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  1. And secondly another little addition to my gold stack, a beautiful little 1/10 oz gold AGE, from @GSTrading slight mark on the bottom but sold as bullion condition, happy as regardless. why is gold and silver so infectious?! 🤣
  2. Another day another couple of delivery’s first is a couple of beauty’s from a new member/seller on here @Orioreo a 2010 AGE and a gleaming 2021 Britannia pictures do not do it justice.
  3. Luvly jubly I was impressed with mine also, the black Royal Mail packaging was nice but it was all very tight fitting.
  4. A cheeky little 1/20 oz libertad came through the door today, tiny I know but a beautiful coin in its own right! Can’t stop small purchases atm leading up to my kilo bar on Friday! 😬 taken with zoom!
  5. Sounds like I’m a coin addict... probably more efficient to be fair haha.
  6. Ok perfect by it saying it’s 900/1000 purity does that mean it’s 22crt? just weighing up my odds as I may take the gold panda instead, but I really like the Mexican coins haha
  7. Beautiful coin received today from @fehk2001 posted through my door at 3am in person, that’s a service Royal Mail will struggle to match! 😂 1oz Silver 2020 zues coIn
  8. Morning mate I was enquiring about the 1/20oz gold lib
  9. Hi @srashid I’m interested in the Mexican lib what year is it?
  10. Hi there sorry if I’m being stupid but are some of these 1oz and the others 2oz? I ask because of the difference in price that’s all, I wouldn’t mind a zues coin if available
  11. Wow could you imagine! I may look at a change of career 😂 I think I would have to be honest and hope karma would bring some sovereigns my way haha. but who knows there may of been 10 pouches in there originally. nice to see another herts collector/stacker
  12. No I just thought it looked nice and different
  13. Not that I know of mate they was only a limited mint of a 1000 and was on preorder for a few weeks it was only released yesterday, but you never know they don’t always stick to there words, keep an eye out on here I’m sure a few members bought extra’s just don’t jump on eBay for one 🤣
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