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  1. I would imagine there would be some sort of sorting facility in place that is legacy from the troubles and the royal mail just keep it going.
  2. More than mate. Really pleased with it thank you
  3. I have some steroid cream that might sort that I have my fingers crossed for you buddy
  4. @LawrenceChard you'll be absolutely shocked to learn this, but today a 1oz silver proof panther came into my possession via the Royal Mint. There was a chip in it. Crazy I know. Who would have thought it.
  5. Not sure if this is massively cheap but baird are doing half sovereigns at 172?
  6. Deal or no deal (for clarity, this is where someone who is interested makes an offer on how much they would buy for) 10 get out of dodge 1oz bars (one is chipped) Covid round set in case 10oz envela bar Silver shot set
  7. Yeah I've put the sovereigns up at 320 buddy. The rest I've put on at what I remember paying for them but then dropping the price to fall in line with the drop in silver. Thanks for getting back to me
  8. Can anyone help price the following 1. 5 coin set of covid 1oz coins (4 envela, 1 armed forces coin) 2. Full set of route 66 1oz bars in display box 3. 2014 and 2015 soverign 4.10oz envela covid bar (april) (Just realised they are numbered wrong)
  9. Hi everyone, offloading most of what I own over the next week weeks to put towards a few things for the family. 10g umicore (sold) (marks are on the case not the gold) 1g umicore sold 1g loose sold 007 10oz sold I have 10 1oz 007 bars £28 each except one which has an acid test mark sold 10 1oz queen's beasts set in case £1200 3oz JFK coin with 24k lining sold 2 x 500g bars sold All are PP but open to negotiation
  10. Thank you for the replies much appreciated
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