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  1. Hi all im after a 2020 and 2021 sovereign preferably from the same seller to combine postage. Will be purchasing from an online dealer come monday but just thought id try here 1st. Thanks for reading.......and can everyone stop posting George's and hammereds my hands are getting real twitchy 😅
  2. Thank you i have just done a google and i thonk the quality is along the lines of a gaming token as you say. As for this thread did i post it in the right place for future reference
  3. No thts why im asking. Does it look off? Im not in a position i can view it so depending on what the masses say and the price on the table guides my decision
  4. Squalleonhart


    Not sure if this is in the right place as i only have experience in the buy section on the forum. Please move if i have it in the incorrect place. I have an opportunity to buy a coin and id like help with a guide price please. Due to the hole i dont know how to price comparison it. Thank you and sorry for my ignorance
  5. Time to pass on some older coins of mine hope you guys enjoy, particularly going to miss the crown as you can see the patina is loverly. Price is for coins alone and p+p is at the buyers risk/cost and added. 1891 Queen Victoria crown £35 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler £25 1922 American peace dollar £30
  6. Proof is like a perfect version of the bullion with a premium finish and a more detailed stamp.....certificate of authenticity and generally a case too. Thts why they are more expensive.....also they are finite where as bullion is not
  7. Sorry to jump on your thread but do you know if these will be coming in bullion?
  8. Sorry man is there a complaints and returns option for royal mint iv never recieveda bad coin so iv never looked into it? Thats above any normal damage that though.......looks like theyv been playing pogs with it.
  9. Just bought myself the one ounce gold too off the back of selling a kilo bar of silver. I justified the extra 5% over a brit for a stab at it.......one of the sets could really hit it out the park and by that time the premium on one of these coins could have shot right up. Spot could drop but its not going to fall off a cliff, but it could equally go up. Anyway its my 1st ounce of gold and i love it ........iv joined the big boys club ☺ Wish i was rich enough to buy 2 of everything 😒 One for you......and one for me One for you..................and one for me
  10. 🤔price changes every minute.......im the joker. So i say il buy 10 at 28.84 then a min later its 29.16......what am i actually paying and when..... we are not the issue with this sale technique here
  11. I know mate it was just a joke from the closed post where he stated a price change every 3 mins
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