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    Sovereigns (especially 2022 variant)
    Looking for 1oz silver Somali Elephants to complete full date run. Must be good condition.

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  1. Welcome. I too am a big fan of backyard barbeques.
  2. Tempting... but you should wait until they release the special edition 'Premier League crests' versions. Bling AND style points.
  3. Full disclosure, I'm no expert on gold prices. But this special offer at Bairds is the lowest price I could find on Gold Krugs. https://www.bairdmint.com/products/1oz-south-africa-gold-krugerrand EDIT: 'Non-expert' status confirmed. Please see posts below for better prices, seemingly everywhere. I shall retreat back to the shadow realm.
  4. Thanks @LemmyMcGregor. I was referring to silver specifically. In terms of gold though, I pretty much stack sovereigns exclusively given their 'best value' status from what I can gather, across many different metrics.
  5. Yes, it can feel like that. You mention silver so I'll assume that's what you're intending to as your first purchase(s). I'm also going to assume that you're using money that is specifically for this purpose (I mean, as the age old saying goes... only using money you could afford to lose). If that's the case, you really can't go wrong. I'm based in the UK where buying silver currently incurs VAT at 20%. This isn't helpful from an investment perspective. However, I don't believe you should have those issues. Therefore, what you'll need to be mindful of is the premium - the difference between the silver spot price and what you're paying for it (generally calculated per troy ounce (ozt)). And that is quite high - especially when compared to gold. Buying 'bigger' items - 5oz / 10oz / 1kg etc. usually brings the premium down but also pushes the unit price up depending on your budget. I believe there's usually a lower premium on bars compared to coins and rounds too... but I'm not an expert in that field. All this said..., as long as you're mindful of these factors and you're doing your due diliegence on price and vendor, then you shouldn't have too many things to worry about. Just go at your own pace and buy things you like. For what it's worth, I started with a view that I wanted to invest solely in silver as I believed gold to be too expensive to be viable. I've now changed my mind on that and I pick up fractional gold (individual items that weigh less than 1ozt) for my long term investment goals, whilst still buying very specific silver items that I like. Shout out to the Somali Elephant and St. Michael's shield. You're definitely in the right place. And you're doing the right thing. Keep asking questions. This forum loves a specific question... but even a vague one is OK because we've all been where you are. And some of us aren't that far in front.
  6. Welcome. I remember my first purchase very well. That feeling of being like a child on Christmas morning, unwrapping something shiny, special; while simultaneously feeling all grown up... making investment decisions and spending my money 'sensibly'. Have a good look around the forum, there's plenty to help new stackers. Special mention for the threads that detail different members' thoughts on the merits of gold over silver and vice versa. Concepts such as 'VAT', 'CGT', 'premiums', 'liquidity' etc. It helped me a lot and was a good early grounding in the world of PMs. One example: FNF.
  7. Welcome. Tons of silver to be found... and even some knowledge, if you look hard enough.
  8. Wanted - as per title. Needed for a birthday present this weekend so I'm under pressure. For the same reason, it needs to be good bullion condition. Ideally, will only ever have been handled with a crazy little thing called glove. Price? I want to take free. But I realise that's unlikely so just best offers. There are a few Ebay auctions but I don't have time to wait for the hammer to fall. Or to wait for a flash sale. With that in mind, must be able to be posted 1st class Tues / Weds. UK mainland only, can't wait for it to cross the seven seas of rhye. Long term, I'm still looking for early-date Somali elephants, but this week specifically, I only have one vision! Let me know if you have something that fits the bill. FNF.
  9. I agree with @SilverJacks, some basic advice would just feel like enhanced service to me and that the dealer was treating me with a duty of care, rather than just as a simple transaction. To date, I've only ever purchased bullion grade coins so I can't speak to proofs. But as a novice to stacking / collecting, I was very surprised at just how quickly my thumbprint was fully transposed across ol' Lizzie's head when I fondled one of my first ever Britannias. 'Fools'? Maybe. But if you don't know, you just don't know. I'd welcome a little 'handle with care' cheat sheet. FNF.
  10. Most of that is from boating accidents by Forum members though, isn't it?
  11. Welcome to TSF. Some very helpful and knowledgable people on here. Looks like we can add you to that roster now too, when it comes to proof sovereigns!
  12. Beautiful!! The 1kg... Wow! I look forward to the day that you wish to part ways with it!
  13. Wow, really? I think I'd be in the market for one of those kilo versions!
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