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  1. Your link for harmonics is £28.80 rounded to nearest coin is 47. If the guy wants 60 the fairest way to do it is most expensive gold coin as any is stated an cheapest silver as any respected is stated.@SilverPrinceneeds to be more clear on his parameters though as where does any 2021 gold coin end. Is it any bullion coin? He should compile a list it will take him 5 mins.......all these coins; any 1 for any 60 1oz coins
  2. Give me a few hours i have 2 if its important
  3. It may come to that i have priced the set at its worth in my eyes and under priced the rest (not massively just enough). Was hoping someone seen there was a little money to be made.......i understand it may come to that but im holding onto hope tht itl all go together.....in terms of 3 sovereigns now price has dropped it is value for money
  4. Not splitting the set......y dont u sell what u have and buy this set? 🤣
  5. Final update......i think unless iv missed something else. Cheers for tour feedback in what was needed much appreciated
  6. Sorry i was rushing to get these done i forgot that bit il get back on and alter thank you for your help 😅
  7. Photos finally added sorry
  8. I know i will be digging them out 2moro they are not easy to get to was the thing and its been a busy few days. This is my 1st time selling so bare with me everyone if thts been the issue. i appreciate you pointing my errors out so they wont happen again and il copy paste drop into original post cheers
  9. Added 1 last coin to deal.......if theres no interest il just pop them on ebay, not really a fan as a seller hence im here. This is the last update and edit i cant add more for that price
  10. Bump and if anyone wants to add feedback thtd be appreciated as i can alter
  11. Anyone selling any hand poured heart silver in the form of wearable jewellery. And can maybe SD it to be here for sat? 😬
  12. Squalleonhart

    for sale or exchange QB for sale or trade

    2oz queens beast bullion full set in good condition no scratches and kept in capsules,1x 2oz qb no marks white horse 2x 2oz qb gray hound with a coin drop mark from the tube they were in and a 1oz silver griffin proof with coa. asking for £1000 or 3 full sovereigns. I can add pictures of qb set 2moro morning. Just to be clear this is the list in an easier format 20oz of queens beast in form of the 2oz bullion set 4oz 2x queens beast gray hounds with a mark on each from a coin drop 2oz queens beast white horse 1oz queens beast griffin proof Only added rear
  13. I am of the same mentality.....my 1st set was well my 1st full coin set and i also have a display box. I bought a 2nd in dribs and drabs over time so that if i got itchy feet i could sell. I may even put it out into the ether as the premiums on some other items are not as high and i still have my own set to keep. To be fair it may go down in value but i think in the long run as we are all stackers of some sort we all agree it can only go up in the long run.
  14. I also have 2 sets and a proof set.......the proof and a buliion set is for me and the extra set is to sell. My thinking was if there was another set being produced due to its popularity, surely that would increase the collectors of the new set and some of those will want to work back and complete the previous set too. But they wont have the luxury of big market coin dealers that we did, they will have to rely on us and our willingness to part ways.
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