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  1. VelociteeSteel


    Ordered from these guys on 8/10 in the afternoon, delivered on the 12/10 with a weekend inbetween those dates. Order dispatched from Germany same day as ordered and for a small extra charge was able to add the Trust Shop insurance protection. Well packed order, good email communication and reputable courier. I would recommend and would certainly buy from again. Note, site is in German but with an option to convert into English, only currency option is Euro but that works well with Transferwise (in my case) and is cheaper than a lot of European dealers that convert into Ster
  2. Update, payment now gone through and showing in MM account. TY for info about Transferwise i'll look into them for future reference.
  3. I noticed before ordering you could pay them in many different currencies, i choose the £. When you used transferwise (which i've never used) did you pay into them in £'s and what were the fees like. Unfortunately my account for this order is still "awaiting payment" and i'm still waiting for an email reply.
  4. Has your payment gone through ok, my BT hasn't been received by them yet although I've had confirmation through from my Bank. I know they are busy though!!!!
  5. Thanks for the reply, deffo would like the 2oz box.
  6. Let me know how you get on with expanding your order, i was thinking the exact same! 🙂
  7. Hi Alun, Could i have a Black QB 2oz pls and could you do a 10oz box without the Queens beast emblem
  8. Thanks for the info, got mine for £232 and a 2oz Greyhound for £49 + £13 p&p
  9. Hi, I'll take the 10oz Valiant 2019 pls at £275 delivered. PM me your details. I'm away for the rest of the day so pls don't expect a quick response.
  10. Email and ask....email addy is on the site
  11. I ordered from Mad4silver based on the comments from this thread, so i thought i'd add my experience. I placed an order on Friday evening as the site does only open at 9:30pm, if paying by BT (to get discount), they email you their details over, when paid you get another email confirming you've paid. Coins arrived Tuesday in a jiffy bag, all the coins were in self seal bags and wrapped in protective foam. Super easy transaction and i would use again.
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