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  1. Great! Could you let me know your price please. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the photos, interested in all - and could you confirm please none of them have milk spots? As I’ve bought MS70s before that have milkspots so has to return them
  3. Nice condition with some wear on high points, reverse better, nice toning. 310 plus post of choice thanks for looking!
  4. All uncirculated with luster or almost so. 85 plus post of choice thanks for looking!
  5. Uncirculated or almost so - please let me know if you need more photos or videos. 1887 half crown - 50 1897 half crown - 50 1915 half crown - 35 1940 half crown - 20 1943 half crown - 20 1887 crown - 140 open to offers on the lot! all plus post of choice Thanks for looking!
  6. Uncirculated coins. Really nice luster! 70 plus post of choice. Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks! That's what i thought too - potentially "1 over I" - will speak to NGC and see what they say, but i dont have an account manager though, not a VIP like you!
  8. Thanks for the photography tips - unfortunately I don’t have a macro lens camera nor iPhone 13 pro But did my best with 30x zoom loupe and bog standard camera. Kind of looks like a “I” under the “1”? It doesn’t look like another “1” underneath? Thanks!
  9. Thanks mate, this is super useful! Will do some more research on the internet!
  10. Thank you @LawrenceChard - was hoping you would chime in! Yes it's a shield sovereign I do not have a micro lense, but i can try take one with even bigger zoom on my loop and crop later at home - is there a chance this is the one in Marsh "1 over inverted 1", or likely not? Best, Arnold
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. Hello all - any experts here can help me with this coin please? The “1” in date looks like a double strike, but Marsh only has “1 over inverted 1” as a variation for this year - is this that? Or just a “normal” coin? Thanks! Ps. This is different to the coin I will submit to NGC, mentioned in the other tread, this one I’m not sure…
  13. Hi all, quick question please for those that grade - if I have a variation coin such as “4 over inverted 4” Victoria shield sovereign, do i HAVE to start a new form and tick the “mint error” in add on services? I.e. if I submit under just the gold tier with my other coins they will not label it as “4 over inverted 4” even if I put that as a description in “mintmark” field? Thanks I’m advanced for answers!
  14. Looking for these if anyone is wanting to off load them. Thanks!
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