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  1. @peninsulahcap As discussed I have this evening filed report of your communications and your website to Action Fraud UK Police (blanked out the Crime reference number). @ChrisSilver as owner of The Silver Forum I will private message you the Crime Reference number related to this report which references this website and thread in case you have any queries from the authorities they will quote this crime reference N0.
  2. @peninsulahcap can you please check if you have availability of the following items because your website allowing me to place an order for 100,000 1 oz Queens Beasts Yale coins and 100,000 1 Kg Gold Bullion bars. It is amazing every bullion dealer including the Royal Mint out of stock of 1 oz Gold QB Yale coins but Peninsulahcap Bullion somehow has 100,000 of these coins laying about. I happy to make payment for the above items in my cart with cash and meet you at your undisclosed location. To prove I have money to make this larger than normal purchase here image of the bank notes I
  3. Abyss

    Sold all my Gold

    Timing market entry and exit is one of the most difficult skills to learn. You only realise loss/profit once exited your position. Buying physical Gold never going to achieve potential rewards obtained by having speculative position in stock market / crypto’s / other investments because Gold should viewed as an asset to protect purchasing power over long time (10+ years).
  4. @BackyardBullion surely the Royal Mint should let you have the 2 oz Silver coin for free as they are using your platform to advertise and sell you the Gold coin for spot as kind gesture . Thank you for the video I was on the fence recently about completing my collection of Gold QB coins and I am glad I am doing so after watching your YouTube video. It has been an amazing series and I do like the design of the Greyhound of Richmond.
  5. Before started stacking came across lots of YouTube videos of fake Gold. In the end it formed part of my strategy to avoid graded coins or bars in assay wallets. As soon as I receive package regardless if it is from a dealer or private sale I will perform a video recorded unboxing using caliper, scales and neodymium magnet. Any doubt move onto a gravity test. I personally want to be able to hold my coins and test them without any obstacles (assay card / graded holder) getting in the way. Only buy from reputable dealers/private individuals I was so tempted to buy 1 oz Gold Britannia bar fo
  6. Already subscriber to belangp created some amazing content on his YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6WVWDoJOKsHR_fKM30a8lA) and this one of his YouTube videos inspired me to work towards the 100 oz Gold club.
  7. Decided to put a stop to the emails back and forth between myself and this bullion dealer (con artist). Please note no respectable business would ask customer(s) to pay via Pay Pal Friends and Family. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/03/paypal-scam-victims-warn-against-fraudsters-who-ask-for--family-/
  8. I have an interesting update on Peninsulahcap Bullion Dealer we have exchanged half dozen emails back and forth (see the image below) I have blank out my name and email address to protect my identity but look how fast I am responding back to the dealer (within couple of minutes) and dealer (or con artist) is taking hours on end to reply to my email. I am asking for invoice generated with VAT registered number and full address and contact details of the bullion dealer. In the end Peninsulahcap wants me to pay by PayPal using Friends and Family for a 1oz Gold place an order but yet to lock in th
  9. Welcome to the Forum and thank you for the info.
  10. The numbers I posted $2600 for Gold is conservative. In this bull market if the price rose half of the percentage risen in the last bull market (300%) we are still talking about $1050 x 3 = $3150 Gold price (start the calculation $1400 break of the prior resistance Gold price go to $4200). Nobody can predict the future price of Gold but on the balance of probabilities in 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 years from now it will be significantly higher than it is now and will keep up with inflation. I regret not buying more when prices were cheaper but I will regret it even more in the future if I don't continue
  11. Simple form technical analysis trading view (free to register) https://in.tradingview.com/symbols/TVC-GOLD/ Taken copy previous Gold bull market started in October 2008 to September 2011 using bar pattern tool (charts below monthly) Added it to start of break above $1400 (six years Gold price kept below this level) and have my price projection $2600 by June 2022. We very far away from reaching the top of the current bull market in Gold. Buy and accumulate, hold and wait with patience you will be rewarded for that decision.
  12. Full tube 2021 UK Queen's Beasts The White Greyhound of Richmond 1oz Gold Coins from European Mint
  13. All up to date with my 1oz Gold QB with today's delivery......
  14. Spoken with several individuals auragentum.de discounts are available larger purchases. 100x 1 ounce gold coin Queens Beasts White Greyhound 2021 1710 euros / Spend over 1 million Euros per year then price 1690 Euros (2.7%) above spot. Ordered full tube of 10 coins from the European Mint and have locked in price 3.5% above spot fair price to pay in the current climate IMHO.
  15. Cheapest price find as right now https://auragentum.de/1-unze-goldmuenze-queens-beasts-white-greyhound-2021?number=9405489 1714 Euros = £1558. 4.27 premium over spot still high newly released coin IMHO.
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