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  1. Come on Spot Gold price give me one last pullback I promise this time I will pull the trigger and load up....
  2. Anyone seen the charts of Tesla, Amazon prices have gone vertical in the last week almost like Bitcoin / Gold when they hit $1900 parabolic move.... When the mother of all bubbles pop going to cause financial armageddon worldwide. Chart below percentage gain of these tech socks in the last 5 trading days.
  3. Down to the last 10 oz Lion remains for sale. The last Lion capsule has more scratches (not on the coin capsule never been opened) price reduced £365.
  4. The 1 oz Gold Britannia is my preferred choice for stacking Gold because in its 1 oz form it has the lowest premium against spot and in the UK is exempt from capital gains tax. Over the years in its bullion form been some unique special design Britannia's as well I was fortunate to backdate. An old photo mine shows off my 1 oz Gold Britannia collection (with the exception 50 pesos in the middle)....
  5. You have been listening way to much to Lynette Zang from ITM trading https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCom1i7_NVeSUNyJyuR_NbMQ Although the work she does is very interesting because the whole strategy geared towards a "reset" and protecting your gold from confiscation ITM selling pre 1933 Gold coins that has a greater premium above spot than modern bullion. Almost every video she talks about the pending "reset" and revaluation. Advisable accumulate Gold part long term savings and hedge against inflation but a full on monetary reset of all the major currencies may not happen in our life times. Having a single narrative inadvisable and I have fallen into this trap recently. But technically already had a reset in 1934 and then again in 1971. It has been almost 50 years since the last re-valuation of Gold maybe due for another one soon but nobody can predict these events. Best strategy try and grow your wealth and allocate double digit percentage into physical Gold.
  6. Abyss

    The coming Gold crash

    Forget $385 we will most likely never see $1385 again.... Be careful waiting to long this will happen......
  7. @mr-dead I am hoping you have received more than 96% spot value (what Atkinson offering on there website for 1 KG bars) considering premiums on Gold. Atkinson offering almost spot for 1 oz Gold coins.
  8. To be fair we should all give management team at INTU more time to turn things round wait...... The fat lady is now singing..... On Wednesday 24th June INTU share were suspended at price of £1.77 but technically whoever was holding these shares at the end game of musical chairs will end up with nothing. The anger man is now so anger that he has turned green and customers at the Trafford Centre believe anger man is advertising by Odean Cinemas to promote the public back into the cinemas...
  9. You don't buy the entire portfolio in a single visit to the property auction but you have all your approved finance raised and available in advance is the key. If a property crash happens it will be a long drawn out affair. I already have rental properties and my residential property and rentals are all mortgage free. I have an individual (ex UK Forces 6ft nice looking tattoos) that maintains all my rental properties and quickly finds new tenants to reduce any unoccupancy time who charges a flat fee for finding tenants and for repairs rather than letting agent just taking a percent off the top every month. You would pound cost average on the way down and have an understanding that you will never be able to buy at the very bottom or sell at the very top the strategy is not to over-leverage. Buy a single property carry out any remedial work and rent it out ASAP. Provided positive cash flow and able to obtain 10 year fixed term loan at a low rate (this is why it is so important have good collateral to offer the bank and guarantee zero chance failure on the loan to obtain the most attractive interest rate). In the strategy you have to take into account you or your partner during the next X amount of time could lose your employment and work out a safety net to ensure don't lose the assets you are investing in (that is where my physical Gold stacks comes into play).
  10. Property crash in the UK? My Answer = I don't know but I need to position myself for it. Useful website from the land registry UK House Price Index (I think updated every quarter interesting see data at the end of Q2/3/4 for 2020). https://landregistry.data.gov.uk/app/ukhpi/browse?from=2018-01-01&location=http%3A%2F%2Flandregistry.data.gov.uk%2Fid%2Fregion%2Funited-kingdom&to=2020-06-01 If there is a property crash then you need the ability to raise a lot of capital to take advantage of the situation.
  11. 1 oz Silver Rwanda African Wildlife Series: Rhino, Cheetah, Impala, Buffalo, Meerkat, Hippo, Giraffe, Shoebill 8 coin set 2012 - 2019 BU £270 in original manufacturing plastic wallet - Multiple sets available (sorry only available as a set) plus postage of buyers choice. Payment Bank Transfer or PayPal Friend & Family (g&s add 3.4%). European members I have TransferWise account and can accept Euros. Thank you for looking.
  12. 10 oz Silver Queens Beast Lion of England £370 10 oz Silver Queens Beast Griffin Of Edward £340 Buy both £700 include free special delivery (UK). Plus postage of buyers choice. Payment Bank Transfer or PayPal Friend & Family (g&s add 3.4%). Multiple 10 oz Queens Beast coins available for sale coins never been outside of the capsule. European members I have TransferWise account and can accept Euros. Thank you for looking. Edited May 17 by Abyss
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