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  1. Great price on the dragons 👍
  2. Haha yeah I agree it's just you see tubes of new brits going for a lot less than £27 an oz and nice boxed date runs of say kooks struggling to sell at very reasonable prices
  3. I think the QBs would go, and possibly quite quick The Koalas imo you have priced very well and may sell as a set but I've got a feeling splitting them would help The Brits have a better chance of staying as a set but are perhaps the only ones I would look at potentially lowering the price a little Just my thoughts though, GLWS 👍
  4. Fishy321

    Gold Films

    Not a film but what a cartoon
  5. Gotta say I prefer this to the una bars
  6. If you have a local bullion dealer,jewellers or pawn shop it might be worth asking them to test it / or any worry some coins especially if you have bought something of them, as theshinystuff mentioned a magnet test is cheap and quite reassuring
  7. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised one bit if it hit that level at some point before the end of the month You called it Monday 👆
  8. Today, victory is mine 😎😛 Ohh and Petra 2.54cm so yes and no 👍
  9. Thanks Ashes, my bad I got mixed up in the thread and was looking for the 2022 dragon bar the 1oz beskar are rather nice though 😁
  10. Just had a look and I couldn't see them??
  11. Just seems strange they would quote the production run of the 1oz gold and silver bullion but not mention anything for the 10oz silver bullion, I'm guessing production run and issue limit might be subtly different things anyway
  12. Any idea what the mintage is on the 10oz, 1/10th oz gold definitely seems a good idea 👍
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