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  1. Have any of the main dealers been selling theirs or had any in stock since this was released? I know some have/had pre orders but some say awaiting stock.
  2. Only the quintuple and the quarter left now
  3. It'll be nice if the piedfort only has a mintage of 1 in the end 👍😉
  4. This would be the best case scenario of course but I'm not convinced. They had a deadline of the end of December or they sell out. The deadline hasn't been reached so I have to believe they've been sold but the way in which the remaining 3k+ went........ its a bit fishy isn't it 🤔
  5. Mtaybar

    1/10th coin run.

    I'm glad you finally got one sorted. I know you've been on the hunt for that for a long while now. Congrats mucker, must be satisfying to know you've got one in the bag evn if you still have to wait to get it in hand lol.
  6. Mtaybar

    1/10th coin run.

    I normally would..... but I can't right now. This is one for @Dakaras to jump on I reckon.
  7. Mtaybar

    1/10th coin run.

    If that's $390 nzd then it's about £202 gbp. Be interesting to see how much t goes for in the end.... 7hrs left. Not sure what the postage etc would be on it though.
  8. When they do come though it'll be interesting to see if the popularity of them grows. Pictures of them in the flesh will get people fired up for them but it will ve to late for some. I really do think these are a dark horse and I don't know why. They are an obvious future high collectable in my opinion. Mintage and price aside..... these are literally history being made.
  9. Mtaybar

    1/10th coin run.

    There is but they are rare as rocking horse $h¡z
  10. It would be nice if that were the case ey.... but they have until the 31st so why would they pull them early?
  11. Mtaybar

    1/10th coin run.

    I may have to if there really isn't any 2008 but I'm sure there is. If you've got contacts can you see if they would be able to find one please Bert?
  12. Mtaybar

    1/10th coin run.

    I saw one for sale right around the time I bought the 1/10th from you. It was £70+ at the time though and I thought it was too expensive. I watched it for a week. Should've just took it. Haven't seen another since.
  13. Mtaybar

    1/10th coin run.

    This can't be true..... its only a matter of time before he's back victoriously waving one around !
  14. Just spoke to the mint to see where my piedfort is and my brothers 1st Harry Potter 50p. They said that they are due to be minted on the 23rd of December so should have them early to mid January. The 2nd Harry Potter 50p isn't being minted until January some time.
  15. Mtaybar

    1/10th coin run.

    I'm both..... got an allotment and a little .... 🤣🤣
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