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  1. Completely missed these, but even as a huge Kook fan don't find them particularly appealing myself. What say you @Kookaburracollector? Just FYI @Oystonousted
  2. So, more or less (about as close as it gets) what we have had with the COVID 'response'. As approximately 100% (give or take a few lone 'nutters') of the world would have said about this COVID 'situation'.
  3. Not defending it but VAT is already included.
  4. Thinking of selling my 2oz silver proof...any thoughts @Paul?
  5. No definitely not as simple as that, you need to research more imho, it can be sold! Would love to see a pic!
  6. You haven't met my good friend @SILVERFINGER yet then? You will never go back to anything other than rubber after meeting him... (A hose in the bedroom may also be a 'useful' purchase in advance of his thoroughly-researched 'instruction' )
  7. Cotton gloves are usually a waste of time imo, except for gold bullion you may wish to keep as nice as possible. They get oils from your hands as well as dust etc on the outside eventually no matter how careful you are. To wash them it's pointless in a washing machine with regular detergent as you're adding more possible contaminants. I think they're more for show than anything. Powder-free Nitrile one use disposable gloves are what you want imo. Also handy for lots of other tasks (clearing drains, dealing with mice etc) where you want protection for your hands but want to be able to feel what you're doing (another problem with cotton gloves is the lack of tactile 'feedback').
  8. kimchi


    Sweet! That's certainly a tidy amount, and a great price right now, wow (at least for someone in the UK) - well done!
  9. I'll watch it later, I'm eating, cheers! I didn't come to any conclusion - I told you what 'beetle' might mean.
  10. Sorry, don't want to watch the vid right now as I'm about to eat, but from the title 'beetle' would likely be from the Egyptian beetles - moon and sun rituals. Hence The Beatles. If you take a beetle and draw lines beyond its legs across the body that is the symbol for Baphomet. (The same as Roman numerals for the date of 9/11).
  11. You need to ask? Some of us 'conspiracy theorists' have been banging on about this place for years, but don't mind us, we are 'loons'! Perhaps Madonna has something to say about it all?
  12. No. 'Conservation' (cleaning) can only take away what should not be on the coin, it can't fix scratches etc.
  13. @MancunianStacker I believe in Carbon 60 (for now) but don't know that site/provider. Like CBD there are many shysters out there, so you have to do your own research on the maker. It's not number one for me in terms of any/this virus, I've already posted those. But what do I know? Did you listen to that sound file? Feel anything?
  14. @caloundracats @MancunianStacker my limited understanding (so stand happy and ready to be corrected!) is that 'traditional' oral Vit C is processed by the stomach, causing the infamous 'toilet trouble'. It needs to bypass the stomach and be absorbed directly into the intestines. Almost all traditional oral vit C will not get that far, hence one needs to take loads of it, with serious side effects (the loo!). Liposomal has fat molecules 'protecting' it as it passes through the stomach, and so does reach the intestines, where it does its job.
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