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  1. BYB will be delighted to fill your order! LOL...
  2. My postal clerk told me I was lucky it didn't take much longer. Things are upside down in this world of ours! Great things come to those who wait, and that was certainly the case this time.
  3. Customs or the "bug" obviously delayed the arrival of my BYB Silver Forum Bar, but it was worth the wait. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to acquire one of these beautiful forum bars. Thanks to BackYard Bullion for all his hard work and support of this community. @BackyardBullion @ChrisSilver I will keep it next to the 5oz BYB Forum round I was also very lucky to get. Cactus Jack
  4. There are 300 million more guns here now than there were in 1776. However, your guy has mad SKILLS! hahahaha. Besides, with the political climate being what it is, they'd execute me if I polluted Boston Harbor with your tea! And now for something completely different. BTW, I was a member of "6 of 1" - "The Prisoner". I miss Patrick McGoohan... Be seeing you!
  5. 1) 650 2) Melt them down into musket balls and do have another go at us Yanks. It IS July 4th on Saturday! See you on Bunker Hill at 0800. No fair wearing colored glasses to disguise the "whites of your eyes!" Don't forget your Red Coats! I do pray my dark sense of humor isn't offensive. If it helps, my ancestors came over from England.
  6. Beautiful stack. Yes, the economy and PM premiums have made stackers slow down. Being a relative noob, I have probably ignored common sense to try and catch up. My average cost per ounce is probably a little high, but I'm really enjoying the learning curve. Just this week, I purchased my very first gold coin, a 1/10oz Kook; fractional gold comes with high premiums, but I had to start somewhere, and don't have the discipline to save up for an ounce. On the "lighter side", some experts claim that copper is really going to take off, so I've gone "all in" on Chinese gold. hahaha
  7. Thanks for clarification. I want PAMP and Brit both, but I think the price on the PAMP was around $260? I'll have to go back and check. Thanks.
  8. YES - I'll check out the price, because I really must have one or those, and the Britannia. Diversity can mean a lot of things with this hobby. Thanks1
  9. The 10oz silver PAMP looks great too, but I think the premium may just be a little too high???
  10. The 10oz Britannia is on my short list. WOW - gorgeous!
  11. Welcome Sandy! You will find this forum to be a great resource.
  12. @BackyardBullion @ChrisSilver I just received my BYB 5oz round and it is beautiful. To celebrate, I took a picture of my round on a Prickly Pear Cactus, one of the iconic plants of Arizona. Perhaps we could invite the members who receive Silver Forum rounds and bars to take photos of them with something meaningful to them as a background? Thanks again to BYB and this forum! Cactus Jack
  13. I'm no expert, and I cannot speak for others, but I'd have to have a numismatic obsession (I totally made that up) in order to pay $170 for any coin or round. My heart makes its share of decisions for me, but my brain usually has no trouble with a veto for buying high-end bullion. The most I've ever spent for a 1oz piece of silver is $42, and I really just had to have it.
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