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  1. I've had no issues using my credit card to by from UK bullion dealers so far although it's not been large amounts. I use my cc to order gold because it's 0% interest and it's more then I spend on my debit card in one go. I think my debit card would have a lower spending cap then my cc would. Also a cc offers more protection then a debit card does. I'll be less able to buy bulk discounted offers if I'm charged to use my cc and the interest rate is charged at standard rate regardless of the deal I have. Definitely one to look into.
  2. Thanks for the heads up.... I need to check this out.
  3. I do like that shield. Can I see the 1842 up close please?
  4. I see that the royal Australian mint have started a new "pirate queen's" series. I might go down that avenue to start a collection from the beginning. I prefer the look of the Rwanda nautical series though.
  5. Nice. I can see 5 already released so one more to come. Thanks for the info @daca👍
  6. Morning all. How many coins in this series is there? I'm thinking about collecting them but I want to know what I'm getting into first.
  7. Nothing fancy but this is what I've managed to accumulate in 4months. My Goddess Europa silver showed up today so I'm well happy. I'm not sure if I've done for the year yet, that depends on spot prices and what I come across.
  8. Hey GBB I've pm'd you with a request for 5 if it's still possible !?
  9. For now I see it as a savings mechanism. I see it as a little bit of a gamble that prices might rise in the mean time. If it doesn't however and I don't need to cash out then it'll be left to my kids. And again in the meantime... if the worlds banking does collapse then I'll be somewhat prepared, hence sovereign's being my main target. There's a lot of versatility in gold and also what's recognisable worldwide.
  10. Hey @Liam84 I don't have any real plan at the moment for how I'm going to use it as it's not commonly used to pay for anything. I'm just sort of "hopping on the bandwagon" at the moment and with the sharp dip last week it soured me into taking the plunge. I'm taking a little bit of a gamble because as they say.... "You've got to speculate to accumulate" I paid £635 per coin only proof £2 and £760 for a boxed + coa proof £2. I think it was a decent buy from what I've seen but I'll take notice of what others have said about the liquidity of them and so long as I can get back what I paid in the future I'll be happy. Any more would be a nice bonus though right 😉
  11. Thanks for the tips and heads up. I'll bear it in mind when I'm browsing. It's a lot to look for.
  12. What are "PM's" (sorry, in a rookie lol) and yeah... I think sovereigns are going to be my next target. I'd like a tube eventually.
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