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  1. The Silver Trader has some of his second grade coins in (scratches, milk spots etc) https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/second-grade-silver-bullion-coins-with-slight-scratches-or-milk-marks/ £26.89 per oz + discounts for bulk orders, free delivery
  2. Thats an amazing description, I love it haha. Thats pretty great customer service, its reassuring to hear.
  3. Do you have any pictures you can share?
  4. Looks like this has gone up in price now and is at £69.42
  5. Holyballs, that looks amazing. I wish I could have got my hands on one! Look forward to the video BYB
  6. Yup, I got the same offer through this morning!
  7. Yeah from what I've heard, all of his robin hood coins are extremely poor quality. I also believe he is still only accepting orders from existing customers although you may be able to get him to sign you up via emailing him! good price though!
  8. You could try a specific gravity test on it too. There are a number of helpful videos about how to do this (including some from @BackyardBullion)
  9. I'd also be interested in a 10oz Una & the lion
  10. wilson18

    Silver Trader

    Great dealer. Fast delivery, great prices. Quick to respond to emails, very friendly and always happy to help! Would happily recommend him!
  11. Interesting. I've had this enabled on my account for a few months now although I've not sold any silver through it yet. I guess I will hold off on that until they have figured out how it applies to coin stuff! Thanks for making me aware of it!
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