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  1. Sorry, I am not selling for spot price.
  2. We have here a Rare Medallion Coin from the Singapore Mint only 1000 produced the unusual thing about this coin / Medallion is its weight, as you all know a 5oz imperial coin comes to 141.4 grams and a Troy oz comes to 155 .5 well you can see the weight on my Scales which I assure you are Accurate.please see my pics as this makes up the majority of my description. Now I can only presume this is a mint error which could make this coin even more sought after . This is a stunning coin / Medallion in mint Proof condition There is no Coa with this Coin . And I can also assure
  3. I can remove the postage cost, so £795 if collected.
  4. Bump, one bar sold 9 left.
  5. Bump 😁 changed to include postage.
  6. Hello, and welcome to my very first listing. pictures included below. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and I hope you enjoy the listing. 😄 Item: 9x 1kg 2018 Silver Fiji 10 dollar coin bar by Argor Heraeus cast to 999.9 fineness. Each bar comes in a vacuum sealed clear plastic sleeve with COA inside. Dimensions listed on COA: 120.5 x 55.5 x 16.5. Really lovely design and lustre on these bars featuring the Fiji coat of arms and traditional Fijian sail boat on the front. Would make an excellent addition to any stack due to there easy to care for nature. Price will chang
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