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  1. RM have some too! Here's the link... https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/silver-coins/the-queens-beasts-white-horse-of-hanover-10oz-silver-bullion-coin/
  2. I've just spotted the 10oz greyhound isn't showing on the RM web-site anymore. Better keep an eye out for this in the near future and the way silver is dropping in price this may well be the cheapest 10oz QB of the series.
  3. Rang RM today, cs told me probably not being sold through RM only their dealers. I've enquired with Bullion by Post as was told they are an official fealer and they don't have any ordered yet, so anybodies guess as to what's happening!
  4. Agree totally except Alibaba should be considered the world's biggest market for fake goods...........these then end up on Ebay.
  5. Is this a new insert or an adapted one?.....so many on here will want the 2oz & 10oz version, i know i do!
  6. It's the BBC, full of lies, manipulation and propaganda...
  7. Oh i love it when Ebay sellers state "pictures form part of the description" with rubbish pictures...gotta love 'em!
  8. As of this moment, they aren't even there anymore...
  9. It's not a proof PF, so numbers not limited to 750, MS70 is a marvelous result though for an MS, only 66 in this grade with another 19 labelled as first releases.
  10. 5oz silver still available at £530 with mintage of 500, by comparison 5oz QB was £465 mintage of 300....RM milking it in more ways than one!
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