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  1. Gawd damn! Love it thx for sharing! 😍👍
  2. +1 The answer that best describes my feeling and thinking regarding capsules. Additional, I don’t like scratches or dents of any kind in whatever I collect (whether that may be precious metals, collector’s items, etc). I just want them in like new condition. It’s a psychological thing that is completely not in tune with reality. But that’s ok, because that is what makes me happy. 😝 Beautiful!! 😍
  3. My coin just came in via courier 25 minutes ago. Here are the close up pics. Enjoy!
  4. If I’m buying silver, it will be Royal Canadian Mint only. If it’s gold, it will be RCM and Perth. Will also consider RM Brittanias and US Mint Buffalos if opportunity arises.
  5. I have been invested in the stock market for over 30 years, and I certainly didn't cherry pick stocks when I first started. I went with my bank's mutual funds as part of my RRSP (registered retirement savings plan). Over the years, my mutual funds grew and it was only within the past 5-6 years that I transferred my mutual funds from the bank to a reputable private equity investment firm. I did this because my bank's mutual funds could no longer provide the growth that I was looking for. My portfolio manager then liquidated the mutual funds and invested the proceeds into 38 individual high quality stocks, 2 trusts, and 2 ETFs. My stocks are now spread across a wide spectrum of industries; if one sector in the stock market should fall, the other sectors will be there to compensate and minimize the loss in the market downturn. My portfolio manager also takes an active role in analyzing my portfolio, and makes recommendations to add/sell stocks. So investing is not static; if the situation warrants, you need to buy and/or sell accordingly. So what I'm trying to say is that it takes a lot of time to get to where I am now. But it all starts with investing and staying invested. Regarding your last comment, you don't need to be smart or have gone to post secondary in order to do well in investing. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Where you have weakness, surround yourself with people who are highly knowledgeable in their field of expertise. When you surround yourself with talent, even a mediocre person will look like a genius.
  6. Correct, slow and steady is the sure way to build wealth. 👍
  7. I understand your trepidation, as many people have lost money in the stock market. What you need to understand is that investing in the stock market is long term. You invest in both value and growth stocks. You buy stocks that have good fundamentals, good balance sheet, good profit, good business model. The one main lesson you need to learn is that you must be a contrarian investor. That is, when everyone panics and starts selling, you hold on and wait. When stock prices are depressed, you go in with cash and buy the depressed stocks at cheap prices. When everyone buys stocks and prices go up, you sell for profit. This is where the adage "buy low, sell high" is applicable. I have been in the stock market since the early 1990s, and I have gone through both boom and recession. And each time my stock portfolio has rebounded and has done better. But this all depends on the stocks you hold and the investment advice of your portfolio manager. You hold mediocre stocks or get bad advice, you won't fare well. I'm lucky to have both good stocks and a good portfolio manager. Examples of current stocks I'm holding now, and why I hold them: Berkshire Hathway Class B - no explanation needed for this one, you follow the "Oracle of Omaha" and you can't go wrong Johnson & Johnson - makes covid vaccine and other pharmaceuticals Alphabet Class C - Google stock, no explanation required Royal Bank of Canada - bank stock that pays dividends, and future long term growth Amazon.com - no explanation required The examples given above are suitable for me, and may not be suitable for you. Always discuss with a financial advisor on the suitability of any investment you decide to invest in. I hope this info helps you.
  8. Going by memory, there’s a fellow member here who has a stack of post 2018 SML. He checked and confirmed no milk spots. I also confirm my 2021 SML are also free of milk spots. 😆
  9. @Bigmarc, now having read the article you posted, it does make sense to invest. You just need to make sensible and logical choices with the help of a financial planner or portfolio manager. Stick with blue chip stocks that are too big to fail and/or stocks that have a good history of paying dividends. The key is not to have all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your risk.
  10. If you don’t trust the bank, then hide some money at home. It’s always good to have some fiat within reach. I’m always reminded of the debacle and suffering of the Afghans after the US pulled out. Banks closed and no access to bank accounts to pay for food and medicine. So yes, having cash at home or somewhere within reach is a good idea.
  11. Agree with your gold comment. If you’re getting four nines fine gold tho, better encapsulate it to protect it from scratches. As a Canadian, I’m gonna have to do a shameless plug for the Canadian silver maple leaf. 😝 From 2018 onwards, 1 oz SML bullion have the Mintshield technology which greatly reduces the probability of getting milk spots. So if you’re stacking silver and you don’t want milk spots, the SML is the obvious choice. https://www.mint.ca/store/campaign/Mintshield-7700022
  12. My only advice on stacking (regardless of which PM) is that you look after your daily/monthly/annual needs first. There's no point buying and stacking PM if you hit a financial road bump, and then forced to sell the metal at a loss. So this means taking care of rent/mortgage/utilities/retirement plan/health plan/etc first. And then have enough cash savings on hand in the bank - just in case you get laid off from work, and you need cash to pay your bills. So anywhere from 3-6 months of your salary. Then if you got any extra money left, you can then consider buying some silver or gold. Good luck!
  13. This is what you call dedication! 💪
  14. The 2021 Germania round has nice detailing.
  15. I'm super stoked I was able to order this NGC graded gold coin from SGB. Below are the website shots of the coin. I will post up more pics when my order comes in next week. Link: 1914 $10 Canadian Gold Reserve NGC MS-63 Gold Coin | Silver Gold Bull Canada Details of the coin as follows (from SGB website): Description: Buy this historical Canadian gold coin, slabbed and graded by NGC as an MS-63. Available for purchase through our online store, we ship worldwide. For over 75 years a group of Canada's first gold coins were stored at the Bank of Canada as a part of the Government of Canada's Exchange Fund Account. These safeguarded coins became available to collectors in late 2012, allowing collectors a unique chance to own a piece of Canadian history. Each coin was struck over 100 years ago and remained untouched since then. Approximately 245,000 of the $5 and $10 coins were found with only the top 30,000 coins being kept and made available for public purchase. The remaining 215,000 were melted down by the mint. Each coin is struck on a 900 Fine Gold 26.92 mm planchet and weighs 16.72 Grams (.4838 oz Fine Gold). The obverse features a crowned portrait of King George V. The reverse bears Canada's Coat of Arms which was originally adopted in 1868. Specification: SKU 4654 Country Canada Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint Condition Lightly Used Purity 900 Obverse Crowned Portrait of King George V Reverse Canada Coat of Arms First Released 1914 Diameter (mm) 26.9 Average Thickness (mm) 2.5 Legal Tender CAD 10 Metal Weight (ozt) 0.4838 Certificate Yes Certification Company NGC Grade MS-63
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