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  1. Ive purchased a lot of Silver on here lately so now i have to let this one go 5oz looks proof but i am selling as Bullion very good condition but has probably been Handled in the past a lot of detail on this coin .comes in a Capsule has some Scratches on it .but not on the coin .see photos for a fair description of the coin SD included £120
  2. What’s the weight of this coin .and purity ?
  3. unwanted gift Brand new tags Stunning to look at Quiet heavy i have one Already so want Rid hence £80 plus postage of your choice Priced to sell so know offers
  4. Interesting silver, £71 bid
  5. If you buy the bars I will put the gloves in as a gift Sincerely SilverTalent
  6. Thank you, I will take both, PM sent.
  7. if they are not gone i can buy both
  8. Hi, are these still available
  9. 10 oz 999 Silver x 3 .+ I Mint Britannia oz £845 and i pay the SD thats 31 troy oz in Total NTR bar still in orginal plastic sealed pouch £290 + SD at your cost A-Mark bar selling as Handled bullion with toning and Scratches but nothing serious £275 +SD at your cost A-Mark Bar good bullion Condition light Toning £280 +SD at your cost buy all 3 £845 I pay the SD and A Bonus Mint 2021 Britannia with new unmarked cap . a real Bargain if i may say so Bank transfer please Sincerely SilverTalent
  10. 3 x 10 Oz Silver Bullion Bar 1 mint Britannia 2021 Silver coin in mint Condition and mint Cap 31 troy oz in total for only £860 and SD paid by me for thoes who know a Bargain be Quick goes back in my Stack this Evening Sincerely SilverTalent
  11. The NTR bar is in its original Sealed plastic pouch has toning on the edge only easy to clean if you open A-Mark Bar is virtually mint Scottsdale has a Small ding and some light Stratches but doesn't detract from its overall Aesthetics. 1 Bar £295 + SD at your cost All 3 Bars £875 and 1 pay the SD
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