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  1. Awesome pieces and happy 40th birthday mate.
  2. Apologies for the delay some fractional silver to bump up and sweeten the deal!
  3. Back to £35 posted 1st class, but with an added premium silver bonus! All items bought from the forum.
  4. Reduced to clear to £28 posted first class signed for, the toned three pence cost £16 off the itself.
  5. Don’t mate I thought 24k was tougher than coa’s! It ended up being a relief that they didn’t fit in that tube! 🤣
  6. Just note if you’ve got a 1/10 rm tube you can get carried away but as mentioned the panda’s don’t fit the generic 1/10 tube which upset me after buying two for the tube, the following happened before I found that out 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️. IMG_1234.MOV Heartbreaking eager me cutting into a parcel ffs 🤣
  7. Here I have for sale a graded piece of history a gold nugget retrieved from the ss Central America which sank in 1857 with 13,600 kg of gold on board causing the Great Depression the year afterwards. Reduced to £125 posted sd. payment by bt please, thanks for looking.
  8. Nice little English bundle consisting of a lovely toned 1889 jubilee head florin and a superbly rainbow toned 1886 3 pence piece. Plus a added premium silver bonus! reduced. payment by bt, thanks for looking.
  9. Nice and simple one here, 3 oz of American silver consisting of two vintage a-Mark bars and one ampex bullion Vault bars. posted first class signed for or add £4 for sd payment by bt please.
  10. Top man thank you Andrew! saving me from eBay 🤣
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