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  1. I misread the post mate I’ll take the 5 if available still.
  2. Thanks mate I am currently collecting sovereigns as well but the more expensive shield backs so I keep steering towards the premiums currently haha.
  3. I’ve currently got 12 so need another 13 to fill the box, need valcambi, heraues, apmex, igr even engelhard do a 1gram bar.
  4. I guess I might be touching on a sensitive subject to some on the forum, but I would love to know everyone’s views on 1gram assayed gold bars from around the world etc, I know they carry a higher premium because of manufacturing costs etc but in the grand scheme it’s nothing for how much more there harder to make but be attainable for younger or unintentional stackers birthday gifts etc, and let’s face it with most of the precious metal world it’s premium in and premium out when time to sell, personally I think me filling a pamp box to equivalent of 25g of world wide bars will be worth over a Troy ounce of one desired coin bar. i might be rambling let me know your thoughts all
  5. Congratulations @Rincewind2016 awesome prize 👏🏼
  6. Beauty through the post today for a awesome price as well, 1869 shield back half sovereign thanks again to @ilovesilverireallydo
  7. Don’t threat you bought it because you wanted to, enjoy the purchase.. and if the time comes to sell it in years to come there will always be a buyer or a bullion dealer, it may be ten times the price by then fingers cross brother .
  8. What a monstrous beauty haha what size is that if I may ask?
  9. Evening as you can see I don’t like football, so here we have a umicore 2.5 gram assayed gold card which was purchased on the forum during the past year, im on a hunt for 1 gram assayed cards from around the world so I would like to trade my 2.5 gram bar for two 1 gram bars and part cash unless you have something rare and I would be willing to exchange it for 2x 1gram assayed cards (mad I know) failing that I’m willing to sell it for £120 posted via signed for first class. the photo below is the card and the second is the assayed cards I currently have so if you have something I don’t have and are interested please let me know thanks I’m advance.
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