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  1. So they have arrived and I am very happy thanks for the info gildeon, motorbikerz and flim
  2. As a coin bar is it not more of a coin than a bar like the Perth mint dragon bars
  3. Yep it looks like they are out
  4. Oh and out of interest what does the original box look like
  5. Ahh thanks yes it is a keeper🙂 I will put up some better photos of the set when it arrives 👍
  6. Thanks for the replies guys it's much appreciated I am awaiting delivery but these are the pictures I bought it on
  7. I am asking as i was after a BU set and rather impulsively bought a gilded boxed set for £650... In very nice looking condition, its a higher price per oz than I am used to so I have some post purchase nerves!!!
  8. Just hoping someone might have some info to share on these coins if so that would be great Many Thanks Pete
  9. Looks like they add 20% on before shipping 😭
  10. Yeah these look great has anyone ordered limited edition coins from the European Mint since brexit if so what tax did you get hit with I'm guessing there's a bit of pot luck
  11. Star privy recieved lovely coin bump worthy
  12. Hi all I'm after the following bullion coins if anyone can help 1oz Perth Mint Silver Swan 2017,18,19 Valiant 1 and 10oz date run Hit me with a offer and hopefully we can make a deal Many Thanks Pete
  13. It's a pretty good discount to get 20 10oz it's been doing this for awhile, kinda strange pricing structure, I would be up for a little group order if someone with a bit more rep wants to do it
  14. OK no probs if you get any more I'll try to be a little quicker 👍
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