (e.g. Queen's cheek) one might expect.
  2. They were Nigerian dwarves according to the upcoming BBC historical drama
  3. I don't think they'll reach enough entrants, these competitions usually don't and many people will know or even expect it. They'll have factored this in and decided that the increased exposure (it's worked on me as I'd forgotten all about them, and I'm not even entering!) is worth it.
  4. Looks good to me, and the handle makes it practical (?)
  5. As I'm on the list but waiting to see which model (dependent on prices) will I be able to select the one I want and options etc when you have the launch details?
  6. Do you know how the database will be curated/managed? The problem is there are so many (in the case of silver many hundreds of coins a year) and some are very obscure/rare. But e.g. if you have a silver coin of similar dimensions and the same weight as a known coin, the reading will be similar won't it?
  7. It's already here to an extent/on some levels.
  8. I've got a milk spotted NGC slabbed MS69 I'm willing to take offers on. If interested I'll check how bad the spotting is and compare it to the NGC register to see if it was graded with the one spot I believe it has (I don't think so, but it's possible - especially seeing the recent 2oz Proofs being graded as PF68/69 with spots).
  9. Very interested in a basic model (or a higher end one depending on the final price) - please feel free to PM me or tag me on here @EON when they're ready to ship
  10. Thanks @dicker I'd forgotten who Babbage was, all I saw was a terrible, lazy design... Realising who he was and what he did - wow - what an absolutely colossal failure by the Mint
  11. Tony Robinson* bought 3! * He gets upset if you call him Baldrick
  12. It's up to you if it's worth it for you as @HerefordBullyun said Thanks for posting, I don't always look in the Premium Section but I usually take a look in here
  13. Where else would a crook on ebay try to selld them?
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