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  1. As in the description. Made by St. Bee silver, who's work is always top notch.
  2. Be very careful with this. If you haven't seen a doctor I strongly suggest you do. You should really be getting the circulation in your lower limb checked and an MRI. Can cause a lot of complications that aren't instantly noticeable
  3. 9 of a set of 10. Jusy missing the Griffin. Milk marks on the dragon (tried to show in pics) the rest are in fair condition. There are marks on the cases which is why I've done a case lid on and case lid off comparison with the lion.
  4. Glad you're happy with it mate, thanks again
  5. Selling this as I was planning on collecting full set of the tower series from the mint, but I never got round to it. Included a screenshot from the mint website to show original price. I'm looking for £75 Has never been out of the case, comes with the box, case and information booklet. Open to offers
  6. Bump, silver shot filled shotgun cartridge left.
  7. Where in the south east are you from mate?
  8. Like ronseal, this sale does what it says on the tin. 1g bar posted for £50. (Just to clear up any confusion, this means the £50 price is including post, there are no added postage costs on top, thanks) 1 now available
  9. Yeah, send me a PM mate and can sort it out buddy
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