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  1. Very nice. One of the lucky ones 🥳
  2. Well I never would've thought I'd be having a conversation about hairdryers to be honest with you but yes... Yes we are!
  3. That'll do the trick.... Might have to waive goodbye to the coin as you fire it off into the distance though.
  4. I can't help you with that answer but I'd like to know as well. I've had an eye on them but I haven't decided if I'll go for them or not. Does anyone know when the bullion version of these will be ?
  5. Mtaybar

    closed Au & Ag

    I was eyeing those 2 lol
  6. I have 2 of these for sale but I'll do one at a time so I don't confuse myself. The Coins are as described in the pictures. All these coins look good to the naked eye but might show some flaws under magnification. The pictures I've taken are using a 5x magnification and with the zoom on my phone camera. Potential grading is at the buyers discretion but I think these are best enjoyed as they are in the presentation they came in. UK only £1175 takes SD is included ..............SOLD.............
  7. Frosting is like the finish on the body of the panther. Where you have your circle is in the mirrored finish field. If there were shiny specks on the panther itself it would be that the frosting is missing in that spot.
  8. There's a lot of reassuring comments on this thread now. Before I started to pull my hair out with my first set that had a tiny dink that was only noticeable under the loupe and at certain angles. It drove me to send it back for replacement after reading some comments. It came in today but as I have my granddaughter today I haven't opened it yet. 🤞 I never made a mistake. I have 2 sets to look at so have double the anxiety building lol.
  9. I see what you're saying but they're calling them £5 coins .... I guess it's a one off for a one off occasion. Does that make them more unique in the future?
  10. That's one of the things eating away at me with the Tudor beasts....
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