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  1. I can't see the 'participate' button? (Maybe I am being stupid!)
  2. kimchi

    Perth Mint Blanks

    Many thanks. It's a 2016 which is the year I started stacking/collecting and it was the coin that really made me fall in love with silver (such a glorious coin!) so hurts rather. On the flipside, I paid £180 and will never sell for less than that. It's just a shame for such a beautiful coin - 10ozers are amazing. I would absolutely LOVE to get an idea of the supply chain for blanks, it may help to make things a bit clearer, but I don't know if we'll ever get a sense of it. There's been years of talk on here but we've never got very far really. Almost all the 'stacking' bullion see
  3. kimchi

    Perth Mint Blanks

    My question would be how many different types of blanks they produce and what are the differences, because Perth Mint Roos (not to be confused with the premium Royal Australian Mint Roos) are just as bad as Brits for milking in my experience. Their capsuled stuff is generally extremely reliable, the same as how capsuled Brits like the Oriental etc seem to fare much better (as well as being better struck imo). @dicker would that be a distinction you'd make yourself in your own experience (capsuled and premium - if rather less 'more expensive' on the 'special' Brits - rather than loose bull
  4. @BackyardBullion I am sorry, I did not mean to be rude (?). I am not inexperienced in a quantity of coins either, and I want a Sigma now. For 1oz (and more) coins they are extremely accurate, quick, and non-invasive. I thought I gave a balanced opinion of the fine service I believe you offer - obviously you disagree. Anyway, best wishes for 2021
  5. I'm going to offer a slightly contrary opinion here, and that is whether a 'newbie' has a Premium Membership or not makes no difference to me - I would be equally as hesitant. Paying a fiver or so for membership when you have zero rep or aren't known to the community brings nothing to wiser heads, though (if one had bad intentions) it may fool other new members (so a warning to those there!). Feedback, general rep when buying/selling, and involvement in the community are key for me. That said, if a 'newbie' (sorry for using that word again, hate it) comes on and makes some sales whic
  6. I wantssss it my precioussss, I needsssss it!
  7. Definitely an art/fan collector piece, I would absolutely love this, imagine keeping it with your original editions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings - that's pretty much the ultimate for a fan! It's 35 grams and looks to come beautifully packaged
  8. SORRY! Thought you said the 'prize'... About £100 I think
  9. Thank you buddy Has anyone used them?
  10. kimchi

    Music Legends

    I think the best time to sell (unless they are a personal treasure and part of a special collection, not to be sold) will be within the next 5-10 years (max). I don't see them as a series as such (I may well be wrong) and so see the rarer Queen, Bowie and then Elton coins (in that order, and greatly diminishing in value/interest as one goes down the list) as fan pieces primarily. @Paul is the expert there
  11. @BullionExchanges many thanks for your PM, wish I was in the US. I'm in the UK so if anyone finds a seller here please let me know
  12. I must criticise the Royal Mint here again though The site has 'limited' 2019 Snowmen Silver Proofs in stock. We all know these will be the returns from last year that no-one was ever willing to accept, so to release them now and possibly trick/entice novice buyers is disgusting imvho.
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