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  1. My company has 2 Ebay shops and i've been selling from 2008, managed payment funds are released when Ebay have processed the payment. some we've had funds available before dispatch but not always.
  2. Agreed, it's my only Gold QB coin as i was late to the party. (not arrived yet as it was a pre-order with Chards and now delayed, but i'm not bothered as i know i'll get it sometime).
  3. Royal Mint now have the 1oz Gold bullion back in stock, pricey compared to others.........thought they weren't available anymore!
  4. I ordered mine from Westminster as it's cheaper than buying direct from EIC, had an email from Westminster stating delayed but should be dispatched 8/6, we'll see! EIC web-site is all over the place along with their statements on sold out/last few coins then reappearing with loads more stock, the first coin in the series "Victory" now has 190+ coins available when stated sold out not long ago, this created a wave of price increases on the secondhand flippers market on Ebay. I'll keep my thoughts to myself but i smell a rat...
  5. Oh, i hope this guy doesn't make a second mistake and sell them at auction!
  6. Try tab shop on the top, then new on the left hand side.
  7. No 2oz or 5oz gold on RM, CC had the 5oz but no 2oz's.........
  8. No 2oz or 5oz Gold on the RM site, CC had the 5oz but where are the 2oz'ers
  9. Bad ass UK style...and our Government runs scared!
  10. last bump before pulling, open to offers if that helps!
  11. I have for sale 8 6 x 1oz James Bond silver bars, there was a total mintage of 70k. 6 4 are in caps, 2 still in their original RM wrapping with barcodes on the back, all good condition without spots but i can't see behind the barcodes to check these ones. £39 £37.50 £37 each for the cap versions £38 £36.50 each for the original versions plus post of your choice (only SD is insured) All 6 remaining for £224 including RMSD BT only please. Thanks for looking, i forgot the piece of paper with my name on, i can provide if you require.
  12. 5oz James Bond Special Issue Silver proof coin in box with leaflet + coa + outerbox A Limited Edition Presentation of only 440 coins Features the classic Bond car – the DB5 Beautiful condition £845 £795 £745 inc RMSD post but will still consider a very close offer, BT only please. Pictures all taken today but i forgot to include my piece of paper with date so have added a digital signature, should you require further proof i can do that for you.
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