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  1. I don't like too much beef (just a little bit is fine) in my horseburgers so I buy from the major supermarkets Otherwise I'm allergic to Chlorine so don't drink it and certainly won't eat it!
  2. One thing strikes me as very blatant. From the death of Floyd well before the protests turned violent the BBC was hot onto this. That's how I predicted the UK riots to a friend (albeit only the day beforehand, but then I didn't really look at any of this properly until the 'protests' here were underway yesterday). Now we've had some riots in the UK and trying to find/listen/watch the 'important stuff' about it on the BBC today it's mainly about weird symbolic aspects on the website and TV and radio is back to Covid and...Madeleine McCann 13 years later. That one is always trotted out at key moments, it's a huge trigger for many. It seems to be getting more coverage abroad (e.g. Australia) - do we possibly expect to see riots there? 🤔
  3. I may be wrong but some thoughts from what I've seen... Watching the UK riot footage it's not much worse than if, say, all the football hooliganism from the 70s and 80s (almost all by whites) that went on every weekend was taking place at one venue rather than dozens of them. Not a lot of people know this but a lot of that was encouraged/inflamed/run by government operatives (of various kinds) too. You still see this today in other countries where the (very organized) 'ultras' have strong links both with the clubs and local or even national government, Italy is a prime example. That's a sociological essay in itself. The difference here is that the concentrated scale of it makes it far easier/attractive for opportunist looters to join in too, as well as anyone just angry with the lockdown or government in general. The US footage looks far, far worse to me, but race is the powder keg in the States and has been long before the Civil War, where it was simply a pretext, that is how far it can go. As a student of the history of the US and in particular race, the Civil Rights movement etc, there are very good reasons indeed not only why this continues to be such an issue, but why in so many respects things have got almost infinitely worse since the Civil Rights movement of the 60s. That is a book in itself and had my life taken a different turn I may well have published that book some years ago. To sum it up though, life has in so many ways become much worse for many inner city blacks since the Civil Rights Acts. As much as I admire him as one of my heroes, Martin Luther King Jr was 'used' to change things, but only so far. Why was he (deep state) assassinated? Because he'd achieved as much as tptb would allow and was starting to unite much of the the nation, intending to create a movement for the poor, the downtrodden - black AND white, together, united against the tyrannies or self-service of government against the interests of the people. Take a look at the dates he was killed and Robert Kennedy, a lot of hope died with them. None of this is 'niche' academic stuff - the evidence is clear as day, no-one credible can argue against it. So if Trump is saying 'this isn't about race' he is 100% right to do so. Of course, it blatantly is, but that is not the big picture here. It's about a huge effort to turn us all against each other and divide us as much as possible when we should all be together, marching peacefully on the government. They are about to be culled and deposed, they will happily let us take out as many of each other as we can before that happens, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't fall for it.
  4. A kneeling protest eh? Riots were always expected/necessary. I've been humming 'I Predict a Riot' for weeks, I'm sure I'm not the only one. And they seemed very well organised on the livestream yesterday, 'Bolshevik' agitprops would have been proud imo. 13 (!) arrests. 'I can't breathe' - well it all links up now, doesn't it? By George, Floyd had Corona!: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11779736/george-floyd-autopsy-coronavirus/ Perhaps it's a bit unfortunate now in hindsight (and given all the fires) that one of the main photos they have been using of him is him stood next to a Corona Light poster. He also had Fentanyl in his system, which is what killed Prince (also in Minneapolis). The night after Prince died buildings and landmarks were lit purple around the world including the White House and the Eiffel Tower. But that was for Liz's 'Purple Reign' of the same day, not for 'Purple Rain' Prince. Therefore I find it quite remarkable that buildings were lit purple in memory of Floyd. Purple is now apparently 'the colour which has been become synonymous with the struggle against oppression'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-52903747 Now Floyd is supposed to have moved from hugely multicultural Houston to overwhelmingly white Minneapolis to 'find a job'. Just doesn't make sense to me, is it a pointer - 'Houston we have a problem' (Tom Hanks, Apollo 13)? The return of the kids to school at the same time and the way it was done almost tempted me to send my relatives a link to Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)' music video but what's the point? Some of them don't even know what 1984 is. So to hear that the Cenotaph was 'attacked' is strangely reminiscent of David Gilmour of Pink Floyd's son going to prison for hanging off it after the student tuition fee protests (which also received disproportionate media coverage). Don't mind my strange ramblings, to misquote Jimmy Greaves 'it's a funny old world'!
  5. Um, have you checked the monstrosity on the obverse?
  6. Big mistake Without going into details, I'd be very careful about giving anyone unknown your bank details. Much trouble (fraud) can ensue. Anyway, thanks for sharing
  7. It's not just that (unless it's a photo artifact) - the matte finish seems to have quite a few spots missing (more than usual for these issues).
  8. Very wise (i.e. essential) not to talk about it within earshot of others I would say it depends on your relationship with your brother and how much you can swear him to utter confidence, but better safe than sorry. Just leaving him to bumble through some of the over-priced and undesirable stuff from the Royal Mint is not ideal if he's really seriously planning to proceed. You needn't say much, you could just say from time to time you know a chap who reckons this coin will be good, or that you read a while back from some hardcore collectors just to build up some sovs, etc Of course if your brother does start collecting he must know how important it is to keep quiet about his own stuff (even if he doesn't know you have anything). Don't lie (unless people can overhear) - just 'selectively' guide him.
  9. Pulling a completely different point that none of your unnecessarily rude (to the OP) posts were about (out of your rear end presumably), nor addressing the particular point I was making...or at least that's what it looks like, I'll go back - in all fairness I may have missed something (and if so I shall apologise ). Nope, not seeing it at all, all I see is unwarranted insults to someone who used a well-known, often used, and high volume/turnover company who was concerned, and asked for advice. Not sure what you get out of such replies, but then I don't see what politicians pay small fortunes for to be done up in nappies and treated as babies by 'ladies and/or gentlemen of negotiable affection' (spanking £100 extra). Maybe I'm weird. Or maybe you're a politician (?). I wouldn't and don't use the company myself because I won't accept no customer service (or worse) when things don't arrive in a reasonable timeframe (some Royal Mint products can be over a month at least too, just as one example, but they don't abuse you directly if you make an enquiry). That said I know many people on here who are happy repeat customers of this company - their 'limitations' of delayed delivery/lack of comms are acceptable to some high volume/value buyers. And that said GSBE are sometimes very cheap or the cheapest (all kudos there), but oftentimes they either aren't, or a competitor will price match them, so I think you owe the OP an unequivocal apology for your ridiculous insults.
  10. Not worth bothering with in silver imo, pure half ounce coins are the minimum and 1oz are the 'standard'/popular/common with 2oz on a fair few issues, then you have 5oz, 10oz and even kilo coins on others. Or as @jonrms succinctly put it 'WHY????' for silver! Go for as large as you can for far lower premiums on gold (maybe platinum, I don't follow that metal) as Melon said. Unless you're buying a lot, for me Sovereigns, 1/4 and 1/10th ounce gold coins provide a decent balance between liquidity and premium if bought from the right places. But, if you can only afford 2.5g of gold then 2.5g is infinitely better than nothing at all!
  11. You're talking about gold? If so, yes!
  12. It's not always the worst option either. Failing to see your point.
  13. Could have got a tenner+ more I reckon (depending on condition, which your photos don't really show - it looks like lots of dust on the capsule, which is expected for a coin that age in that kind of box). Bargain imvho - shame you didn't get better advice on here... Many thanks for letting us know how it went
  14. Is there a market for 'errors' on these? I thought they were very niche 'art pieces' - ?
  15. Completely missed these, but even as a huge Kook fan don't find them particularly appealing myself. What say you @Kookaburracollector? Just FYI @Oystonousted
  16. So, more or less (about as close as it gets) what we have had with the COVID 'response'. As approximately 100% (give or take a few lone 'nutters') of the world would have said about this COVID 'situation'.
  17. Not defending it but VAT is already included.
  18. Thinking of selling my 2oz silver proof...any thoughts @Paul?
  19. No definitely not as simple as that, you need to research more imho, it can be sold! Would love to see a pic!
  20. You haven't met my good friend @SILVERFINGER yet then? You will never go back to anything other than rubber after meeting him... (A hose in the bedroom may also be a 'useful' purchase in advance of his thoroughly-researched 'instruction' )
  21. Cotton gloves are usually a waste of time imo, except for gold bullion you may wish to keep as nice as possible. They get oils from your hands as well as dust etc on the outside eventually no matter how careful you are. To wash them it's pointless in a washing machine with regular detergent as you're adding more possible contaminants. I think they're more for show than anything. Powder-free Nitrile one use disposable gloves are what you want imo. Also handy for lots of other tasks (clearing drains, dealing with mice etc) where you want protection for your hands but want to be able to feel what you're doing (another problem with cotton gloves is the lack of tactile 'feedback').
  22. kimchi


    Sweet! That's certainly a tidy amount, and a great price right now, wow (at least for someone in the UK) - well done!
  23. I'll watch it later, I'm eating, cheers! I didn't come to any conclusion - I told you what 'beetle' might mean.
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