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  1. Indeed. One of the reasons I'm actually happy about not getting the gold today. £10k locked up for the next few years.... Don't tell Mrs BYB...
  2. Yeah, but the difference will be that there will be tiny tiny numbers available for people as most will have gone for the combo order. If you thought today was a bloodbath then just wait for March 2022
  3. How's everybody feeling after the day has passed now? Hopefully some coins will start coming out soon, it did say early December dispatch for the 2 oz silver and 2 oz gold. I'm super excited to see the gold, whilst I don't have one for myself a very close friend of mine got the gold so will be able to actually see it and film with it when he gets it! I'm just hope we don't see any major capsule issues like with the sovereign. The last thing anyone wants is a duff/damaged Gothic Crown!
  4. One last note on FOMO A very good and old friend of mine that I introduced to coins and indeed this series was super lucky to get a 2 oz gold He feels terrible he got one and I didn't But I don't - I get to film it and showcase it and not have the worry of having spent £10k on two coins and then working out what to do with them! Life is too short to have worries over such things.
  5. Just a word to everyone out there involved in this morning's blood bath. Lots of emotions will be flying around regarding queue systems, getting on in the first place and then even buying! For those lucky few that got the 2 oz gold now comes the even harder bit, actually deciding what to do with it and if you are after profit how to best make that profit. FOMO and feeling bad for not buying the 2 oz gold is natural but it will pass - this was basically a lottery this morning. I estimated about a 2% chance of getting a gold and 5 oz silver and about 20% of getting a 2 oz silver. Try to not feel bad if you missed out, its only money and the green eyed monster can be a bad path to fall down. Look after yourselves all!
  6. Check your order confirmation emails, if you ordered the Quartered Arms & Portrait then you are good to go for March. Otherwise you are going to have a stressful morning come march!
  7. Im always super wary of things like this. It is so easy to list something and then buy it with a mates account. It then shows up in the sold section for all to benchmark against and judge it is OK to buy others at that price. Not accusing this seller of that, but when there are other coins exactly the same that are up for buy it now considerably cheaper it makes you wonder. Ebay currently has one for £929 from Britannia Coin Commpany (who have it listed for £799 on their website) and then it ranges from £1250 up to £2000+
  8. So, a good friend of mine got in super early, he was about 200 in the queue at 9am He saw zero listings for the 5 oz gold All that he could see was the 2 oz silver, 5 oz silver 10 oz silver and 2 oz gold He was super lucky to get the 2 oz gold I was 400th in the queue and had the 2 oz gold in my basket before it disappeared - I was so close but no banana.
  9. I think a large proportion of the coins were either allocated to dealers or pre-reserved for mint marque members. I would be surprised if there were more than 1500 actually available for general sale this morning.
  10. Looks to be completely sold out now on the Royal Mint. Just opened up an incognito tab and there are over 10,000 people waiting to get onto the site!
  11. Not at all The queue is going down so slowly which says one of two things to me 1). The Royal Mint have drastically reduced the number of people they are letting onto the site at one time. 2). There are a lot of people hanging around when they are on the site just to make sure any key coins magically come back in stock. These will all sell by the time the queue gets done I just did a new incognito tab and the queue is in the 8000's
  12. Got the 5 oz silver and 2 oz silver Was so close to gold - had it in basket but it then disappeared!
  13. GIVEAWAY Announcement - The Gothic Crown Is Coming Tomorrow - Who Will Win The Royal Mint Lottery!?
  14. I have heard of the app, never used it. There are plenty of other easy tests you can do without pinging a coin - which is not always practical without potential damaging a coin. Weights, measures, specific gravity are amongst the easiest ways of checking
  15. I was just thinking this the other day. I really was looking forward to a bars collection!
  16. Mine was all about the Britannia rather than sovereign. I would have preferred the sovereign book to be fair!
  17. Well, I got a birthday present this year from them, so I am in silver at least! It was a history of Britannia book. I mean, it was nice and all but it's not really a big financial benefit for spending £5k+ 😜
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