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  1. Touvex

    Shall I conserve?

    THansk everyone for the comments. Maybe it's hard to see on the photos, but as @LawrenceChard said, the field seems really nicely polished with frosting on the portrait, which I've never seen on a bullion sovereign. But the obverse field also has a lot of marks (seems like dirty and not scratches when under a loupe) around the lettering at the edge and in patches. There also seems to a copper spot at the back around the harp.
  2. Touvex

    Shall I conserve?

    Bought this lovely coin recently, been looking it over and I think this could do with conservation - has anyone seen similar marks? I assume this hasn’t been conserved. Also, I’m starting to think the portrait has been frosted?? Or am I going crazy
  3. My pleasure, also new so learning all this too - i believe it's still a single sovereign, technically, just double thickness, as double sovereign is a 2 sovereign which is larger diameter but similiar thickness as normal 1 sovereign.
  4. Nope, it's double the weight, but all in thickness - same diameter.
  5. Just showed my GF and she said what is a PIE-FORT, and i said it's Piedfort... she said thats not what it says here! And realised NGC missed a "D"... come on NGC, a fort made out of pie? 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Beautiful thick boy from @SilverMike My first piedfort! Thickness is very cool in person. I’m obsessed with the 2017s…
  7. I have: 2014 2015 2018 2019 2021 Please message me if you have other years in MS70 (no milkspots please). Thanks!
  8. Raising money so selling some of my sovereigns… Says AU details - but can’t find the scratch it mentions, see photos below under a loupe! 1250 plus post.
  9. Still raising money for next auction at sovereign rarities. Absolutely beautiful condition for a 199 year old coin. Apart from the scratch on the front, above the eyebrows, I don’t think I’ve seen one with more details for sell, for a long time - the hair, back of coin on dragon, helmet, sword, etc. absolutely incredible example. See for yourself for loupe photos. 1350 plus post.
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