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  1. Hi there Here are 2 of my Hand poured .999 fine silver crosses for sale with a dull dazzle finish on the front. These are made to look like they are hand made, so I have left imperfections in the pieces to give them an old feel and look to them. Stamped with my logo on the back. Each will come with a c.o.a weight. 1/2 ozt each Hallmarked last year £12.50 each or £24 if you take the two. Cost of postage and choice to the Buyer. Uk only Thanks for looking
  2. Thank you so much for this review on my project’s. I had very little knowledge on precious metals or casting etc until I started watching your YouTube channel . So it’s all down to yourself @BackyardBullionfor the hard work you have put into your videos and hand poured silver that’s given me the drive to release my artistic side. Thanks again
  3. Hi there Two Hand poured items for sale .999 fine Silver 100g Bar 1.8g Fairy Both will come with C.O.A s Selling both Items together for £80 plus postage of your choice and risk paypal F F. or Bank Transfer please Thanks for looking
  4. Price dropped for the final time
  5. I really have no idea with this kind of thing. I think it would work with less screw/pin holes though as it will be a very delicate item when it’s finished. I may have to cut and alter a hinge to suit I think
  6. Hi I’m looking for guidance on where I can purchase small jewellery box hinges for a project I’m working on. Around about 4mm wide x 9mm in total deep..please see the sketch below. If there is anyone who could point me in the right direction. I would be very grateful many thanks
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