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  1. Im listing a few items over the weekend on the forum at better prices. May include some Matt bars but don’t feel pressured to purchase I’m just letting u know😉😁💫
  2. Glad you like it buddy😉 Look forward to receiving more of your work in the future😁 It’s awesome 👍🐝💫
  3. Hi there No 3 Bunny in a walnut boat (fishing) The boat is cast from a real walnut shell (half). Held together with one screw through the incense holder through the boat and then ‘poor old bunny’ 🐰 Both the boat and the bunny is hallmarked(.999 fine) The incense holder is only a eBay item (no value )but it makes the project complete. 38.8g in .999 Silver weight Auction starts at £35 and ends on Sunday 25th October at 20.00. Please bid a minimum of £1 increments postage cost and choice to the winner Payment by P
  4. Or is it this one your selling to me😁 i cant remember😁
  5. Is this the one your going to sell me 😁
  6. Milkys are everywhere .... Take a look at this coin at the time 7.20.
  7. Hi A collection of artistic rounds hand poured by BYB for sale. Please refer to photos below for prices. postage cost and choice to the buyer. UK only Payment PayPal friends and family or BT please
  8. My personal experience with dealing with European Mint has always been a positive one. Over time I have received milky coins(including sealed tubes)from most dealers I have purchased from. It’s not good but I think it’s just what happens from time to time whoever you purchase from.
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