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  1. Any other reputable online bullion dealers that sell the Spanish gold Bull? EMK isn't letting me register, FML. 😭
  2. Perhaps you may be thinking of Silver Gold Bull, a Canadian online bullion dealer. Link: Buy Silver & Gold Bullion Online | Silver Gold Bull Canada The fake online bullion dealer that OP posted is probably using their naming familiarity to trick noobs to buy from them.
  3. The gold that you should stack should be the coin (or bar) that is most popular in your country. As a Canadian, I stack gold maple leaf. An American would stack the American gold eagle or the Buffalo. And for you Brits over there, the Sovereign and/or Britannia. The reason you want to stack popular gold coins in your home country is because it will be easier for you to liquidate for a higher price when you need to convert gold to fiat. But having said that, stacking the major gold bullion from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Austria, South Africa...you can't really go wrong as they all have international appeal. IMHO...if money is a factor, save up for the 1/10 oz size. Buy on a regular basis to take advantage of dollar cost averaging. You can never time the market (price) perfectly, so don't worry about price fluctuations. If you are consistent in your buying, the average cost will correct itself in the long run. What's important is to define your gold stacking goal and stick with it for the long run. Your future self will thank you. My 2 cents.
  4. Thanks stefffana, learned something new today. 👍
  5. Interesting topic! But a hardened 24 karat can’t possibly be as hard or as durable as a 22 karat can it? 🤔 Can anyone shed any light?
  6. I saw this on YouTube several days ago, and I thought it was interesting how this criminal had the audacity and devilish ingenuity to pull this off. In a nutshell, the AGE was cored out and replaced with tungsten. So the outsides is genuine, but the inside is not. So a surface test will NOT pick up this fake. This takes a lot of skill (IMHO) to pull it off. See the YouTube video below for details.
  7. I am currently behind schedule, the cost of every day living and damn income taxes has cut into my stacking ability. Hopefully I can double up somewhere and get to my stacking goals by end of the year.
  8. He's gonna need a lot more than a bigger safe lol. How about trigger happy armed guards with attack dogs, ninja assassins, Indiana Jones type traps and puzzles, etc. I digress but you get the picture! 😝
  9. In terms of off-site storage (eg. bank vault, private vaulting services), be aware of counter-party risk. Never assume that your PM stored in these vaults are safe. Banks may fail, fraud may occur. Be aware of the potential risks. There are always pros and cons of storage, whether it is at home or in a vault.
  10. 2022 Majestic Polar Bear, 1 oz 99.99% pure silver. First Strikes limited to 5,000 mintage, comes in light gray packaging. Regular is limited to 35,000 mintage, comes in blue packaging. I apologize for less than perfect pictures in not ideal lighting conditions; I am not taking the plastic wrapping off in order to maintain the authenticity seal at the back of the packaging. Enjoy! Pic 1 of 2
  11. Of course it was 160, what else could it be? 😜 All kidding aside, this is good, accurate info. Thanks for posting this Lawrence.
  12. Received my 2022 TSF silver bar this afternoon. Thanks BYB!
  13. IMHO, I don't think it's worth it. The hassle of dealing with non-pure gold, especially when it's time to sell may be problematic. Before you buy, consider "shopping" around and ask what the non-pure (9ct or 14 ct) gold item would fetch if you were to sell it. You may be surprised at the lower value. The lowest karat gold I personally would buy is 22 karat (or 91.67% pure). Lots of choices out there, including the beloved Sovereigns.
  14. Totally addicted to buying Au lol. April will be a very slow month, as there will be c**p loads of income taxes to pay (damn Canada Revenue Agency for high tax rates😠).
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