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  1. Not familiar with the term "PMI testing" until I looked it up. But I have heard about XRF though (just didn't know it relates to PMI...I do now!) Two ways to do PMI testing: 1) XRF (equipment too expensive); 2) optical emission spectroscopy (OES), which I am not familiar with at all, but I'm assuming this equipment is going to very expensive as well.
  2. Hi DrunkMonk, please see attached pdf file for the specifications. The standard probe has a measuring range of 1.5 ~ 200 mm (for steel), diameter of Ф8 mm, and frequency of 5M Mz. Other probe attachments that fit are shown on page 2 of the pdf file (probe technical parameters). Any insights on proper usage, things to look out for, what to do (or not to do), etc is appreciated, and I thank you in advance for your help in this matter. UltrasonicThicknessMeter_TM-8812_TM-8811_TM-8810_Catalog.pdf
  3. Now that you mentioned it, I believe you are correct. I recall reading a long time ago that Dubai airport had the gold vending machines.
  4. Wow you have experience with UTG?!? You are a godsend! 😆 I will post up the specs tomorrow for you to look at. Thanks DM!
  5. These gold vending machines are cool to see, would love to try it out one day. But to address your comment...yes. I agree with you. However if you were to withdraw cash from your bank account, there will also be a paper trail of that as well. I have had multiple inconvenient discussions with stupid bank tellers asking me why I want to withdraw so much cash! Not that it's any of their concern with how I spend my OWN money! Still gets my blood boiling just thinking of it. And the Federal government will also be aware, as banks report any and all suspicious transactions to the tax
  6. I paid USD $212, which includes DHL shipping. Custom duties and VAT taxes are extra.
  7. Yes, you indeed need to calibrate the UTG, the calibration cap is mounted to the side of the device. I forgot to mention I calibrated the UTG before using. Thanks for pointing that out though. You are correct, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration. I'm still learning, and I hope to have more insights I can share with all as I discover what a UTG can or can't do. My next step will be testing some silver bars that are thicker. However I am loathed to take the plastic wrapping off the one I have now (St Helena 250 g bars), as I prefer to keep them as mint as possibl
  8. I bought this directly from the manufacturer in China. Here's the website link: Ultrasonic Thickness Meter TM-8812 - Guangzhou Landtek Instruments Co.,LTD Send email to: sales@landteknet.com Attention: Ms. Annie Wu
  9. IMHO, the only time it is warranted to have a fake in your possession is if you need a fake for comparison testing with the genuine metal. If you've never seen a fake, are you able to spot one without prior knowledge or training? I certainly couldn't.
  10. The 2021 1oz Australian Emu gold coin came out recently, and it's on pre-order at silvergoldbull.ca if anyone is interested. Mintage is capped at 5,000 I believe. It's an interesting and cute coin!
  11. Using my 2021 1oz Canadian silver maple leaf as a test coin, I measured my SML with a digital caliper and got an approximate thickness of 3.07 mm. I inputted the celerity of silver into the TM-8812C, which is 3,650 m/s. After adding a drop of glycerin onto the SML, I get a measured thickness result of 2.73 mm. This give a variance of 0.34 mm that is less than actual. The results can be explained due to 2 possible reasons: first, the SML has patterns and does not have a smooth surface. Secondly, the standard probe provided with the UTG may not be optimal for measuring precious metals.
  12. I bought a new toy to play with, it's the Landtek TM-8812C ultrasonic thickness meter. An ultrasonic thickness meter or gauge (UTM or UTG) is just another tool to help you detect fake silver or gold bars. How does it work? Basically a UTG tells you the thickness of the material in question. You first measure the metal's thickness with a digital caliper. Then you input the sound frequency of the metal in question into the meter and measure the metal with the probe. The result that you get should be the thickness of the material measured. If your test results are wildly off, then you
  13. Yes that may be true. But if you can afford to stack 1M UK pounds of gold, you are rich enough to get your own private vault!
  14. Storing PM in metro bank's safety deposit boxes have both pros and cons. Pro: - security and safety of your belongings - annual storage fees are reasonable Con: - access to safety deposit boxes only during banking hours - if banks close for any reason (bank failure, civil unrest, etc), you can't gain access - if bank makes an error and seizes your safety box, there may be limited recourse to get your items back - typically you can't buy additional coverage insurance (at least in North America)
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