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  1. Thank you @paulmerton I was unaware that the Royal Mint released The Gold Standard 2021 1oz Gold Bullion Coin. Don't mind it being sold out but I would like to buy the The Gold Standard 2022 1oz Gold Bullion Coin when (hopefully) released.
  2. I have noticed Royal Mint are now doing The Gold Standard 2021 UK One Ounce Gold Proof Coin. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/gold-standard/the-gold-standard-2021-one-ounce-gold-proof-coin/ It is a beautiful coin but has anyone heard on the rumour mill that Royal Mint may release a 2022 Once Ounce Gold Standard bullion coin?
  3. I was recently faced with a choice buy from https://auragentum.de/ (German bullion dealer) and receive delivery within 3-4 working days (provided it was not held up by customs) or from Chards https://www.chards.co.uk/ and potentially have to wait six weeks. The German dealer was slightly cheaper but when you factor in postage and the fact I could drive and collect from Chards the cost of the bullion worked out the same. Pre-Brexit I would have chosen the German dealer post Brexit UK dealer I wanted to avoid all the headaches associated with VAT and import-tax.
  4. Anyone new on the forum not built up seller feedback wanting to sell high ticket item do not let this put you off. Depending on the buyers history and feedback either send item(s) first or use intermediary service Best value for both sellers and buyers carry out transactions between themselves without having bullion dealer involved taking a cut at either end and the forum is a brilliant place for trade between private individuals. Over the years I have bought and sold substantial amounts never had single issue. What I have been amazed by is how vigilant moderators and the owner Chris have been at weeding out scammers that occasionally do join the forum. Always do your own due diligence but don’t be afraid to deal with people you have never traded with before as everyone works hard on maintaining good reputation on the forum. As you start buying on the forum you will soon realise how much time, energy, effort and care sellers put in when departing with their precious metals.
  5. I have not been active for a while on the forum but I am still paying attention to the Gold price. I was thinking of buying gold from auragentum.de from Germany but instead it worked out almost the same price buying from Chards (1 oz bullion Gold coins). I took your advice and decided to buy only from UK dealers while Brexit / sharks still circling looking for prey. Sorry to hear the bad news BYB and I hope the issue gets resolved with a full refund of unnecessary charges and some compensation for the time and mental stress had to go through.
  6. I use to collect 2oz intaglio rounds and have built up a collection...
  7. Manchester or Leeds https://www.stjames-safedeposit.com/ Price, size, dimension of each box on the website https://www.stjames-safedeposit.com/safe-deposit-boxes-manchester/ https://www.stjames-safedeposit.com/safe-deposit-boxes-leeds/ Pay for 4 years in advance receive the 5th for free.
  8. The 100 Club YouTube Channel belangp not take anything away from Inefficient Stacker 100 pieces but The 100 Club has a better has a better ring to it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnjVJp4--PM
  9. Set up alerts on Chards, Hatton Garden Metals, Atkinson and ATS bullion website when they have stock you will be sent an email alert. I am holding onto my stack QBs for a couple years hoping gold price appreciate, premium appreciation potentially the passing of the head of monarchy could see QB coins significantly increase in value. I do believe lot of 1 oz 1/4 Gold QB coins come back onto the secondary market when the price is right.....
  10. Monthly chart Gold. I am expecting Gold hit $1650 don't see Gold trading back to $1560 or $1360 level. I am expecting Gold to build a base in the highlighted yellow area and then prices to move higher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuFxvOjwRqk Gold Price Update - March 4, 2021 + Rising Bond Yields... Sell Gold.... iGold Advisor Gold price is correctively moving lower rather than impulsively (need to watch YouTube video to ascertain the difference).
  11. Baird & Co https://www.bairdmint.com/products/2021-britannia-one-ounce-gold-coin
  12. My avatar is baby Yoda but I hope my advice still counts..... As Pete already stated with generic 1 oz raw bullion coin purchased in the UK it is about the type of coin and the premium over spot and delivery cost. Don't be fooled into thinking that 1 oz Gold 999 coin are all the same https://atkinsonsbullion.com/sell-to-us/gold-coins?sort=Please Select&quantity=24&page=1&view=grid&filter_weight=weight_1ozgold You will notice Austrian Philharmonic and UK Britannia Post 2012 1oz Gold coin difference in £30 dealer willing to pay depending what type of coin you are selling. Don't stick with UK dealers look bullion dealers in Germany / European mint / Coininvest (sometimes do special offers). In the current climate looking at 3.5 - 4.0% over spot from a dealer premiums will reduce if you buy a full tube. Holding your first 1 oz Gold coin has a special feeling. Be careful don't want to end up being called a Gold bug....
  13. Nostalgic walk down memory lane September 2018 these were the first three oz bullion gold all purchased on the forum.
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