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  1. Haha, i saw that too, thought about it - but not at that condition, i dont think i've seen a worse coin. Back on topic, if i am buying fractional, then soeverign for sure - for it's ease of resell and also the variaty and history of the coin, i dont like the new sovereigns as the colour is horrible, but the old ones are fantastic, especially any in UC condition! If it's not fractionals, then i'm all in on the 1oz 999 gold such as brits (i don't like larger sovereigns), they are beautiful and great to hold/appreciate - even the old soveregin colour doesnt come close to 24ct gold colou
  2. Thanks mate, interesting take. Don't get me wrong, i agree that BTC is a great store of value, for all the reasons you've mentioned - i just don't think right NOW is the best time to buy into BTC, i honestly believe it will drop again before normalising. i highly doubt that BTC will keep to it's current levels. I also think it's very difficult, if not impossible, to manipulate GOLD, it's a $11 trillion asset. Good point about gold's current possition.
  3. May I ask why you would advise Bitcoin over gold right now? Gold is at its lowest for years. And Bitcoin hasn’t been higher, ever. If history repeats, Bitcoin will drop soon - surely that’s when we should buy in. More so - as the inevitable recession comes, I think risky assets like Bitcoin will suffer. Gold price should also increase as the money printing starts to effect fiat values. Again, we can look at history and what happened to gold after 2008. All just assumptions from me of course so happy to hear your thoughts mate.
  4. Really like these older sovereigns - the colonies are so much better - this one is in great condition. Can’t help but to only buy the better looking coins even when I’m stacking!
  5. LOL!!! Unlucky Yes i saw that, words couldn't describe my reaction!
  6. @GoldenGriffin - i forgot you also had the 1oz proof, that's insane! But massive congrats. that's very impressive. I dont even see many 1oz QB proofs for sell at all. I'm only after PF70 so won't be buying an raw coins. my OCD will just destroy me if i get one that has a mark on it... Your sare not graded right? will you ever grade them? @Connor - sell your house 🤣🤣
  7. Interested in buying if you decided to do that. Thanks
  8. Thanks mate - you inspired me in my very first post about QB collection - i remember you said that you have the full proof gold set?! Let me know if you spot any for sell, they are hard to find!
  9. My first 2 gold proof coins, will try and collect the whole set - these are stunning in gold proof!! I've realised my mistake of trying to buy raw coins in perfect condition...
  10. Hi all, quick question - it looks like tax will apply automatically at 20% for gold currency coins bought from the US on eBay? Even when it's a VAT free coin in the UK. e.g. 1oz gold britannia. Is this correct? has anyone boguht coins from the US can share experience? shouldn't buying RM coins be tax free even when it's importing from another country? Thanks.
  11. Do you know when this will be out? so gutted i got in the PM game late and missed the first two - were they sold out within minutes on RM website?
  12. Many firsts today, thanks to @motorbikez! first graded coin first proof coin first 1oz silver QB Was really looking forward to this and it didnt let me down, it's beautiful in person! i think i may change my collection strategy to just PF70 proofs of QB, and spend the rest of the time stacking brtis and sovs... because of my obsession with perfect coins, its almost impossible to find flawless bullion versions of the QB - and had to return/resell many already - even when seller says they are "flawless"...
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