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  1. Fishy321

    Passive Income

    Personally I would go 8 sovereigns if you are lucky enough to get them for £300 you are looking at more like £320ish at the mo and 2 tubes of silver brits which you would need 2 months for but would get for a nice bit less than £600 on this site at the moment
  2. Bump willing to pay good prices or exchange original Perth mint caps for spot price fine - bullion silver
  3. https://youtu.be/A0mBAsIPS1w gotta say I love Bill Hicks and also I'm not so great at tech if this link works its a miracle 🙂 wish me luck
  4. Hi I am after some round coin capsules with an external diameter of 60mm, 18 of them to be precise, any help would be much appreciated 🙂
  5. Hi BYB if there is going to be a little surplus I will take 1 bar 🙂
  6. So it's already released but only just by the looks of it what do you think, I quite like the removable coin in the bar and the Eagle side of the bar expensive though even if limited mintage
  7. These are nice can't seem to find any info on them or that little 76 in a hexagon hallmark do you have any more info Gildeon
  8. Ahh I didn't, you removed Adys details yeah I thought that was strange I should of said something Thanks Again Pete
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