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  1. You've stopped paying your audiences???
  2. Sorry guys and gals just had a thought...a William with the usual reverse...the Mint won't be able to resist surely?
  3. I am not surprised (alas) and think you may be spot on about 2019, as well as the laser etching etc. I also expect you're right about the 2000s being better still than he 201xs (I'd have to go to storage to check). My 2022s look perfect and I was excited to see the special reverse (despite it not being a favourite), but for the first time time ever I looked at them and just thought 'meh' (in terms of strike and presence).
  4. I don' t have the 2017 proof to compare, but the Pistrucci Anniversary Strike on the Day of the same year looks similar to a proof (in grading terms PL - Proof Like) in terms of contrast. However that year's proof may be even more stunning, I don't know - I've never had both in hand at the same time. For 2018 I have both Proofs and SotDs (Sapphire Coronation). The Coronations are very close, they are absolutely stunning strikes, but the frosting (matte) and polished fields are slightly better (deeper, clearer) on the proofs. It is clear to me they had higher quality dies and/or more strikes. I don't have any 2019/20/21 proofs but I was quite shocked when I got my 2022s just how much less impressive they were than either the 2017 SotD or 2018 (both Proof and SotD), just as Dave says. I'd be very interested indeed to find out when the quality dropped and if it was dramatic, or a gradual decline from 2019 onwards. In any case, from 2019 the SotDs have been Matte, so can't be compared to regular Proofs (maybe they did this deliberately?!!).
  5. Sorry I know it's not the point of the post (I too have faith in silver, and everyone I've ever shown a 999 coin can't believe how cheap it is). Isn't land and property extremely cheap in certain parts of North America (including some very good ones if you want to be fairly self-sufficient)...I watch a lot of off-grid channels from here in rip off Britain with very envious eyes? A million for a house has me very very surprised!
  6. Yes we do all sorts here
  7. See it loud and clear It's a no-brainer really isn't it? Once the rush has stopped and premiums go down a bit mind, and with hopefully a drop in gold closer to £1300. As the jokers at the Mint might say 'we're here all year'!
  8. Absolutely! As many as possible for me this year, I'll be selling some other modern sovs to buy these for a few quid more The Proofs are definitely not what they were just a few short years ago alas, and from the photos these don' seem to be either, so I think you're right, or the Mint have just dropped their standards...
  9. If you have the (or rather a good amount of spare) money and are looking to pass down something to your heirs, that would be a nice set imo Much as I hate First Strike tomfoolery, if I was in that boat (too much money!), I'd be buying loads and getting them all off to NGC asap for that elusive (possibly one of a kind) First Strike 70s set!
  10. The Alderney has the original date on the reverse, one of many things going for it imo including a Jody Clark 'gothic Liz' portrait and more faithful weight and purity (plus they're already graded 70s) On the other hand the Latin inscription is spelled wrong
  11. Sapphire Coronation privy. Add up the amount of gold, and they've offered a flat rate over the phone without even seeing them (of course they have)! It's not an untypical offer from a dealer so no criticism there but...blimey! I bet poor OP's inbox is overflowing!
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