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  1. You're that guy who watches slot machines waiting on them to drop 🤣🤣
  2. Hi Chris, you did reply, thank you. I think the issue was with my device because it did let me back on once I did what you said but I had to restart after doing it. I thought by chance the old 'have you tried turning it off and and on again might work.
  3. Hi everyone , Chris got back to me pretty quick and I did everything he said but it wouldn't work. Managed to get it sorted by restarting my phone in safe mode (not sure why but it worked). Seems all good now though. If you're stuck, delete browser cookies, catche etc and then restart your device then try logging in again
  4. Since the recent crash, I'm having to use a VPN to access the site, when there are others in the UK who seem to be able to get back online. Is this just a server issue that should rectify itself in time? I've deleted my cookies, catch etc.
  5. I'm not sure why it's done that my apologies
  6. What was the strategy may I ask? What was the strategy may I ask? What was the strategy may I ask? What was the strategy may I ask?
  7. 2oz White lion of mortimer £55 (slight marks on Queen's face which i tried to show in the picture). 100g minted baird bar £85 some slight marks on certicard front and manufacturing marks which I've tried to show clearly in the pictures. 100g 999 fine silver £70. shown in picture below. Not sure who the manufacturer was but it was bought on here and there are zero issues with it. The prices aren't including postage (of buyer's choice). all sold
  8. If I bought as much shiney as I wanted to, my Mrs would recreate game of thrones by melting it down and pouring it down my throat 😂
  9. I might just stop following this thread, does absolutely nothing for me but cause a lot of envy 😂
  10. I'll take £800 of shiney over my beret any day of the week mate 😂🍻
  11. I've been looking at their stuff and it does have some good offers. I spoke to them on web chat to get rid of my curiosity, this deal was on last year, so still a good bargain even back then.
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