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  1. Early shield sovereigns, 1850s relatively harder to get years compared to later shields I believe. 1855 - 480 1857 - 480 Victoria old head 1895M - 405 Thanks for looking.
  2. I have 2 of this year so selling one to tidy up collection. happy to swap for other MS70 years, feel free to ask. 55 plus postage of choice thanks for looking
  3. Very reluctant sells, but I've bought too much recently so will be letting these go as I have 2 of each - I love them so have hoarded a bit! I will be picking up tomorrow from storage, and can post tomorrow is anyone is purchasing tonight/tomorrow AM. 1989 2 sovereign PF70 - £2200 £2150 2017 1 sovereign PF70 - sold Or close offer on both. Thanks for looking! Edit - coins now in hand - photos added. Forgot how nice the 1989 was in larger format!!
  4. Please message me if you have a 1935 crown, bullion in uncirculated, also specimen or proof coins would be great if you have please. Thanks.
  5. Anyone know how much this sold for? it's my dream coin! https://www.drakesterling.com/coins-for-sale/sovereigns/george-iii/1817-sovereign-pcgs-ms65-21694839
  6. Interesting, does FOI actually cover this? Can we request to see (aside from individuals) the businesses that they went to?
  7. Today's craziness got me thinking... I managed to get in the queue at around 200th spot, which I thought was very lucky, but when I got in - all that's left was the 2oz. Which is crazy. I feel sorry for those in 2000th or even 5000th. I'm assuming this happened because most of the coins have been allocated to dealers - who will instantly list these coins for sell at up to 4x the price of RRP. We’ve seen some. My question is what benefit does RM have to gain from this? Why would they prioritise flippers over DTC (direct to consumer)? Why annoying hundreds if not thousands of collectors to satisfy a few dealers? Because these dealers buy so much “bullion” coins from them? And this kind of stuff is a bonus from RM to thier B2B customers? Someone else said on groups - if Rolex found their “official” dealers flipped like this, they would ban them immediately - Rolex watches are always sold at RRP at official dealers, they are just sold to people who have a history of purchase, but not at bulk either like RM, i.e. one per customers, it is then "flippered" on the secondary/unregulated markets. RM literally sell at bulk, to flippers. I'm also a gold Mint Marque member, and even my Account Manager said it had been all allocated... very sad situation as I really wanted a 2oz gold for my collection... But no way I’m paying the insane prices it’s been flipped for already. Win some lose some! Feel free to drop your thoughts here all, no hate it's the game we love to hate.
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