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  1. Absolutely! I'm personally willing to vouch on my Gold Member account for you, you're a good member here and well-trusted and lots of us know you to some extent personally @dangelo great tips on using his site, thanks! I always think the free magnet is worth it, can never have too many! Especially when teaching the young 'uns in the family about not just the worth of silver but the lovely coins, and how to spot fakes. Cheers!
  2. Oh wow Mind if I quote your review there and link back to this thread? I think it was a really well-written review which perfectly summed up this particular dealer (in my own experience). Credit where it's due, always, and you're a long-term member that many of us have had personal dealings with, have got to know well, and are very much trusted on here
  3. Thanks Katie, I've happily left a review @SILVERFINGER that's a great review mate, you should post it on the thread! You make a great point which is often not mentioned on here - that many of us are loyal to a handful of UK dealers even if they are a little bit more at times (not always the case, especially with the shipping from Europe!) and especially when they offer that really personal service that goes over and above. Great to hear from a stacker/collector! That was just my general advice really to anyone as of now. Actually because of current prices I think there's a good
  4. kimchi

    Silver Trader

    Having mainly used European dealers before, I made my first purchase from the Silver Trader late last year when I remembered at the last minute I needed a few special coins for Xmas gifts (so superfast shipping!), and Martin did not disappoint. Even as a new customer only wanting a few coins he was super helpful and gave me just as much attention as I'd hope for on a very large purchase. Great comms, super helpful and fast delivery. All the glowing reports I'd heard about him were spot on, buy with absolute confidence from this very helpful dealer.
  5. Unless you have a solid foundation stack and have money to burn I would recommend cheapest bullion (as long as it's lovely to receive something special)...the storm is approaching and the best thing to hold is the most recognisable silver bullion coins or bars in your home country (all imvho).
  6. Numi has shown coins from NGC that are as bad. He's also shown coins that have been given completely the wrong label (I forget which but let's just say I believe it was as bad as a UK coin being given a Mexican Libertad label and grade). Both companies should/will fix it for free as a 'mechanical' (i.e. their mistake).
  7. I find PCGS far more consistent on modern coins, whereas NGC you can submit a coin and get a 69 then resubmit (if it's not an 'obvious' 69 under good magnification) and quite often get a 70. NGC are better/more accurate of the two on many older coins I am told by my more experienced friends there. <edit> Perhaps some coins (from the Americas?) seeing @sovereignsteve's post below (???)
  8. Vast billions spent across the world on facial recognition systems, and now we 'have to' cover our faces (unless we are under 11 or in a restaurant etc). The Chinese social credit system (in theory) absolutely depends on facial recognition, e.g. to automatically fine people who jaywalk etc. It's not hard to see what might be coming if they can justify it by 'not enough people are complying'... Enemy of the State is a good (if scary) film. But it's from the early 2000s, things will have moved on greatly even if it showed the full extent of what was possible at the time (I don't believe so)
  9. 'I'm exempt' is enough (for now) - I'm not wearing anything that marks me as such, two words are easy enough, I don't mind repeating them.
  10. kimchi

    FU Royal Mail

    I had a PM SD stolen too recently. I've never heard of one before, maybe just coincidence? My impression was that with the tracking and filming etc the only way SD could disappear was theft (?)
  11. Absolutely. They investigate themselves, admit nothing, and then give you your money back. I didn't want to further trouble the seller (who felt terrible - and not their fault at all!) in my recent experience just posted above, but I did consider that it was worth reporting to the police. I don't know how that works with the postie as mine are great, I wouldn't be surprised if the Mail blames them for late service when they could just be having trouble parking up etc, and I wouldn't want them to have that. An hour or two however I would always claim.
  12. Wow, what an absolute nightmare I've only ever had one major problem with SD ('apart from' approx £2k worth of silver bought on here being sent all around the country for a whole week for no apparent reason whatsoever). The seller of that on here and myself agreed to split the refunded postage (£35 odd) between the two of us. I felt I should have got more for a whole week wasted at my end, but the seller seemed genuine, a nice person, and just as stressed as me, so I didn't want to ask him to try to claim any extra compensation (which I don't think he would have got anyway). More re
  13. I have a very poorly relative in desperate need of some electrolyte boost. I'm looking for the best possible product asap, which probably means ordering from Amazon, but needs must. However the range on there is quite overwhelming. As 'natural' as possible. Any recommendations? @Norskgeld any ideas as I know you are hot onto natural healing? Many thanks one and all in advance
  14. Looking at Epstein's island it looks quite likely to me she's already initiated into the deepest levels of the cult of ISIS. Not to mention Ra and El, only fitting really as she is Mossad. Elton's not too busy atm apparently (apart from spending time with his two young boys). Perhaps he can rewrite his 'goodbye England's rose' song one more time and call it Handler in the Wings?
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