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  1. They need to raise interest rates now (well starting a few years ago really, but too late there). Anything else and along with Covid things are going to spiral very, very quickly, and I'll accept that those who said it's a planned destruction of the system as we know it were/are right.
  2. 13 coins and a couple of bars is 13 coins and a couple of bars more than most of the people of the world have (and some can only dream of) Definitely avoid vintage/expensive numismatic stuff till you've built up your knowledge. I started with BBP too till I found this place (when low-tax silver from Europe still existed, but BBP are still too expensive for me - I think they have a 'sister' business that sells the exact same stuff cheaper - ?). Good wishes, and oh yes you'll have fun!!!
  3. Good review and I'll take a look at your channel I will say that imo these lovely little bars make 'more sense' (and are much more alluring!) when you have two or three to jangle together in your hand. They are really tactile and a pleasure to play with. So, if it's your first year and you could only get one, make sure you get subsequent years (or perhaps make an offer to the owner of your bar's number from previous years)! There are also discounts for membership levels and some postage discount on multiples, which all helps. Silver's really shot up since last year and I couldn't a
  4. I'd like this in a bigger size to show off the design. I have the 1oz gold bullion and it feels a bit like the party with the dwarves at Bag End at the beginning on The Hobbit.
  5. Atkinson's have an 'aim to dispatch within seven working days' on a tube of these. Chard's are not my favourite dealer but, given the delay anyway, might be worth considering for orders of multiples considering the saving (including the added postage cost). Worth keeping an eye on maybe, they're about a £1 cheaper as of right now even on one, but there is the wait.
  6. They had problems with this one with the caps coming open in transit and scratching the coins - I sent a few back myself. That said I'm sure they would have minted the max and they were very highly in demand, I just happened to find a company who were a bit under the radar (even on here) with stock. I don't think that 323 figure can be right. They can't restrike a SotD but of the few I sent back some may still have been 68/69s - I was being ultra cautious, but I bet those coins were recycled.
  7. Did I say you were just talking about bullion? No, because obviously you weren't. My point remains. The bullion is quite straightforward imo. They won't do a 1/4, the design doesn't allow it. A 2oz, a 5 oz? Maybe, but the 1oz is clearly 'the one to have' for the bullion collectors of the set. I only have the Lion and Griffin so bought this coin on its own merits as nice bullion at what I consider to be a pretty reasonable premium.
  8. Isn't it quite straightforward with the Beast bullion gold though? The Beasts themselves 1/4 oz or 1 oz, the Completer 1 oz?
  9. Received today, lovely as always, many thanks!
  10. Is that because they are the only ones to ship to Denmark? What about Royal Mint Bullion? So there are no import taxes for you? Very good! It sounds like you can afford one ounce Beast Completor (available at Atkinsons of London or Chards at the moment, perhaps the Mint too) and one Sov. As you plan to just buy and hold for a long time, but economic troubles may occur very soon, I would agree with @Touvex and say Sovs. 1/10th coins (e.g. Britannias) carry far too high a premium unless you can find a bargain. Chards secondary market Sovs are sometimes very nice ones som
  11. The Danes have surely loved their gold and silver throughout history? I bet people buy from the European dealers - you have great choice there. Niue is part of the Commonwealth and their coins are made by the New Zealand mint. Ignore those. I would go for the most recognisable European gold coins so @Touvex may well be right about Sovs for you, especially as your budget means you will need at least two fractional gold coins anyway. Rather than buy an ounce I would buy six or seven Sovs. Then you can add to them in smaller amounts as you can afford in future. If you do want an ounce a
  12. I would also look at the coins of neighbouring countries you can drive to with a coin or two in your pocket.
  13. What gold coins does Denmark mint? And what foreign coins are recognised and sell there? That may be a very good thing. Do you have coin shops and dealers in your country? You could be one of the first very sensible ones there! Not sure at all about this advice given where the OP is. Definitely, Sovereigns are one of the most internationally recognised and traded coins, but they fall behind Krugerrands. With the huge uncertainty in the world at present I would not rely on the popularity of what sells best on here, I would rather look to what can be sold from/within Denmark.
  14. Absolutely correct, and the 1/4 bullion is most in demand (and always has been) afaik. These came out the Mint in tubes though, not caps - ?
  15. I thought this had a fairly hefty premium for bullion but the coin appeals to me. It's not just one of a 'set' it's desirable in its own right as a standalone. And then I had a look around at the price of a few coins like the Lion of Mortimer - blimey Is it still being minted? Who knows?!! The Royal Mint reps telling people 'no longer available' means it's not is nonsense. That's just their default website/stock selling position (though happy to be corrected here on this one - until then they could be right by accident imo, or they may be wrong). I'm intrigued to see folks pouring i
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