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  1. I'm curious to know, can you tell why there is a difference?
  2. My prediction based on the slow decline of prices this year. £1000 Gold £14 Silver
  3. Has anybody got the above that they would sell for a fair but reasonable price, i'm open to an exchange for BU silver instead of cash if required. Prefer not to be graded and in original box with coa. Thanks for looking
  4. Hi, Thank you for the enquiry, i have looked at the shipping costs (i think it's about £8) but they don't come with any PM insurance , are you also aware there will probably be VAT duty payable your end. Not wanting to put you off but are you unable to source these from an EU member of the forum/pm dealer, my worry is if they are lost in the post, Kind regards, Ian
  5. € Cost of goods + shipping €290 VAT @ 20% on €290 at whatever that works out into £'s Plus Courier charge to cover admin. No import tax or customs duty Can the seller zero rate his VAT for an export overseas transaction, that might save a few £'s
  6. 5 more of these lovely Brit's still available.......Friday payday bump
  7. So how do auction houses that have sold a single gold coin for £25k get it insured for delivery.....the whole question just perplexes me as to how does an individual deal with these issues. I'm rather hoping a dealer/auction house could answer my question. But so far RMSD to £2.5k is the best we have as individuals........doesn't seem like a very good option for any of the scenario's i've mentioned and in this day and age, £2.5k isn't such a large amount anymore.
  8. Hypothetical question, but how do you cover a PM order valued at say £4.5K which can't be split when sending within the UK and/or overseas. Is there a courier that will insure or do you have to find insurance via a third party. And can somebody clarify, RMSD max cover is £2.5k but if they lose a £4.5k parcel you're not covered.
  9. I actually found it on etsy dispatched from France, must be the same guy......really wish i'd bought the 10oz now.
  10. Where did you get the box from, looks tidy. Does it take the 1 oz and 10 oz bars as i've got some coins in caps that could go in there!
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