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  1. Thanks to @Troy77 for 3 very nice bars 😁
  2. Hi there, Looking for 1ozt TSF bars and BYB bars up to 2018. I may consider larger bars. Please drop me a message if you have any you would like to sell. Thank you😁
  3. Hi If anyone out there wants to move on a chunky please let me know. May consider multiple bars if the price is right Thank you
  4. Can i take one please if you have any going 👍
  5. Hi there, I am going to try a Dutch style auction on this bar and start off with a price and then the drop the price down £1 at 20.00 hrs every evening for 7 days. If the is not sold by Sunday 19th July at 20.00 hrs it will be withdrawn. First to comment 'YES' wins the auction. The .999 fine silver bar is the only Tiger Bar I have hand poured at this weight, which has laser Hallmarks applied. Weight 132g UK only Postage choice and cost to the buyer Payment by BT or Paypal F&F STARTING PRICE £125.00 Comment 'YES' wins the bar !!! Thanks for looking
  6. Yes still available, I’ll send you a personal message
  7. Bump for non members. Bar no 9 still available.
  8. Hi I sand cast items like this.This piece is always so difficult to do as the wings are so thin and to get the silver to run that far at that thickness .I must say there is a lot of luck involved 😉😁Thank you for your kind comment.
  9. Thank you for your bid but troy77 just nipped it
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