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  1. Here I have a 2015 1/4 oz gold Brittania sold as bullion, coin is in good condition with only light handling marks. I’m asking for £340 plus sd postage. bank transfer only please. thank you for looking. now sold.
  2. Beautiful a mark bars, but will you sell your mr’s red tinsel gloves your wearing? Trying to get em in early for Christmas, let me know cheers
  3. Last week I received 🤣 late post due to a suicidal iPhone, a beautiful 2 1/2 dollar 1914 Indian Head from the Denver mint, one of my favourite coins out there the depth and detail is incredible just a shame about my photos, thanks again to @Leonmarsh
  4. @DuncanWylieWilson normally has a good selection snug fitting and can help with sizes.
  5. I’ll take the emirates if I can pay via PayPal?
  6. Love a good story like this, must have some security there currently putting it out there before it’s been dug, assuming they’ve retrieved it a month ago maybe.
  7. Today I have for sale: 100gram silver metalor bar .SOLD. 2.48 ozt silver Britannia st bees silver hand poured and hammered unique bar with Britannia set in it, mintage of 4 comes with its c.o.a £70 plus postage of your choice. Purchased on the forum for £105 two months ago. 2010 american silver eagle 1oz silver coin slight toning around the rim beautiful coin and condition, £28 plus postage of your choice. SOLD thank you for looking.
  8. Well done brother what a find regardless, I haven’t got any details for you only that the shield backs are rarer and more sought after.
  9. One silver 1kg bar , for quick sale purchased on here for £766 postage included. This listing I’m asking £750 posted tonight.
  10. Just a tiny addition to my gold stack couldn’t turn it away really as it was 2.5% over spot on here after you took the postage off these normally have a very high premium so I’m very happy.
  11. Today I got a nice little waffle back Engelhard 10 oz bar for my collection, can’t wait to order the 100oz in a couple of months.
  12. Some lovely additions today, consisting of: austrian 1976 100 Shillings A beautifully meaty 5 francs from 1848. and some more us constitutional silver for my stack, but my favourite has to be a whole album filled with Utah, Nevada and New Hampshire goldbacks, which are truly stunning, thanks again to @DuncanWylieWilson
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