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  1. Hatton Garden Metals https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/1oz-gold-britannia-24ct 3% above spot 8 coins still remaining....
  2. Last year I a made purchase of bullion grade Gold coins from Apmex bullion delivered by UPS but before I received my coins I had to sign the following declaration. Ask Fedex for Investment Gold Declaration (don't have one use below and amend details relevant to you) and send it to Fedex. Gold bullion minted by major mints are exempt VAT. Do everything you can which includes contacting Bullionstar and ask if they need to submit more documentation about the shipment. Try avoiding paying the VAT and then claiming it back later you want to try and avoid red tape bureaucracy....
  3. I have started seriously looking into cryptocurrencies (ETH/BTC) lots of advantages over physical gold but my position is that cryptos is a speculative play and if I am fortunate enough make money in crypto land it will be ploughed into buying physical Gold. Buying Gold £1400 is expensive but I am sure many people felt the same when Gold was £1000 oz.
  4. Earlier ones in the series were very cheap in comparison to what I paid for the Wolverine (£37 + postage).... Part of an order placed with GS.be July 2018 crazy to think how cheap Silver and the premiums on this series was back then......
  5. @Silverman2U I bought my Wolverine from Facebook page called UK Silver Stackers. Group orders from GS.be and sellers selling the Marvel (& other) series. Members on there that are part of Silver Forum and the Facebook group. Request to join the group once approved you will be able to see all the listing.
  6. Perth mint marvel series Wolverine Series so far.....
  7. Several years ago my mum recalled a story of my late dad buying £25 premium bonds in my name the year I was born. I never knew that I owned premium bonds and thought maybe I could have won a big prize many years ago and would have never known about it because I did not have the certificates. Spent some time enthusiastically tracking down the premium bonds updating all the contact and address details and then speaking to premium bond customer services about how many (and how much money I had accumulated in prizes) in the last 40 years. Drum roll please in the past 40 years I had won zero, zilch
  8. Thanks you @fehk2001 for the Xmas coin opened on Xmas day by my four year old son who now believes this is his coin (perfect coin as he is a little monkey).
  9. Abyss

    Buying Gold

    Already own a lot of Jewellery as it is part of the culture as my parents come from India. The best way I found to buy Gold in the form of Jewellery is to purchase Chards Gold 1 oz Coins Grade C - Secondary Market https://www.chards.co.uk/our-choice-grade-c-1oz-gold-coins/12842 1% over spot take these coins (limited quantities) to India and get them melted and pay for the artisian labour cost to be made into Jewellery. Even some of the most competitively priced Gold Jewellery https://goldsilver.com/buy-online/gold/gold-without-borders-jewelry/ is 50% above spot price of Gold which makes Jew
  10. Started stacking in 2018 yes premiums, variety and price was all better than today's Covid world. Devils advocate what if this new variant of the coronavirus not only more transmissible but also affects younger generation and more lethal than what media informing us about (the speed the UK isolated from international trade something I have never seen). What if vaccines does not protect against the new variant and we have another fall in stock markets worldwide but this time regardless how much central banks print has no impact. A series of unfortunate events could lead Gold hitting $10,000 oz
  11. I hope Royal Mint incorporate some of the additional security features found in the 2021 Britannia into the new 1 oz Gold Standard coin.
  12. Mike Maloney & https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCThv5tYUVaG4ZPA3p6EXZbQ George Gammon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpvyOqtEc86X8w8_Se0t4-w Used historical gold price charts inflation adjusted on their respective YouTube channels but to find the relevant video(s) it will take time shift through the content produced (maybe search on the YouTube channels may yield results).
  13. I still have to send out my Xmas prize/card unsure if it will arrive in time before Xmas day......... @trp any possibility announce the remaining allocations this weekend in the UK we can post on Monday 21st December 1st class signed for arrival on Xmas day. Miss posting via Royal Mail on Monday it will not arrive in time.... Thanks. https://www.royalmail.com/christmas/last-posting-dates#lastpostingdates
  14. Richer to me equates to Family, Health (mental and physical), and Wealth the three pillars of true wealth. Any one these out of sync or in imbalance will lead to a poorer life. In 2020 preserved my income streams (job / rental income), preserved capital invested in financial markets, grown value Gold stack nobody in my family caught the bug maintained our health. At the start of the year business critical migration projects that have been ongoing for six years at work have been completed and as result reduced significant amount of stress at work and resulted more free time with the family. Spe
  15. 2021 looking for three S’s Sauna Steam room Shower At my local gym re-opens and post vaccine. 2021 for myself is going to be an epic year many more life goals going to get fulfilled. Never been looking forward to the new year more than at this moment in my life.....
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