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  1. Afternoon guys here I have a brand new marsh’s sovereign book unused, was purchased with mine as a gift for a friend who ended up already owning one and I never returned it, excuse the stock photo but the book is new wrapped up at home, im asking what I paid £28 posted 1st class, any questions please ask, thank you for looking.
  2. Re listed this awesome piece of history absolutely stunning in hand if coins could talk. £440 posted sd. thanks for looking.
  3. Absolute madness! maybe it’s a sign 🤣
  4. @stefffana no flies on you this morning!
  5. Message @Tozer he should be able to help you, And he may also be able to give you a price.
  6. Bank holiday bump! open to sensible offers and part trade maybe gold/cash.
  7. I know it’s crazy but this forum seems to be for sovereigns or close to spot haha, thank you for the post it’s some insightful reading really do like this coin still in two minds. 🙃🤣
  8. I’m usually the same with slabbed coins, there’s only certain coins I’ll make the jump to slabbed if there rare/highly faked etc.
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