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  1. Still looking to purchase this coin, also the latest release in the series.
  2. Hi there, I have these hand poured and Hallmarked pieces ready to go. 1 x 32g Double eagle 🦅 plectrum £30.50 1 x 2.3 ozt Bullion bar £68 Coa certificates included. Postage cost and choice to the buyer. payment by bank transfer or PayPal ff. Thanks for looking
  3. Could I take the 1/10 AU Intrinsic Tender Incuse Indian please
  4. I am still looking to purchase this coin, also the latest release in the series.
  5. Hi there 2 x Hand poured ‘Bullion’ Bars. Both Bars are Hallmarked. Natural flow finish 66g. £63 Hammered finish 72g. £70.50 Sold* Postage cost and choice to the buyer. payment by BT or PPFF please. Please note these Bars are advised elsewhere. Thanks for looking
  6. Hi Apologies for the poor photos, I shall upload better ones later if needed. Selling as a bundle. 9 x Peace Dollars in total. Dates : 4x1922 2x1926 1x1925 1x1935 1x1923 240g Total weight. Total including post 1st class signed. £195 Payments : PayPal F&F or BT Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi, I’m sold out at the moment.I shall make some more and send them up to the assay office to be hallmarked. I can drop you a message once I have had them back from the assay office if you like?.
  8. Hi, yes I’m sure Mike will only have one which will leave 1 available which you can have. I shall PM you as soon as I hear back from Mike. I can make these at anytime If he did take the 2 crosses.
  9. Yes I have 2 left, I shall send you a PM with some photos
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