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  1. Proof is like a perfect version of the bullion with a premium finish and a more detailed stamp.....certificate of authenticity and generally a case too. Thts why they are more expensive.....also they are finite where as bullion is not
  2. Im interested if you still have any send me a pm if previous claim only wants 1 set
  3. Sorry to jump on your thread but do you know if these will be coming in bullion?
  4. Im into this but is the coin in really good shape as its for my own collection (pictures are not the best). Iv had a few returns to the mint and still not happy with the 2 i have but iv missed the returns time due to work. I disagree with previous comments as i paid 76 for 2 coins all in including postage so this is a fair price at higher spot also
  5. Theres still a few more sets for sale at roughly the same price on here but there is heavier than normal scratches on these and looks like ungloved finger prints all around the rims also signs of milking.......maybe my eyes i dont know. Could you post clearer pictures of them individually front and back?
  6. What a steal 🚂 🏇 thanks mate. Good luck with the rest
  7. 1911 1912 1927 1928 1931 if i could just reserve them till your next online to reply
  8. This is what started my stack, old jewellery i had built up over time with a few coins. This is for sale all as a one piece not looking to break really. Bar is a hand pour from a start up jewellers - as is all the new jewellery, grains and casting cut offs. Few older pieces of jewellery and dog tags with broken silver chain Stirling spoons 4 stirling cases And some bulky chain bracelets and one monster of a chain, the necklace looks to have been gold plated a while ago. Iv taken as many pictures as i could and taken pictures of stamps and hallmarks as best i cou
  9. Sorry man is there a complaints and returns option for royal mint iv never recieveda bad coin so iv never looked into it? Thats above any normal damage that though.......looks like theyv been playing pogs with it.
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