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  1. a large coin Bullion Grade but nearly mint . Spot +3% Bargain £1360 Delivered SD NOW £1350 Delivered. Now £1340 Delivered
  2. looking for a heavy set like this one for years , and now I need to sell without me Ever having worn it just Tried it on made in Italy all Hallmarks Rare to find matching like this and so heavy but I will Split Chain 26" 202 Grams 13m Link £300 + SD Bracelet 9" 100 Grams 15m Link can fit a Large Wrist . £150 .+ SD by Both £400 + SD Very Reluctant to sell but a unexpected Bill turned up .I won't be taking offers as these are extremely low priced already and are hard to get in these weights Bank transfer please 20210901_144215.mp4
  3. any more Available ? if so I'll have Some
  4. Are these coins any lower priced now we have had the big drop in Silver? Sincerely SilverTalent
  5. I must say a unusual piece but Quite unique not seen one like this before . a low price per oz good way to stack hefty and impressive all the same SD included in the price
  6. 2 Beautiful lumps of 999+ Silver Umicore 1 kilo Bar mint condition no toning £740includes SD . Buffalo Bar 10 oz sealed and in mint Condition £260 Includes SD . or Both for £990 SD included that's £23.48 a oz
  7. very difficult to take a good Photo because of the mirror finish on the Bar very slight milky smears on the bar but doesant take away from the overall look. Air tight Capsule with some minor light Stratches £335 SD included 20210801_130630.mp4 20210801_130723.mp4
  8. Having to sell my prized Coin I've over Spent recently and need the funds . I was hoping to hang on to it myself and get it Slabbed perfect mint Condition no issues at all .waiting to be Graded very low mintage Was £845 Now £760 for Quick sale SD included “Bargain “ This is the only reduction before I take it off if it doesn't sell but it should get Snapped up at this price Absolute Bargain low Price
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