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  1. Think the jm bar was the one listed on here, I had an eye on it but it was over 100% premium was still tempted myself but prefer mine in assayed cards.
  2. Last week I received a awesome little graveyard hand poured piece from the talented @Jamesd and a sharps pixley 1gram gold assayed bar to fill up the never ending pamp box have got the UK, Europe covered now to hunt the rest! haha
  3. @Jamesd don’t know if it’s cheap enough, but prime for melting.
  4. Today I received another lovely shield half sovereign for my collection dated 1892 thanks to @lxy70713 and a valcambi Suisse 1g gold bar to go with my assayed gold collection slowly getting around the 🌍
  5. Very true but also don’t be shy to visit a bullion dealer for sovereigns face to face no paperwork until £1000 threshold, but just solely to build a relationship mainly.
  6. Ah I see so it’s a double sov, thank you for the insight brother
  7. I agree completely, but even though delivery is insured if I was buying a monster box of Britannia’s for £150,000+ I would trust only myself with collection from the mint itself or a very trusted dealer after inspecting them of course.
  8. Awesome coin regardless of the misspelling, forgive my lack of knowledge is it still 7.9 and a smaller coin? I just read 1 sovereign so I’m wondering how it’s achieved it’s wonderful thickness.
  9. Today’s additions through the door, some more of my favourite constitutional USA silver courtesy of @DuncanWylieWilson once again, and a immaculate 2017 privy marked sovereign with thanks to @Goldfinga
  10. Sorry to message through an old listing but not sure if your receiving pm’s, I messaged you within a hour of this listing for the possibility of reserving until first thing today you replied “aye reserved” I’ve dealt with you previously before and held my word and we had no hick ups, but the past two times I’ve been told it’s been put aside two days later no opening of my messages and it’s been swept aside, I understand your a businessman and if the opportunity comes up you’ll sell sooner with less parcels you’ll take it, just seems a bit backwards if I’ve never wronged you previously. sorry regardless if I’ve got it wrong.
  11. I’ll buy one if you would split, thanks in advance
  12. I agree your sense of humour does make me laugh almost nightly on here, anybody’s a victim.
  13. You’ve got me again! It’s been a long day the latter.
  14. 🤣 just a bit, love a half shield from you guys.
  15. Thank you for the correction and information I’m fairly new to sovereigns so I’m still learning gradually.
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