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  1. I want to update everyone to this tale of woe (feels like the intro to Kill Bill) the buyer Deborah Rasberry of GoldenSilverCoins finally responded to my messages of trying to find amicable resolution (see the image below, click on it to enlarge it and make the text readable). I phoned eBay today and they have agreed that this buyer is using negative feedback as extortion tool and have removed my negative feedback 🎈🎈🧨🧨🎉🎉. Thanks @richatthecroft pointing out that eBay if they find just cause will remove negative feedback and with this in mind I continued to endure, I really appreciate the advice pal.
  2. Over the last few years I certainly have stacked a lot of silver but never owned the tombstone bars they certainly look fab. Sorry never owned them hence I have never put them up for sale. Thanks.
  3. There is a saying Phil "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime". You have all the charts around the world at your finger tips for free https://www.tradingview.com/ Before short anything be careful if you are using leverage.
  4. @GoldenPhil very simple technical analysis you can easily replicate for yourself on Trading View (free to register and use). Draw trendline from the high of the FTSE 100 (Just before the virus spread) 7600 to the lowest point so far 4750 and then copy the trendline to the highest retracement level 6200 gives you a target price of 3300. I will not be touching any FTSE shares until they come close to the 3300 level. We so far have a confirmed total case of the corona virus 5,279,643 and death 338,666 worldwide wait until these figures see a x10 increase and see what happens to the markets. Don't fight the Fed but the Fed cannot stop a global virus with money printing. I believe this just the 1st wave down in stock markets around the world and a number of more significant down waves are ahead.
  5. Learnt very early on (thank you to one of BYB videos) to video record all boxing and unboxing of PMs regardless purchased privately or from a dealer. Admittedly I only do this for Gold but whenever I accept a return even on Silver I video record the unboxing process and have evidence of what I have received back to cover myself. The items in question what I sold are.......... Star Wars coins
  6. Sun Tuz art of war how to treat an enemy - "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." Sent this message yesterday morning Sent this message this afternoon, No reply whosoever I will send another message on Saturday and Sunday this weekend then contact eBay on Monday and hopefully with all these additional kindly worded messages they will remove the negative feedback (fingers crossed).
  7. 2 oz Silver Queens Beasts Unicorn - Milk spotted - Full disclaimer item was initially sold on eBay and then returned back to me for a full refund and it has been handled without gloves. Sold as seen and the coin developed some milk spots (I think eBay buyer has pulled a fast one and replaced one of there poor quality coins with my pristine one and obtained a refund at my expense ). Sold as seen for bullion cheap price of £40 plus postage of buyers choice. PayPal Friends and Family or Bank Transfer supplied plastic sleeve with anti-tarnish strip. Thanks for looking. Only 1 available.
  8. For Gold ownership to become globally illegal every government in the world would need to have coordinated policy and enforce the policies unilaterally. The chances of this happening are zero hence there always be a market place for gold regardless of what "some" governments may decide to do in the future. With the pandemic and massive money printing currently happening in the next 2 to 10 years you have an almost certain bet (85%) Gold will rise significantly in value. Stories in the mainstream media about Gold confiscation take it for what it is worth propaganda to try and keep Joe public away from real money and continue to utilise debt instruments the fiat currency.
  9. Something I don't understand fortunate find two of these 1KG bars purchased by your late grandmother in 1967 why is the first thought for the family to sell them? Why does it not even enter the thought process wow what an amazing grandmother who purchased these bars that have stood the test of time and protected our families purchasing power over the last 53 years. If We don't need the money right now lets save them until we do need the funds both as a way to respect our grandmother and keep her legacy in the family.
  10. Thanks I don't think it will have a long term impact but once done selling the remainder of my Silver stack I most likely will not be selling anything for the next 3-4 years and the next items I will want to sell will be couple of full set of 1 oz Gold Queens Beasts coins and having a negative feedback stating I am using fake photos on a past sale will undermine my credibility.
  11. Thanks I have contacted eBay and highlighted the conversations we have had but unfortunately because this related to a second purchase and we had no communications about this just a straight negative feedback eBay advised I contact the buyer and try and find out what going on an offer a re-fund. All I need some sort of message back from goldensilvercoins saying they have made a mistake or want a refund and eBay will remove the negative feedback.
  12. I was aware of this policy but at the same time I have generated over £800 commissions for eBay as well. As my selling was short term strategy I took the risk going against this policy and getting my account banned (I was hoping if anyone at eBay noticed I would be given a warning initially but so far no-one has). The strategy not something planning on doing in the long term I am down to my last 200 oz Silver for sale.
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