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  1. Still no sign of them.... must be coming up soon.
  2. Out of reach for me mucker. Thanks for the heads up but I'll pass unfortunately.
  3. https://www.royalmint.com/the-royal-tudor-beasts/the-seymour-panther/the-seymour-panther-silver-proof-two-coin-set/ These are back in stock if anyone is looking to back date on the start of the tudor beast reverse proof series. @COBRASTACKER .... weren't you looking for these?
  4. Love those terra's.... shame I'm not buying at the moment. Glws
  5. I had one of mine through today..... absolutely cracking coins. These are one of the nicest looking coins I've seen in recent years if not the nicest. No flaws on mine that I can see apart from a tiny fleck of dust or something but I'll be looking at it over and over again the next few days so I'll see if anything shows up. We'll chuffed. Pictures tomorrow 😊 Just to point out.... I have the 1/4oz proof version x2. Not the full matte one like this. I got excited and completely glossed passed that bit lol.
  6. Thanks for the ping mucker but currently not a buyer at the moment. Hopefully in the near enough future I'll start buying again. 👍
  7. They are incredible..... these are modern classics for sure.
  8. The portrait they used of him must be one from before his "golden years"
  9. It'll say in progress and stay in open orders until they dispatch it. Then it'll move to closed orders with a tracking number provided. Sometimes they send you an email saying its on its way and give you the tracking number and Sometimes they keep it a secret and don't tell you so you don't realise until you look one day and see its moved to closed orders lol. They're a strange mob at the mint at times.
  10. I think it would make them more desirable as well then to have two different versions. Again.... just my opinion
  11. If they wanted to they'd forget about capacity and just deliver on them later like they seem to do with other stuff. I hope they don't milk if too much because it will water down the appeal of them. I'd like it if the only do a privy mark on the bullion and kept the exclusivity on the proofs and commemorative. It might sound a bit unfair I guess but I think it would keep the interest for the proofs.
  12. I would expect the same design on the proof as on the SOTD to be honest. The bullion may have the same again or might just have a privy mark. The bullion is the only one I think that might be different in that regard but that's only a guess.
  13. Can't fix stupid mate.... some people are just that dumb 🤣🤣
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